Alita: Battle Angel – Movie Review

Battle Angel Alita has been adapted to the big screen by director Robert Rodriguez. Is it a visual marvel, good character film, or exciting time at the movies? Here’s my review of ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL!

Superman is not brave:

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al zolez says:

Before watching this i kept thinking “dont break my heart. dont break my heart jeremy. Ive been waiting 25 years for this movie and i cant take a bad review”. Didnt mind the criticisms and i think this will be worth the long wait.

Kudan says:

Really looking forward to seeing this, i have the complete first part of the manga (the new deluxe edition you showed) and to be honest just expect a really visually imppresive movie which seems like it manages to do without shitting on the source material (like Dragon Ball Evolution) and being a step above Ghost in the Shell i bet.

Paramut Penparkgoon says:

she did lose some in manga. and put 13 books (only 5 in US) in 2Hr is got to be some cut

Jacques Botha says:

Hahahahaha sounds like Astro boy

Matt Nice says:

I didn’t know this was a spoiler review. I’m not flying off the handle, it was my choice to click on a review to a movie I haven’t seen but generally, one would give a warning ahead of time. Not only did you tell me that she wins every fight in the movie but you explain what happens in the one fight that was tough. Dude, I’m sorry but those are spoilers. Especially for an action movie.

Sammie J says:

I didn’t care about this movie at all since it was announced, but hearing you talk about it sort of excites me a little bit. I feel like it’ll be the sci-fi equivalent of Aquaman; just great looking, dumb fun

Tiaam Du Nord says:

Glad this wasn’t a disappointment

scampoli25 says:

Hey you should do a video on the Bundy Tapes on Netflix before the Zac Efron movie comes out.

jef178 says:

This movie looks like a great adaptation of one of my favorite anime.

SuperMustache555 says:

So… Astro Boy’s premise in real life?

Jorge Andrade says:

She never loses a fight. Thanks, you dick.

Crimson Martyr says:

Mary su

Austin Newton says:

How the fuck did you not mention the eyes? All i can see is those uncanny valleys staring back at me. Like what the fuck? Dont say anime, cuz i love anime. Its that in anime, EVERYONE looks that way. Not just one autistic battle bitch.

Coman The Dragon says:

Fuck u Justin Y

Jonah Alexander says:

It’s Astro boy the movie!!

the mongolkid says:

Dont worry, later on when she reaches the second level…..she gets an ass kicking

Fanndis Goldbraid says:

After that review, I need a nap. Whew!

Phil Ingrouille says:

Just say Mary Sue Jeremy, it’s alright to say Mary Sue.

squeegeedee says:

Needs to be rated R.

szewei85 says:


John Harmon says:

I read the manga back in middle school. I don’t remember a weird roller derby arena fight…

malex4321 says:

Is the 3D as good as avatar?

Eric Vargas says:

She lost a fight in the first volume against Makaku (before she gets the Berserker body) and during the Roller ball arc she lost against Jashugan too. Guess they took those moments out of the script for the movie due to time constraints?

Ahmad 786 says:

I don’t know about movie but Manga Alita looses alot of stuff important to her and yes the manga deals with “what is like to be human”. There is a pretty nice twist in the final arc regarding that.

Morgan says:

I hate the animation. It creeps me out. The big anime eyes feel weird like this. I agree I’d rather have better story over visuals. I think the concept is cool and I’d probably give a show a shot over a movie version. I dunno. Maybe I’ll rent it at a later date and give it a shot that way.

Patrick Freeman says:

I was just thinking about this yesterday. Why I can’t relate to super hero movies. Because I’m not a super hero. I’m never in a million years going to be in a fight with a 50 foot CGI monster who can throw me into a building with such force that the building collapses on top of me. And then I climb out of the rubble and continue fighting until I somehow beat this indestructible CGI monster. Even though he can’t be destroyed and neither can I because I’m a super hero. And even if I die I’ll still come back in a sequel or a reboot, even if I’m played by another actor.

Captain Sisko says:

Haven’t you ever noticed that most females in action movie don’t lose fights, But all the great male action stars lose fights or barely Win, Terminator 2 , rocky 1, 3 ,6 indian jones, luke Skywalker , john claude van damn, movies etc

SuperMustache555 says:

So… Astro Boy?

Nickoma Johnson says:

So it’s like Astroboy?

Aaron Chris says:

Can’t wait to see it.

Yao Martin says:

Thanks for ruining the movie

Joe M says:

Is it just me or did the shrink the eyes a bit for the final product? When I saw the first few trailers the eyes were really creepy but in the final trailer it was less so.

Alex San Lyra says:

I never really liked Superman… never quite knew why… until I watched that clip.

tanmay Sonawane says:

She looks like younger version of gollum


So Alita: Battle Angel is a Mary Sue wow a surprise not, oh yeah Alita is a wamen.

Joe Acosta says:

Jeremy, please review the movie Angus

Saurabhav says:

Alita gets fucked up multiple times in the manga.. in fact in the beginning chapters she almost dies. The whole love story with Hugo is about the dream of wanting to go to Salem and the darkness of the false reality of what is actually going on behind the scenes.

Artie Araiza says:

I hope this movie bombs hard. It looks stupid. I’m not even trying to troll. She looks stupid with her big idiot eyes. I just want to be a Rodriguez fan again but he’s got to stop making shit like this

Nicolette Mitchell says:

When Jeremy was explaining how there was the “shitty” city below and the rich city floating above it I instant thought of the movie Astroboy.


Jeremy is the Spoiler-Man

Lil benny says:

I saw the trailer and I saw the eyes… I was horrified I can’t bare to even think about watching this

Carlo Marasigan says:

That’s so true about Raul Julia and Street Fighter! “For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.”

pianotm says:

There’s something bugging me. The thing in the manga is that Alita is pure human. Ido’s dialogue in the manga suggests that something about humanity makes true human’s really rare. That she’s a cyborg doesn’t change that she’s a real human. I think what it is is that most people are so augmented that even their biological components aren’t quite human. That was the point that Ido made in the manga. Yeah, I found it! “Can’t you see, Gonzu? She’s a genuine human being!” The manga’s not really clear on why that’s so important or what makes her a “genuine human being”. In fact, in the next panel, he says that judging by her parts, she’s a two or three hundred year old model, and he’s surprised the brain is still intact. It actually doesn’t make sense unless you assume that that the machine is keeping the brain safe and healthy and the manga never explicitly clarifies that. That may be why that aspect was changed in the movie.

Now, something else is bugging me after seeing this review. Alita never loses. That’s…not–no. No! They’re doing the same bullshit they did in the crappy anime movie. In the manga, she very nearly gets killed by Makaku. He cracks her skull in her first fight with him and Ido has to rescue her. This Mary Sue bullshit they’re doing in movies has GOT to FUCKING STOP, particularly where they’re turning characters that weren’t Mary Sues into Mary Sues. Still, it’s an aspect that hasn’t really killed movies for me, but has made them a bit less enjoyable. When I get some money, I’ll definitely go. Probably in the next week.

Gerardo Gallinar says:

Spoiler she never looses a fight

Isaiah Ridley says:

I have seen the manga at numerous bookstores and I haven’t read any of them. The trailers while looked cool didn’t make me want to rush to see it. Most likely will catch it opening night just to see how I feel about it.

La Vaka says:

Megaman is inspired by Astroboy

Ithamar Ramos says:

Interesting because in Manga she loses fights more than she win.

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