Annihilation – Movie Review

The director of Ex Machina brings us a thinking piece that should cause the audience to question the limits of biological reality. Does it succeed? Here’s my review of ANNIHILATION!

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Carla Marlene S says:

How do you have one million subscribers? How?

Vinyl Scratch HBC says:

This movie was boring

javier migoya says:

there were some obvious mess ups in the plot a simple one was the whole “It was mirroring me” well yes sometimes, if you step back, then naturally it would step back not forward as in following you, yet when they weren’t facing each other they moved in perfect mirrored synchronicity, aside from that a few other minor stuff, i really liked it, the screaming in agony creature was trully disturbing on many levels

Diego Rodríguez says:


…. nuff said

Nick Navaro says:


NeverSaySandwich1 says:

Pleb Jeremy strikes again

Xgamer2462 says:

Interstellar is definitely my cerebral film 🙂

Jonathan Hall says:

I wish there where animals in the movie we only see like 4

John Evesham says:

If I like this film will I become a genius like Chris Stuckmann? That cunt is like a Rick and Morty fan.

Andrew Tiiu says:


Eric F says:

I love the movie, but I agree that this is not for anyone. I actually told some people not to watch because I know they would not enjoy it.

I would not recommend watching this movie drunk. Maybe LSD.

Maridee Little says:

Love the book so still going to see it, but this review has me worried about the interpretation. Honestly, it was a weird book that would be hard to translate to screen.

Hamza Joozer says:

Lol I knew Jeremy won’t understand the film like Stuckmann did.

Jay Wolin says:

It’s a strange movie for sure. (Not like the book at all) so if you’re thinking that’s what your going to get, go ahead and crush those expectations. Overall though an enjoyable if not meta science fiction film worthy of any hardcore science fiction fan. Reminded me a little of Arrival in the end.

triplesix says:

Inception inspired me.

fcukugimmeausername says:

Looks like more feminist propaganda.

Wetdookie says:

This vs Avatar

InQuickWeTrust says:


jbroti 004 says:

Without someone spoiling the movie for me, answer me this. I can’t handle horror films but I can do suspense. How scary is the film?
That bear creature looks terrifying.

TLCain says:

Sooooooo the place they go is Sheogorath’s realm in oblivion?

Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME! says:

My favorite deep thinking film…..?

Lyndsey Lizard says:

Saw it. I liked it. I can see where people thought it was a slow burn & not for everyone. (My BF fell asleep) My top cerebral movies would be either Pi, The Fountain & Ghost in the Shell.

Maravia's Movie Reviews says:

I did a review to this movie on my channel. Check me out guys!

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