Alita- Battle Angel Is More Important than You Think (Movie Review)

This movie review contains mild spoilers. Here’s part 1, uploaded in December 2017.

Music featured- Gally’s Theme (Zinle Version)
Cyborg Mermaid (from the animation)
The rest is from Rama

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5MFR says:

I loved this movie so much. Was not expecting to but damn I cant wait to see to again

Kusanagikaiser999 says:

Already have seen it TWICE…..and going for a third….man I have my issues with the film specially the first time I watched it….but damn now that I have see it twice I completely love it, and a fan of Gunnm, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez did a fantastic job, I still wish Cameron himself directed this one, but hell who cares now its out and exist and that’s more than enough for me. Hope made enough money to gain that sequel.

StarOfElyon says:

Dope movie.

Brandon Chai says:

Been looking forward to this review. Your eloquence on the themes and nuances about Alita is thought provoking. On a side note, I really hope “Battle Angels” by heavy metal group Sanctuary will be used for the next film, or for a moon battle scene! I mean c’mon! the lyrics and furious music fit perfectly! It’s like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” for “Iron Man” the movie! hahaha

Morgan Winters says:

Watched it twice. Going one more time to see it in imax 3d with my brothers who haven’t seen it and don’t really know about it. I haven’t read the manga but I’ve watched a lot of anime. When I saw the trailer for this movie I was immediately hooked. I loved it and really hope we get to see more of it.

Gaara Ww says:

CGI 7:47 This is cool
1998 CG movie clip
And here is a lot of material about movi Alita

Lorespade says:

1st review i have watched since i came home from the movie. and just got to say the movie is good. and thanks for the video telling me of its history. Epic Movie and Epic Review.

DMLDisciple says:

thats the main problem with western audiences. They want “sameness” all of the time. but good story telling isnt stuck in a tiny box of sameness, there are all different ways of telling a great story. I for one love Japanese Anime, ect, and I am an American. I just love good story telling period. Most people’s idea of a good tv series here in the states is the tired out “who done it’ and I am tired of it. yeah I like it every once in a while but not all of the time.

David Goemaat says:

I never heard about Alita until I saw the movie trailer. I’m from Iowa, and in some ways I see myself as a hick or redneck, as much as I’d like not to be. I never got into anime or Manga growing up, though many or most of the people I’ve been close to have been. I never saw the appeal. And I’m not going to devote my attention to watching every anime there is out there now. However, prior to my watching the film I watched the anime short films from 1993. I thought it was really cool. It had me considering reading the source material. Then I did see the movie, just this past Saturday. I wasn’t thinking about reading the Manga anymore. I was gonna read it. I ordered the original volumes in a collector’s set, and there is supposed to be extra material included? But I plan on making my way through it. I love a good story. Your passion for this series is truly inspiring to me because many people have a very narrow minded view of a great deal of things, most especially anime. I stated that I was never one to watch it much, but that many of my friends did. Because of this I feel I can appreciate it as an art form. I seldom see someone take the care to break down something as thoroughly as you have here. It is obvious that Alita was a big part of your childhood just like Star Wars was a big part of mine. I’m really excited to read these books. Thank you for your down to earth demeanor and disclosure about your autism. I’ve known several people with autism. My first roommate had autism. Usually they were tough to become friends with at first but they always wind up being people I admire. Keep doing what you do sir.

Charlie Wood says:

Cameron wrote Avatar before he was familiar with Alita. It wasn’t really made just as a testbed for Alita. Besides, Alita worked out more to be a tesbed for the Avatar sequels which are in production right now.

Wariyaka says:

The friends I saw it with have basically no experience with any manga or anime, much less this one but they both really liked it and one of them is even planing to take his younger brother to an Imax cinema 100km off where we live just to see it again.

Martin Ouellette says:

Jashuggan will very probably be in the second movie. The motorball part of the story is too important in the character development of Alita to not spend a movie on it. IMO, of course…

MayonnaiseOreo says:

Pardon my language but this movie was in-fucking-credible. It blew me away in almost every way and seeing it in a Dolby Cinema with my seat rumbling during the intense action sequences made the experience unforgettable. I’m definitely going to read the manga now and I pray this does well enough to get a sequel. It was one of the best looking movies I’ve ever seen too.

Thy Huynh says:

Hugo on the tube scene will haunt me for years…

Cuentos de la Cripta says:

Yeah I was disappointed with jashugan. I screamed “YEAH!!” when I saw him then they took out his helmet and…

Nick on Planet Ripple says:

Please share this video like wildfire, everybody. The more people see this movie the more likely we’ll see Alita’s journey continue in a sequel. And when you’re all done here, consider also checking out the review by MB. He brought up some great points, too.

Psychoneurosis says:

I can’t wait to see it! I was quite skeptical about the big eyes, but I realized that it is almost impossible to act with the expressiveness of an anime/manga character without looking awkward.

Kent says:

Excellent video. It’s always nice to see someone else that loves something as much as yourself.

I’ve wasn’t as positive about this movie because I’ve seen too many live-action adaptations go horribly wrong. I walked out of the theater with a grin while making plans to see it again in 3D.

I was particularly pleased that they included those elements from the manga.

You were exactly right, this was a film made by fans and you can feel it when you watch it.

Pan Daimonium says:

Lol, Elysium was a rip-off of Alita.

Jeremy Vanpelt says:

Loved it, will see the movie 3 or 4 more times before its out of theaters. Bringing a group of friends with me next weekend.

Shooperman says:

IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD. My gf went in expecting not to like it and was BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!! She was yelling at the screen.

minecraftrubix says:

Detested the movie. Hopefully the manga’s better.

palker4 says:

I came back from the second viewing just now and it was just as great as the first as i saw the end approaching i was like no this can’t be over nooo. Anyway i knew literally nothing before i went to the theatre on Saturday i have a vague memory of a trailer i saw that piqued my interest and that her eyes look weird. Also the movie name sounded a bit dumb. I had no idea it was a manga adaptation until i saw the reviews and i never watched anime so complete clean slate and i loved it every bit of it but then again i also liked the prequels and The Last Jedi so what do i know, right?

raymund laww says:


Robert Hipolito says:

Just saw it today, and I already want to see again. They better fking make a sequel, hopefully with Cameron more involved because he’s the master of sequels.
And I also started reading the manga.

007NateNasty says:

After all the abuse Hugo did to her she just kept going back to him. It’s like she wanted to be treated bad. He literally left her behind at the end. This coming off of Bumble Bee where the Memo gave everything for Charlie and she blew him off. Some people say that’s how a lot of relationships are. It’s like some people want to be treated bad to want to pursue a relationship. Nice guys finish last.

Horrormaster13 says:

Just came from watching Alita: Battle Angel. So far the best movie I saw this year.
When the movie ended, I was like:
“Hey I want to see what happens next. I need Alita 2!”

Vasili Korotkov says:

I’m really glad you fans got the movie you deserve after so many years of waiting, but as an outsider to the original media I really don’t feel like watching this movie in the near future.

Arusiek90 says:

I’m tired of movie critics that review movies based on works like that as “uninspired and borrowing things from other movies”. For crying out loud it is pretty true to the manga, movie adaptation…and as it happens that manga is among several other japanese books that heavily inspired western movies. To change that movie so it is not “similar to other movies in a genre” you’d have to make another Dragon Ball Evolution or whathever that abomination was called.
I’ve read around 7 books of Alita so far and what I’ve seen in a movie was a decent, really close to ideal, adaptation of a source material. Less brain eating, but good, only thing that irks me is how they made crazy doctor into some type of ruler of the city and how Hugo didn’t went nuts. Besides this it’s a well made movie pushing boundaries of pg-13(they really pulled it off well). I only hope we will see Zapan in a future movie going berserk(those who read the manga know what I’m talking about). I can even see how they may implement this plot using Vido at the position he has in a movie.

Pan Daimonium says:

I grew up with the manga — it occupies a tied spot for the best with Akira — and I absolutely loved the movie. Tbh I’m terrified the studios won’t let James Cameron finish the series, given its underwhelming box office performance, because the casting of (ahem — I’m not gonna spoil it for the fans) as Desty Nova is literally perfect. He is the only guy who could effectively play that character

Temi X says:

As a fan of the source material I thought this movie was fantastic!

Cute Justice says:

Gonna see it tomorrow. Will take the most expensive version too :p

Morgan Curie says:

This movie was beautiful and honestly may be my favorite flick in years… possibly of all time. Definitely gonna be my favorite series.

werotan says:

There is an interview with Christoph Waltz where he is asked if 10 year old him would have enjoyed the movie and he gives an amazing answer. I love your review because i agree with 95% of it. Have a great Year with some good news of movies and other matters.

nikko collado says:

I saw it twice already and it’s sooo good

Noko Chan says:

You know some people watch these types of YT videos because they like to see people gush about something they love ^_~

Charlie Wood says:

Very good review. I loved the movie. I want to say that I disagree with your evaluation of DC films, however. That grandma’s peach tea bit I felt was a genuinely great moment in Batman V Superman. And I didn’t enjoy Wonder Woman, I didn’t find it half as well written as Alita. And I love Man of Steel precisely because I found it to be honest. That it was dark and somber isn’t less representative of good comic books than otherwise.

If there is one thing that I can point at live action Alita and say I don’t like it is that it wasn’t painted dark enough. Don’t take away the honesty, but do develop it to be R rated rather than PG-13, have Alita enjoy a cooked rat with some homeless people. And whatever happens, absolutely DON’T have us fall in love with a dog in that very PG way and then kill it.

Fredrik Lönn says:

I didn’t like the sword, her elbowblade is way cooler and probably more practical when you grapple and throw hertza haeons. “No kunstler ever lost to a sword” She said to Caerula. And then she kind of lost 😀

Bobpants spongesquare says:

I have been waiting for your reaction ever since I saw it myself. You were the person who gave me hope for the movie after I wasn’t too impressed by the teaser — I’m glad to say that I feel the exact same way. I absolutely loved it, give or take my few critiques. I went with a friend who had never read it, and she was so immersed in it that she cried several times — I just sat there in awe, recognizing my favorite quotes and imagery and freaking out. It is amazing to see something you love so much be treated with so much respect.

prakashyadav008 says:

i dont even see critics review for movies from james cameron or robert

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