ALPHA – Movie Review

The survival story set 20,000 years ago, showing how wolves led to Man’s best friend. Here’s my review of ALPHA!

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Mr.Prince says:

The movie suck !!! Don’t watch it ! I’m a dog lover and i hate this movie ! It’s just suck. Boring waste of time

Baron Thomas says:

this is a theatrical release? Why?

Rajiv Jadhav says:

extremely boring & disappointing movie. All you had to do was watch the trailer. no reason to see the movie lol

jimmy miff says:


Lion King says:

You did not understand this movie at all.

Sonic Lee says:

huh … has cat domesticated ??? Nope

gor9027 says:

I clicked largely bc I thought he would have the puppy while reviewing the movie.

tHE MeMe gUy says:

Smh at critics…. any movie that gets you emotionally invested at makes you care so much you cry, is a great movie..

A Team says:

Alpha is absolutely awesome! A great escape from all the super hero movies.

Archerize It says:

Of course it’s not ‘the true story’ but it’s a reasonable representation of the domestication of the dog — a critical moment in human evolution. You could say it’s coincidental, but this process occurred before we “domesticated” plants and became farmers. Was the domestication of the dog necessary for us to become farmers? They provided an early-warning system for early humans, alerting us to both dangerous animals and more importantly, hostile humans. Others have said this much better than me, such as The Atlantic’s Ed Yong: “Dogs were the first domesticated animals, and their barks heralded the Anthropocene. We raised puppies well before we raised kittens or chickens; before we herded cows, goats, pigs, and sheep; before we planted rice, wheat, barley, and corn; before we remade the world.” I’d call this a worthy topic for historical fiction.

uvaldo caraveo says:

This the most annoying and worst review I’ve come across on YouTube.

Jace Mulcahy says:

Does no one else think Kedas father looks like chance the rapper

Dylan Clarke says:

I enjoyed it, went and saw it opening day and again yesterday in IMAX. Defiantly recommend watching in IMAX over standard if you still haven’t seen it.

Kira Reincarnated says:

I disagree. I thought Alpha was a simple epic. Nothing extraordinary and no complex plot lines and characters being weaved together, but very well done. It’s a simple adventure film that illustrates in its own unique way the biological phenomenon of humans domesticating a wild species of animal for survival purposes, something which would evolve into the culture of domesticated pets that we know of and are a part of today. It’s a fun little movie, and it’s visually breathtaking. Would recommend watching in IMAX 3D, on acid, or both.

Jourdan Reading says:

I honestly really liked the movie.

Ray Band says:

great movie

Nevermore says:

It’s an amazing movie.
I want to go back and see it in IMAX.

Joey Fundz says:

How do you do your background, I assume green screen, but do you insert your background while editing the video?

jonny pepperston says:

There should be more caveman movies

DeltaPrime350 says:

Nailed it

Ian Graeme says:


R Othon says:

I was click baited by the dog

Spidey Viewer says:

Your dog is adorable.

ELizabeth Akey says:

Hallmark would most likely not show how hard it was to survive and it chops up scenes to show time pass quickly if not it be a way longer movie.

Shree Nation says:

I see a doge, I watche

ClassicLogic says:

LOVE that opening line !

Imploding Ramen says:

Can someone tell me if the dog dies before I see this?

Michael C says:

Saw it today , I think a lot was cut from final film. Still liked it though.

Drawing Conclusions says:

I guess we’re in the minority, but we really enjoyed this movie a lot. I feel like the movie avoided being overly sentimental and cheesy and I thought the landscapes were absolutely gorgeous. Performances were very good too. I’m not a dog lover and I thought this movie was surprisingly good. — Jessica from Drawing Conclusions, the marriage of movies and art

Renata Williams says:

My favorite part was the ending with the sex of Alpha… very sweet

Davis Jugroop says:

We domesticated dogs, cats domesticated us.

Bo Xue says:

I find the different tone between the two trailers was really interesting. The first on was dark and gritty, selling it as a big blockbuster, but then the second one becomes a complete family film with a really cheesy voiceover.

Ricardo Mora says:

Please, when you say that a movie is dog shit, use that pic of your dog again hahaha

Erika Garcia says:

I liked the film and it was a good story about a boy and his dog. Only dumb people complain about reading.

Derpy Leo says:

I wanna watch Ice Age instead

lunarcaninebay says:

Watched with my Dad and my Son on Saturday. Watching again this Tuesday night, cause my Boy LOVED this movie…

swdude11 says:

Nice use of Prokofiev in the intro. A little odd you that you cut it short though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most recordings of Peter and the Wolf fall under Public Domain?

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