Annihilation – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, Jeniffer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodgriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Isaac. Directed by Alex Garland.


Rageoholic Sr says:

You must be a intellecual to understand this film — a retard

Reacton Corner says:

I unsubbed after Jeremy Jahn`s review because he did not mention anything like you do, Chris. I loved the movie too

Maxine Harper says:

Awesome movie! I loved it. Very thought provoking. Natalie Portman’s performance was excellent. Would definitely see it again. Reminded me a lot of Arrival. Very smart and unique.

Unoriginal Username says:

Why is this REALLY similar to a book series called Area X, which centers around a biologist who is sent into a mysterious part of the woods with a team of other people, but they find a big hole in the ground with mossy writing on the walls that spit out spores and there’s a monster and stuff. Also, the third and final book in Area X is called annihilation…?

schmoab says:

Sci Fi movies have been undercut by comic book movies (which I generally don’t enjoy.) Part of the issue with this movie is that I’ve seen the trailer 3 times and did not know the title of the movie. It’s an absolute terrible title. I will definitely see this, though.

Sam T. says:

why didn’t they just take a helicopter or boat directly to the lighthouse? is this explained in the book, or did I miss an explanation in the movie?

Alan Polo says:

I watch jeremy for fun, but I always wait for Chris to review the movie to know if I have to go to the cinema. I was already interested in this movie, now even more.

Tyler says:

Please upload a spoiler review of it.

Triggered McShitmypants says:

really cool movie, thanks for convincing me to go check it out!

Fod Xp says:

So it’s similar to Prometheus, in the sense that the ideas and concepts are amazing, but the execution is botched. I’ll check this out.

diesel828 says:

I disagree with the Portman subplot being unnecessary. There were themes of self destruction in the movie. For everyone.

Orion6699 says:

This movie reminded me of arrival…. both tedious slogs. It got to the point where I would be saying to myself ‘ah crap ANOTHER flashback…’ and debate with myself if I should just get up and leave. Just didnt work for me at all.

Sam T. says:


Lena’s affair was the reason she went in… she drove Kane away, and he ran away into the Shimmer. everyone that entered the Shimmer was running away from something… a happy Kane wouldn’t have left his wife, and we would’ve had no reason for Lena to enter either. there was a line about how she was the only one to survive, because the was the only one who “had to come back” or something… and the Kane who came back wasn’t the real Kane, so whatevs.

am I wrong, or is that just obvious?

does anyone want to explain the ending to me? I don’t view the Shimmer or anything as an alien presence, just a phenomenon. or was there an actual sentient being involved? what was the deal with Ventress at the end? why didn’t she get copied like Kane and Lena?

GoB1ue 77 says:

Just got back from watching this and I absolutely loved it!

s Hill says:

“Films like this need to be supported.” CO-FUCKING SIGN. I thought that about Black Panther but I always thought this about sci-fi flicks in general. I love Garland’s work. I can’t even speak on Dredd without getting pissed off son. Very good work here, I did have some pacing issues but its worth it.

Terry Cawthon says:

I’ve heard it’s an art house film which I know your a fan of, but I’m usually bored with ambiguous and vague plots these movies portrie. I hated ex machina so I doubt this movie will hold my interest. And yes I’ve already watched the spoiler and discussion review.

KidGilgamesh says:

Just watched the film. Don’t know how I feel or what to make of it. I feel like I understood the themes and overall story, but I also feel as if I’m completely lost. Worth the watch imo. Definitely not for everyone though.

Crowliphus Paradox says:

Have to respectfully disagree with you about the affair not being necessary to the story. It wasn’t about Portman’s character’s development. It was about her husband’s development or as the psychologist called “self destruction.” Had he not had a failing marriage, he would likely not have been tempted and selected to go into The Shimmer in the first place. All the women that went in had their share of losses or pain; so, they were willing to go into a self destructive situation. So yeah, the affair was very necessary in order to understand Kane’s decision.

Ethan Lamp says:

It had a lot of potential but they should have cut it up into parts. It was like they crammed a whole trilogy from the books into a movie.

Diana Gonzalez says:

I would love if you did a spoiler review on this movie 🙂

C Moskaluk says:

I definitely thought of the thing while I was leaving the theater but also couldn’t help but think of body snatchers. I saw the movie on my own and really had no one to discuss it with but definitely thought the main theme was about our own inherent self destructive mannerisms.

rampage2587 says:

It’s good if you can handle movies that make you think and don’t wrap all the answers over in a neat little package. Glad I saw it. B+

Emily Jodway says:

do an analysis yas!!!

Michael Bay says:

Fuck that bear! That will give me nightmares!

SuperDipMonster says:

Chris, do you have a movie “A” list compiled anywhere?

Colorblind Dreamer says:

I would love to talk about the film because I thought it was a mess and thought that it was smarter than it actually was.  Not a good film a huge disappointment coming from the man that directed ex machina

NclinedMuzaclly says:

Maybe I’m missing something.I guess you have to be a diehard Sci fi fan. I like sci fi but don’t love it. It was a good movie but it didn’t change my life.

Deegra says:


Seriously my fav sci-fi of this year, I just wish I had friends that shared the love of films like me.
My interpretation of it all was this garden of eden type feel. Life starting again with a new type of its own Adam and Eve, a better one…maybe? Or maybe this thing wanted to mimic how life began so it knew how to survive. Two things that got me though. 1. Being the water.. Kane getting to the house drinking the water it was obvious he was out of his element so he was dying but when Lena took a drank, after telling her story.. she was cool as ice.. was this confirmation that they took over making our world more inhabitable for them. 2. Josie why was she the only one turning into a plant statue?
Also did anyone see the blooper of the painting on the wall at the beginning when Kane came home..if it even is one.

Banana Joe says:

The monster in this movie was pretty scary even more surprising that it’s not entirely alien; like how it resembles a bear yet it can mimic human sounds and uses it to catch it’s prey and how it formed the skeleton head. Definitely an intense and scary scene in the movie. Really good movie

Awyatt Mann says:

Natalie Portman can’t act for shit, so god damn wooden. Would of been so much better with a different actress.


to much female in this movie,movie was trash..women don’t act like this, looks fake.
in these situations women are screaming and running for life.
they should have one female and the rest male soldiers.
we need crew from predator 1

Sup says:

Pls review the greatest showman. Its a beautiful trainwreck

Jeff Ryemon says:

Do a spoiler review!

Andrea Sehested says:

Chris I totally love your reviews.  Movies like this I kinda wish you would do 2 reviews, one with spoilers, one without.  I would like to know your deeper thoughts on this as I have been thinking about it since I saw it Friday also. Exactly what I said The Thing meets Aliens meets The Abyss but completely it’s own thing.  Loved it.

Jean Baron says:

Honestly, does anyone else feel the novel and movie had little to no resemblance? I wish I came into it blind not reading it because in itself it really is wonderful, but did not stick to the novel.

Seth Lampel says:

Or is evil just something you don’t understand

martintroy says:

Ok, based on your recommendation, i’ll go see it.

Sean Oliver Dizon says:

You guys should check out the subreddit for different theories and interpretations of the movie.

Mercury 1970 says:

Captivating Sci Fi… Great cast with freaky plot….OMFG, the bear…WTF? GO SEE THIS MOVIE

choggerboom says:

I just got back from this movie and it shook me, hard. It is mesmerizing, haunting. My jaw was on the floor over and over again. I almost had an urge to cry, for reasons I’m not even sure about. Mind bending. The last act blew my fucking mind.

Jelani Scott says:

Make a spoiler review!

ChileanIggy says:

You know, I’ve gotten spooked by creatures before, but nothing has UNNERVED me on so primal a level as that fucking bear.

Trent Geronimo says:

Chris could you please do a discussion video on the movie. I saw the movie today and I would love to hear more of your thoughts on the whole movie. With discussing spoilers and such

Rays woodshop says:

I appreciate you not spoiling the movie. Your review is encouraging. I did like “Under the Skin” Not just because SJ was in it but because it was one of those movies I enjoyed that I knew other would not. I have seen a few reviews and yours has me wanting to go see it. Thx.

trickledown808 says:

Chris the one sub plot that you have a gripe about was in fact necessary to the movie. The purpose of it wasn’t to add depth to Natalie Portman’s character. It was to address what would have been seen a a plot hole regarding Oscar Issac’s motivations.

flounder2760 says:

are u wearing a dbz ‘movie poster’ parodying star wars a new hope?

TrangleC says:

I haven’t read the books, but I’ve read the plot synopsis and this series seems to be the worst kind of “Lost”-BS, meaning just a pretentious mess of mysteries for mysteries sake, without any answers or payoff. And don’t give me the “It wants you to think. Not every question needs an answer. The way is the goal.”-speech. That is just an excuse for bad writing and for hucksters, trying to fool people into thinking the garbage they are producing and selling has a deeper meaning. People were saying this about “Lost” too, until the people who wrote it admitted that there was nothing behind the curtain.
The emperor has no clothes on.
You can debate about it as much as you want, but you’ll just feel silly once you got the whole story. Save the money and have discussions about what some cloud in the sky reminds you of, or about how you see a picture of Jesus in your burned toast, or something like that. That achieves the same.

OscarDaGenius1 says:

You should definitely do a spoiler discussion on this

Kojima Kid says:

Everybody who leaves my theater after watching this said it was atrocious lol

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