Annihilation Movie Review

Annihilation Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review of 2018 Natalie Portman & Alex Garland movie! Netflix?!

Annihilation Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of Annihilation, the 2018 movie from Alex Garland starring Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Tuva Novotny! Should you see the full movie? Should you enter The Shimmer? Enjoy Annihilation in 2018, maybe on Netflix, and make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie news, trailer and review on YouTube today!

Business vs Creative – 00:00
A Dream – 1:35
Stereotypes Changed! – 2:47
Building a Team – 3:14
Depiction of Women – 4:08
Production Design – 5:05
Cliche Ending – 5:31
Black Mirror – 6:16
Twists & Surprises – 6:45
Best Qualities – 7:23
and Worst – 7:54
Conclusion – 8:50

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!


Kenny Teeology says:

I definitely thought there was a twist at the end. Did the the producers have a different ending filmed?

Joshua Johnson says:

Her favorite parts are the one you need to see in the front row of a theatre

Wolfen443 says:

Was anyone surprise at the Skyline like ending?. I was interesting in knowing which one of two of her left the tower alive. The whole Dark Cloning Scene was terrifying, but beautifully done at the same time.

Mercury 1970 says:

Watched it,loved it…. Freaky sci-fi movie… Might not understand it completely but the cast was good and it was very entertaining. I jumped twice by the way. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

Hanz Of Texas says:

The movie was good because it makes you think after you see the ending. You have to put the unanswered questions together because they don’t get answered.

Spoiler alert!!!!!! Coming at you now:

Natalie Portman’s character says we all came from one cell. So a higher being or God if you will started the cell and made all life on earth. Now an alien cell of different origin is sent to do the same but at a rapid rate and is programmed. This highly advanced cell is almost like another God taking over if you will. The chamber you see at the end is like an alien lab and control room. The mimic is a program and not the actual alien. It is made up of living matter but still a program. That is why it returned to the chamber and assimilated the fire. The alien cell reminds me of the engineer’s virus from Prometheus, but more advanced. So Natalie Portman’s character is infected with the cells. They are slowly rematching her cells within and replacing her til she is no longer herself but the alien cell itself. So the question left at the end is….Are the cells itself the alien or are the cells like an advanced virus that can be programmed? Did we see the engineers if you will or not????

Bay McCulloch says:

BUT GRACE! this totally builds off of the type of women and the dynamic that was in the descent. I feel like they were even more believable and more realized. these women were great tho, super loved them. people always forget abt that gem tho 😛 . but i thought this movie was nuts. def wanna see it again so i can unpack it

Patricia A. says:

But Grace! Of course it’s incomplete! This is based on a Book trilogy! An amazing one at that! I hope they make the other two just so they Can explain it all!!

Ahmad M. Yaghi says:

I think this movie MUST be seen in theatres. the visuals and sound design make the movie a surreal experience and it’s a shame that most people around the world won’t be able to see it in theatres.

Kirk Colton says:

So…Tarkovsky level visuals on a home screen? Nah. I don’t think so. See it on the biggest movie screen possible. Last 10 minutes rivaled The Fountain as far as visual ideas and thematic ideas.

herbertson lee says:

do a naked lunch review or something like a clockwork orange

The Triggerati says:

I felt the same way about Ex-Machina. Cool, but ultimately unsatisfying.

GaZ aRt says:

It reminded me of that Rick and Morty Episode…they land on a planet where everything is made of corn

LV RB says:

I dont really think the ending was cliche since I saw it coming (revealed in the camcorder in the light house). Thankfully there’s a sequel!

Baye1980 says:

I’ll wait for Netflix release…

blank pallet2 says:

Ridiculous movie waste of money to make ,its been done a million times already

Kenny Teeology says:

In my Microbiology classes (pre-med/pre-vet) in College, most of the students were women.

The Triggerati says:

Why does it not surprise me that it takes a man to write strong female parts?

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio says:

sucks so much that I won’t get to see this movie (I don’t have Netflix) because I love Ex Machina SO DAMN MUCH

11viewer77 says:

I would watch this movie if Natalie Portman wouldn`t be in it, because she`s an awful actress and a feminazi!

Walter Wright says:

If you saw the movie and didn’t understand it, then you weren’t paying attention to the very last scene, both the Kane replicant and the altered Lena had the shimmer in their eyes.  They had their DNA rewritten and became advanced humans, or aliens.  Which is what the shimmer asteroid came to do, continue a species that had ben annihilated.

Edward Branscomb says:

I thought about walking out, regret not doing it

Logansolo Howlett-Jones says:

I love incomplete dream logic!

David Burke says:

It’s criminal to not watch this in theaters just for the beautiful visual affects and music. One 20 minute scene I could barely look at from how tense it was but another scene I could hardly look away. I didn’t think the visuals could come close to the book’s depictions but it did a pretty good job. That first book blew my mind with the imagination.

JJdaPK says:

I’m kinda shocked you had issues with the pacing.  I was nervous and filled with dread almost the whole runtime!  But it’s always cool to hear a different viewpoint.

Jims Sessions says:

My review of annihilation is that some people shouldn’t be allowed to do drugs and then write scripts for films. And don’t attack me I know is a book too but they didn’t have to take everything from the book.

Joshua Kon says:

I personally loved this movie but am very sad that a lot of people just feel it wasn’t “entertaining” enough. It makes it seem like you need to be a blockbuster to be considered a quality movie and that is not the case. This for me was original and deep, which is something you rarely get at the movies today. Would love to talk more about spoilers because it feels people need SPOON FED STORYLINES.

Will R says:

I think see it either or. The sound was very powerful in the theatre so I doubt that can be replicated in home except for a few folks. The visuals were great and there were moments that really got me mesmerized but ya…i was also dozing off during the film. It was so slow in the beginning. Almost unbearable. The ending was blah but I’d still give it a B for specific moments that had me glued.

Johnny's Drive In says:

Like the movie. Challenging like 2001 Space Oddity

Matt Cole says:

Outside the US, Canada, and China, it is available on Netflix.

bearatts says:

You’re crazy! It has to be seen in the theater, because a viewing at home cannot replicate the experience of the sights and sounds.

Abraham Torres says:

Saw today and i give it a C+. I see a ton of movies and this one had a tonne of good acting, beautiful visuals but suffered some pacing issues and the story seem to spin it’s wheels a lot.

As good the female cast was, i quickly saw a pattern especially when they entered the SHIMMER. As for the male characters… well they were basically flashbacks and video clips, not much of a role to work with.

As for cinema or Netflix well I’ll say this much it was average at best in the theater but would put this on my watch list for a long night of binge movie night.

Samuel Herscher says:

I respectfully disagree

KOS Listed says:

Jennifer Jason Lee looks Rough as hell… *Cringe*

yevaud6 says:

Everyone please see this in theaters if you can….hopefully if you’re watching this you already did. It’s gorgeous and fantastic. Oscar 2019 worthy.

coolcats036 says:

If I hadn’t seen this film in theaters I probably wouldn’t have liked it. I absolutely loved it

Chadd Minchew says:

Saw it last night and was amazed visually, definitely glad I saw it in the theater because of that. I really liked the movie over all and it very much intrigued me, but like Grace was saying, it felt like it was missing just a little something extra to make it great. I do want to see it again though, just because I really enjoyed taking it all in.

Lenny Crist says:

This is nothing like a black mirror episode. There is no evil technology. It’s way more like a tarkovsky supernatural dreaminess or heart of darkness scenario

Cat of the Canals says:

Gina Rodriguez is seriously stepping up! Love her

Aaron Sacks says:

For a biology professor that’s pretty normal that most of her students are female

lplt says:

doesn’t get the ending, says it not good

Michael Grades says:

I personally loved it and thought it would be better to watch in theaters. It was pretty phenomenal in my book. However I do agree on pacing, it was very slow and i guess in my opinion the scenery and very well done ideas made up for the pacing.

Broseph says:

I thought this movie was amazing. Just because it doesn’t hold your hand and leaves things to interpretation doesn’t mean it’s incomplete. Might just mean that you should go watch a movie with the rock in it .

Chris M says:

The cast HAD to be all female, because each character represents a side of Lena’s psyche. She is “fragmented” when she goes in the shimmer, each character is a FRAGMENT of her. 😉

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