Annihilation Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review this fascinating sci-fi film that seemingly came out of nowhere with little advertising, our thoughts!

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Danny Bailey says:

If you take away the idea of the movie and the visuals… it’s a disappointing movie. The acting is boring and the dialogue is boring, with a less than spectacular twist at the end.

A better version of this movie is a 70’s Russian film called stalker. The environment of the “zone” (basically the shimmer) is a lot more tense without the reliance on the CGI monsters and much better dialogue

Denni George says:

Love your content Joe; angry game reviews is top tier stuff. But these movie reviews seem silly , you have guests and don’t take an aggregate review score ? Why do you have guests if you don’t take their scores into consideration.I would like to hear your guests complete their thoughts before interrupting them. Personally I don’t think annihilation was a 9/10. 9 is like getting up there with 2001 space Odyssey etc .. this was not that great, but I enjoyed it. i guess it’s an 8 like other Joe said. a big fan giving some feedback.

pixeljuice says:

Alex Garland simply can’t do endings.

SquirtTV says:


The Joker says:

This: 8/10
Liked it but
Arrival: 10/10!

Rak-Kun says:

AJoe, listen to the fucking people next to you. Stop your big flabby mouth for 5 seconds and be a good listener and maybe you’ll learn something.

Daryl Hodson says:

Liked the movie, but I don’t think the affair really had anything to do with the plot. Like you said, it was dumb that they didn’t go in with hazmat suits or at least masks. I don’t understand a scenario in which Rodriguez could tie each woman to a chair without alarming the other’s. Also, they wouldn’t have fully auto rifles and the lack of military presence is kinda strange.

AdamWho says:

Did these guys watch the same movie I did? Because it was a profoundly terrible movie. Seriously, you cannot even use the “its visuals were awesome”. The plot and characters where Prometheus level stupid.

BebopMansion says:

I kinda share a lot of points with them. Here are my goods VS bads (spoilers):

– Good premise, original, prioritizing exploration, suspense, and even horror sometimes. I like that they portrayed the threat as a neutral phenomenon that affects and changes living beings instead of simply destroying/killing everything.
– The First Half (exploration) is suspenseful and intriguing. The pacing takes its time and I like the fact that the crew spends several day in the forest moving their way forward and discovering stuff along the way.
– The Bear! The bear makes my favorite part of the movie and I was chilled throughout the whole scene.

– Ending killed it for me too. The reason is that I liked the idea of investigating a “Phenomenon” stronger than themselves that instead of destroying things, completely change the ecosystem into something new. The phenomenon is a bit illogical but fits well into the exploration of the unknown. The ending however was just a big return to “it’s aliens folks” (even the ship screams generic aliens) and they even clone human which reminds me too much of “conquer the world!!!” kind of vibe. Even the ending twist where Portman is revealed to have changed was unnecessary which amplify this feeling: “OMG AN ALIEN DISGUISED AS A HUMAN TO CONQUER THE WORLD!!”. One part says it’s just changing stuff into something new, then “nope, we just cloning humans”.
– The “no so scientific” crew. First of all (it was said by AJ) they had no equipment at all for any eventuality (pff who cares let’s just breathe the air in there, especially when everybody but one could return alive, and by the way he was sick and vomiting blood when he came back…). Also, they seemed to have nothing planned out in advance. What exactly was their plan when they would reach their destination??? The leader had an iron will to reach the lighthouse and her reason felt extremely weak: “We need to find a way to deal with this phenomenon”. Like, how? What would you do at the lighthouse? Take pictures? Collect samples of whatever? THAT would help solve how to deal with the phenomenon?
– Subplot: one flashback was enough, but there was way too much. I was tired to see it especially when it interrupted to very good suspense of the exploration part.
– Stupid actions of the characters:
1. Sheppard STANDS in the open when its completely dark to try to “Help” Lena. She could’ve stayed up the
watchtower for a perfect vantage point and even get a better view of the parameter to warn Lena?
2. The lead don’t care, decides to go ALONE at the watchtower when anyway Portman would go there just a bit later. In the
end, she just became crazy and explode. Way too random and illogical for my taste.
3. Josie who just decides to accept to be part of this nature and vanish. It felt way too sudden but it’s not that bad overall.

Commander Starstrider says:

logo batman 10/10 here…clearly this is not the place to go to.idiot puerto rican, beaner and lake tiitticcan that dont know shit.

JohnKhan Wayne says:

The “new” alien that mimics Portman isn’t fully developed yet and wouldn’t understand the grenade. As it is about to die it is still forming into her. I think a few minutes later it wouldn’t have taken the grenade.

Obroa-skai says:

The understanding I had of the “alien” was that it was more or less just a force of nature. The creature that takes the form of her husband isn’t an alien entity mimicking him or even mixing with him to make something new, it’s a wholly new reflection of his DNA and his emotional state (which leads back to the affair subplot – he knew she was cheating, and that’s why he went into the Shimmer and why he ultimately didn’t have the strength to come back and face her). His particular copy was probably several hours or even days older than the one of Lena, which was only just being born, and therefore had actually developed a consciousness to the point of being a clone – it probably genuinely thought it was the real Kane, up until the end of the film.

In short, the various copies and amalgamations of DNA are a byproduct of a force like gravity or a black hole that is centered on the lighthouse; there’s no single creature, conscious or otherwise, at the heart of it.

Phil Hartmann says:

It looks like a preachy “arrival” movie mixed with the Ghostbusters remake, remember the movie where two crews of expendable females die and then the all men team comes in and solves the problem? Yeah me neither

Mr. Crumbly says:

Cheeki breeki!

ChristianIBM says:

Joe acts like a Mexican trump. Look at his mannerisms LOL

For Recreational Use Only says:

I didn’t like it. It’s going to be on Netflix, so I’ll give it another go then. Thought it was pretentious.

maganaAMW says:

Joe the movie is definitely a discovery sci- fi meets Twilight Zone, but lots of stuff was dragged, and not as interesting as you may think. A good example is the alien at the end of the film that physically represented something straight out of 90’s CG design, yet we’re 15+ years past those times. The film’s bizarre nature was more of an uncomfortable interest than an incising interest. The drag got so long I found myself saying “Get to the point already.” So in honesty this film is more of a 7.5/10 or 8/10 rather than a 9/10.

Wrightgrlgnebd says:

Review the ritual! Would love your thoughts


Honestly, didn’t feel like a SciFi movie to me. There is an interesting exposition that evokes scifi concepts with great potential, but frankly, the film tries to hide the fact that it is NOT thought provoking by including too many horror elements. The amount of gore and violence in this film is unnecessary to make its point, and I think that it sacrifices a scifi’s intellectual depth of thought for a chance to show off the movie-makers’ ability to create “look how scary and twisted I can make this” moments.

john faucher says:

I viewed the ending with the grenade differently, I think the alien and Natalie Portman “switched” (alien took over her body) right before the grenade went off, and since Portman is now burning, she burns everything down after going to see her husband. I think both Portman and her husband are both alien clones at the end.

IM2WestCoast says:

I just watched it I was disappointed with the plot, too many wtf why moments, pretty cheesy predictable plot

Tim Arnold says:

the windows screen saver is a mandelbulb

Commander Starstrider says:

hahahahahah 10/10 people…hahhahah get the lake titti cacca off the show..ALEX SUCKS, HE IS APIECE OF SHIT

Twinklesparks says:

howd the clone husband get out? why did every expedition have to be in there for day? didnt anyone go -walk in, walk out- lol? still that was awesome.

Frank Allen says:

You guys kinda missed the mark. Watch stuckmans review because you’re approaching the end wrong

Ron Jaradat says:

Clone Kane isnt “the alien”. Hes a creation of it.

Commander Starstrider says:


lordwestoff says:

fuckin ace review, Joe.

DarKNeZ Lord says:

im probably dumb… got confused all the entire time >.> 5/10 for me

Brad Jennings says:

I didn’t mind the effects not being completely perfect. As long as the effects serve the story, not the other way around.. I’m all in. Love Sci-fi that doesn’t give you all the answers.

Stephen Johnston says:

Loved this film. Garland knocks it out the park again after Ex machina!

Milbox R says:

Alex is a bit too negative on this one for my taste

riner9 says:

The subplot was in the movie purely to push interracial relationships and diversity, let’s not be disingenuous here. The “crew” was all female for christs sake.

riner9 says:

Natalie Portman and the blonde cop were the only ones trained in weapons so why were they all carrying machine guns?

Patar says:

It’s unbelievable they keep using all female leads. Overcompensating doesn’t fix our society, and is actually sexist, on top of just being unrealistic. We’re supposed to want equality right? Then factoring sex in isn’t what you want is it? I wonder what their reasoning is

Chava says:


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