All The Money In The World – Movie Review

The true story of the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty & the kidnapping of his grandson. Here’s my review of ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!

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Jack Kempster says:

It would be totally interesting if when this came out on Blu-Ray they released the version with Kevin Spacey as an alternative cut.

David Pirtle says:

Christopher Plummer should have played Albus Dumbledore.

Abe Froman says:

Plummer looks like Getty. Creepy Spacey…not so much.

kemuael says:

Most of them are dicks because you have to be one to get rich and if you had the power to do anything that you want.. well money corrupts. And i wont pay it either cause the kidnappers would be like a parasite wanting more.

Dragon_of_Tragedy says:

So,how was Mark Robert Michael wahlbergs acting? Or did they remove that too because he was a underwear model?

Will Jacobs says:

I can’t trust your reviews after you raved about Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The Finn says:

If you pay the ransom then you will be known as an easy target and you will likely be targeted in the future as well. Also you are rewarding evil people for evil acts.

Wylie Coyote says:

3:15 All the Color in the World

Ronald De Regt says:

I wish they bring out the Kevin Spacey version because i want to compare it.

Qwer Tyu says:

Can you give ratings on ten like imdb

Edge288r says:

Do the darkest hour

Mr Frankly says:

I think Scott should have replaced Marky Mark Wahlburger as well.

XxXVideoVeiwerXxX says:

The people are complaining about the great rich and poor gap QUICK MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT THE RICH AND POOR GAP TO SATIATE THEM FROM REVOLUTION! LET THEM KNOW WE UNDERSTAND THEM…but still want them to keep slaving.

The last jedi did this too

bigarciron bat says:

Ridley scott wanted christopher but the studio wanted kevin spacy so thats why he was cast in the first place

Type40Tardis says:

I hope we get the Kevin Spacey scenes on the Blu Ray or something… he’s a giant dick but I’m interested to see that version…

Jay Wolin says:

I thought it was a good movie. Probably could have been helped by being a half hour less and yes the color choices are boring and bog the movie down

Picnic Basket Sam says:

So the original cut of this with Kevin Spacey in an ugly-ass mask would have been awful, is what you’re telling me.

andrea agilada says:

Rich people are dicks… But I still want to be rich…

Michel Houellebecq says:

Christopher Plummer was Ridley Scott’s first choice.

Olle Henriksson says:

Ridley Scott is popping out movies like texting.

luis montelongo says:

I wonder how Kevin spacey’s version would be like

Gab Benitez says:

What happened to Spacey?

Mark Allen says:

Rich people are bad. Got it.

ipodtoucher15 says:

two of my favorite movie reviewers have completely different opinions on this film and thats okay. jeremy jahns and chris stuckmann

Brynley Jones says:

“I’m sorry captain, but you really don’t look like john Paul getty”. “Well I’m afraid Kevin Stacey doesn’t either.”

pedro henrique says:

To call rich people dicks is just a coping mechanism to not live depressed with the fact that you cant make a lot of money.

dd inge says:

Christopher Plummer… The Legend… was awesome in this movie!! (Kevin who?!?). I also thought Michelle Williams nailed the accent for Ms Getty !! Movie dragged a bit but worth seeing.

USN says:

This guy’s way of speaking looks like joe santagato’s
Anyone knows him? No one? Ok…

Fent Troba says:

Love you dude, keep it up

Ed G says:

If they have a bluray version with Spacey scenes, I’d buy it just to compare.

mark adams says:

Jeremy, I heard Christopher Plummer was actually Ridley’s first choice for the role but turned the part down. Not sure why he changed his mind.

Moses Jonson says:

Wanted to watch this film

octagonproplex says:

Wait, did this nobody just criticize Sir Ridley Scott’s visual sense? HAHAHAHAHAHA
Yeah buddy, you know better than the greatest visual filmmaker of all time. Okay.

Dalton Lee Marks says:

For some reason, I always confuse Christopher Plummer with James Cromwell.

Jaxel MS says:

That’s a little disappointing. Usually Ridley Scott is either a master or terrible, but this review makes this movie look just meh. I am very convinced Christopher Plummer will see a lot of awards coming his way if only as a message.

Bojangbn Stevich says:

Jeremy please watch black sails tv show

The Dharma Initiative says:

Fuck that. I wanna see the spacey one. Personally I wanna see good films regardless of who made them. Maybe we should destroy everything made by people who fucked up… then we would be left with SHIT

Garrett Johnsen says:

My girlfriends reaction to this movie explains it all.

She slept.

Stasss says:

weird wahlberg wasnt mentioned even once

DereHeIz says:

Chris gave it an A, but Jeremy gave it a “good time if you’re drunk.” Who do I trust?

Dankest Media Group says:

still wanted to see Spacey…

Tom Morgan says:

I may be wrong, but I think they actually did cast Christopher Plummer originally, or he was in talks to star at least, but they couldn’t make his schedule work so he bowed out and Spacey got the role.

Caridad Chang says:

the director didn’t want Kevin Spacey but he was essentially forced to cast him because the producers wanted someone who was more “mainstream”; if anything the fact he got to kick Kevin Spacey out of the film anyway probably made him really happy

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