Alita: Battle Angel – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Alita: Battle Angel, starring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Keean Johnson. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.


MrKeysjimmy says:

Lets get shitloads of great anime live actioms coming fuck yeah !!

Jules Verde says:

I’ll go in with low expectations because personally i’m already tired of the anime influence currently present in modern day action movies.

Luffy Dragon says:

Elysium based of Alita battle Angel

Karl Beltran says:

Please succeed in the Box Office! Please succeed in the Box Office! We need a sequel to this or Hollywood continues on Anime at least.

Aidan May says:

You need to do a review on The Graduate ASAP

Tom Reed says:

Really, why not control your language before making a review! Just show you’re not someone who should be doing any review in the future!

Reviews with Gayden says:

I dont know if we can be hopeful for anime adaptatioms. Death note. Full metal alchemist. Bleach. Do i need to continue

Dean P.F says:

Always loved Anime, ever since I was a kid watching the altered, Battle of the Planets to my teens watching Akira, Ghost in the Shell to modern day stuff like Madoka Magica, From the New World etc., so I will watch this since a few movies I’ve watched recently I’ve been unimpressed by the so called critics. I’m not always on the same page as Mr Stuckman but honesty counts for a lot and in most cases our taste seems to be the same.

secretgamer says:

Pokemon is not Anime! is a video game even the live action is based on the video game, get it right.

Jim Y says:

I know nothing of Manga. I chi love scifi and action like seon Flux and ghost in the shell movies. Is there a chance I may like this? Purely from a scifi stand point?

Hispandinavian says:

I loved the Anime back in the 90s.

Andrew G Davies says:

Always like to hear your views Chris. This review in particular I felt the need to leave a comment as I really enjoyed what you had to say and impassioned balanced view of why manga literate and people not familiar would view this movie. I for one am very excited to see this and more so now given your review. Keep up the good work

Gilbert Grape says:

So this is basically ghost in the shell.

aj pat says:

Chris Stuckmann, you’ve got no reviews for Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Green Book, The Favourite, Roma, Christopher Robin, and Mary Poppins Returns?

1nfinity says:

Love your vids keep it up

civilwarfare101 says:

Well you gave GitS 2017 a positive review and that was a barebones action movie. Still better than Jeremy Jahns’ rsview, slightly.

darren macalba says:

Looks good, but it will die in Europe. I doubt It’ll even have that many screenings.

Joolz1982 says:

Nice Review Chris you seemed to highlight its good points and short falls.

ThunderHorse 555 says:

Absolutely love your shirt!!! Awesome video as usual and keep em coming, you’re the best!!!;)

Bill B says:

Where da fuck is your worst of 2018 list mother fucker.

Hassan Chávez says:

He’s biased and gave it a B… mmm…
I’m not going to see it, thanks.

Chris Prusinowski says:

You Chris are honestly a terrible movie reviewer on youtube. I’m flabbergasted that you even have the subscribers that you do. Since you obviously self-censor yourself quite often and just pander to your base.
I guess misery really does like company.

R says:

Love seeing a review from someone who actually read the books. I am glad to see Nova is actually part of the plot! I was worried because they were using a character from the anime when Nova wasn’t in it. I hope he’s as monstrous and scary as he is in the books. Oh, and this is a nitpick but I really hope they give him the goofy glasses. I dunno why but I always liked those… haha

KillTheFuture42 says:

i would kinda like it more to see drawn anime movies in the cinema more often :/ the live action ones are for the most part quite disappointing.

Trevor Fish says:

Hey chris could u please review the film a fogs purpose

amillerinADKs says:

PSA. Available in bookstores AND free at your public library. Yeah, we have graphic novels, too.

Salgood Sam says:

Amine is the animated Asian media, Manga is the books fans ‘have readily available’ to them.

Anthony K says:

I saw the movie in IMAX. I thought it was a good movie (I have never read the Manga). Not a great movie but just good. I would say it’s worth the price of admission but don’t go into it thinking you’re going to get your mind blown or anything like that. 3/5 for me

Jules Ballard says:

Anybody ever tell you that you look like Chris Pratt?

Anduril74871 says:

The initial critic reviews seemed to be mostly negative, but it’s seeming like more and more positive reviews are coming out of the wood work. I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to this movie.

TheMothman001 says:

The thing that spoils it for me is the ‘half and half’ cgi/real actors aspect. they should have either made it full cgi or had real actors and just cgi the sfx.
Having the lead as full cgi with real actors just takes away the interest and makes any ‘love interest’ stupid – your eye is always aware that you’re watching a cgi character trying to interact with real people, no matter how good the sfx are.
I can think why they didn’t just have the mo cap actress just play the part properly, the sfx people really need to be told to take more of a back seat in these movies. I would have enjoyed the movie much more if i wasn’t being constantly reminded that the cgi technicians were thinking ‘look what we can do, isn’t is amazing!’
The CGI in this isn’t much better than what you get in game trailers, her hair (cgi hair is always wrong) and big bug eyes just take you out of any character investment you try to have…
And the fact that the story isn’t anything new means you really need a cast you draws in the audience; this doesn’t. Some of the acting is pretty bland and the story is VERY predictable.
The people I really liked Waltz, Connelly were poorly used here.
There was no chemistry between the two leads so the ‘love interest’ was very flat, added to that you’re watching a cgi character trying to kiss a real actor – it’s cringy.

Ghost in the Shell got a bit of a panning but I thought it was a much better movie in terms of story, character attachments, and overall action.

Alan Cruz says:

Review Roma!!!!

Awyatt Mann says:

Outside of the action scenes this movie is a hot mess. The characters are paper thin, the story goes nowhere except toward a sequel that will never be made.

Davan Overton says:

Hey Chris, Netflix has this really interesting horror movie out called “Velvet Buzzsaw” it’s a really interesting horror. I’m watching it right now and it’s a very interesting commentary on art critics.

Kaffe Kaski says:

Games and anime adaptations… they just don’t work for me. The originals are good enough as they are. Atleast in my opinion.

Saraiba says:

Nice review solve my dudes about the movie, the firt one I read from a manga fan point of view.

Divyam Gupta says:

haunting of the hill house please

xevious2501 says:

I LOVE GITS, but imo the Gits live action movie SUCKED!. I dont completely blame the whitewashing, because of the somewhat ambiguous nature of the original gits character designs being pulled from Western movies and characters. But despite character design, as in their Shells, Gits characters are very much Japanese. Where it really fell was its story, a mish mash of story archs from the Manga and Anime, as such being incomplete, not delivering a satisfying tale as a whole. I also didn’t like the Disneyfied design of the world. Again washed with more east Indian Buddhist influence than ever seen in the original content. It just failed on so many levels, which made it so removed from the source. All they had to do is stick with the script, and yet every time a director get a big head and talks that ‘we’re making our on version’ stuff, you know the film will fail. As its the case every time. Whats the point in adapting a great source to live action if your not going to stay true to what made the source great to begin with. In reality, what Hollywood is really doing, is buying a famed manga/anime title, and patching adapting their own garbage scripts within. Alita is just the opposite. And the greatness of the source shines thru. Thats all they have to do. stay true to the source, you end up with a great film and everyone’s happy. but seldom is the case.

malcolm adderley says:

Cyborg loves Animation! Whirrrrrr…..tissssss..chlllllikkkkkkk.


shailendra shah says:

Sir make review of haunting of hill house fast

Task Don says:

Before the appearance of Desty Nova that the story was kind of teenage drama-ish due to the lack of conflicts with Alita. The problem with most criticism of the film’s storytelling is simply the original wasn’t that great until the return of Zapan. As in Batman: “a hero is only as good as his villian” which the Joker to Alita’s Batman hasn’t arrived yet.

The classy baryonyx says:

I am sorry i will not watch this movie i have no conections to the original manga and i am not a anime fan and i dont like how it looks….. Sorry but thats just me

BassPower13 says:

@Chris Stuckmann

Hey Chris, just wanted to ask if you were alright. You seem a little down lately and you’ve got me worried. Is there anything our flock of Stuckmannized peeps can do to help? Hope all is well!

dextersumsaltube says:

Boys, Im waiting ALITA-the otherside.hmmmm.

PurpleVespa180 says:

I just wanna say, I appreciate an early review of this coming from someone who’ve read the manga, especially from someone as notable as Chris, because I feel that 90% of the reviews that are gonna pop up on Youtube are gonna be from people who haven’t read it. While I knew that was gonna be the case because that manga is still very obscure to modern western audiences (or hell, even modern anime fans,) as a huge fan of the manga, it’s gonna be frustrating to hear so many people talk about it and possibly make assumptions of the source material that will annoy the shit out of me. A review like this is far more valuable for someone like me, because there’s at least a chance _I_ might like it.

Sushiyoda says:

Hopefully the live action Gundam is good.

Watanabe Carcass says:

Ghost In The Shell was pure and unapologetically one of the worst adaptations ever, I hope this at least enjoyable.

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