Mark and Kristian review Annihilation.

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potterbooksinhindi says:

4:25 that’s what you said about fantastic beasts and then you gave it a rotten tomato score… don’t lie to us Mark!

TheFlickinCritic says:

So Kristian…. you ever gonna watch Blade Runner 2049??

Jones206 says:

Great visuals but the story never really paid off in the end for me. For me it’s a rental not worth paying In the theatre IMO

Jonatan Pina says:

Now off to Jeremy Jahns´s review. According to my data, If Harloff loves it, Ellis a bit less and Jahns doesn´t love it but merely appreciates it, then it´s a must watch for me.

cforbes54 says:

Cannot wait to see this

Dennis Smith says:

Do we just not give a shit about story and characters anymore? As long as it looks and sounds good it’s gonna be praised? I guess that explains The Last Jedi but what separates a film like that from Transformers?

Fixpont says:

pi/5? seems legit

PrincessPts says:

To the point of no payoff or answers, I’ve read two out of the three books in the trilogy, and there still aren’t any answers. Very interested in seeing how this came together, though. I’ve heard Garland combined elements from all 3 books to make this movie. Great review, Schmoes!

TheCreepypro says:

need a good scifi glad this at least got a fresh rating

Jordan Larocque says:

So I’m not trolling, I saw it yesterday and it’s bad. Really bad. Worst movie I saw in a long time. I loved ex machina, this was laughable at best. Really bad acting, bad dialogue, bad casting, plot is all over the place and Jennifer Jason Leigh literally put me to sleep. There were some scenes that i actually laughed out loud at. That never happens to me. The end is incredibly unsatsifying, lazy and disjointed. Are critics smoking crack? This is a 2 out of 10 at best. The movie doesn’t even know what it’s trying to be. Its a messy mish mash of the thing meets predator meets ex machina. The only reason it’s getting praise is the all female cast. I will say the only bright spot was Nathalie Portman and Oscar Isaac but the supporting cast are so bad that they cancel out their efforts. Save your money. Although, you may like this if you haven’t seen much sci Fi and horror. In that case, I would say stick the classics, they did it much better.

Jonny Nguyen says:

Just saw it. The best way to describe it would be Stalker + The Last of Us + 2001. There isn’t necessarily a payoff, more so just an insane amount of layers and details that reflect the message the movie portrays.

This is a much more hardcore sci-fi, especially in the third act than Ex Machina was. It definitely isn’t going to be for everyone. I heard a lot of people walking out the theatre not liking it but it is definitely a movie that should be seen on the big screen. Hope international filmgoers will be able to see this on a bigger screen than Netflix.

ariez84 says:

can we get a spoilers review for this….I need some explanations

Kelvin McBride says:

Saw an advance screening of this last night – it’s a 5/5 – Its not Marvel – so these two give it mediocre scores….so predictable.

Rod Diaz says:

Fortunately misogyny is not as prevalent as Kathleen would like Hollywood to think that’s why it’s her excuse for the horrible Last Jedi script I bet we the majority of men will prove we support women but we don’t support Rian Johnson’s shitty Last Jedi script.

Josshua says:

I wonder what a Cyborg movie would look like directed by Garland?

Earl Chatterton says:

Outside the US, it’s on Netflix in 2 weeks from now, so I get to watch it then.

Maxblind20 says:

I swear people only know Alex Garland for Ex Machina. The man has been writing for over 15 years for the likes of Danny Boyle and Pete Travis. When you mention the score, the cinematography, the writing etc could you at least do a little bit of research and say the name of the people behind these achievements ? I find your reviews short and incredibly superficial. It seems that your subscribers are okay with the shallowness of your reviews but I’m not. I bet if 2001: A Space Odyssey would’ve come out today they would’ve given it the same score a 3.3/5 . They don’t understand the fact that some films are meant to be felt not fully understood. They want everything explicitly given to them and can’t wrap their head around the term “ambiguity”. Guys, I’m not saying my opinion is correct but at least consider it.

Town Curmudgeon says:

Great visuals, makes you think, but no pay off or explanation. Sounds like another Arrival – I’m out.

Jeffrey Podolski says:

Wonder if Oscar Isaac said to Natalie Portman, “Hey… I know your grandkid!”

James Haack says:

movie is based on a book that is part of a trilogy, kind of makes sense that some stuff is left unanswered in the movie.

Vincent Rogiest says:

Seriously they don’t know how to make original movies anymore, it’s like creativity left them longtime ago,… This is indeed a predator lookalike, remake nothing original here,. I see a lack of next gen gadgetery and unique ideas in games and VR games on the steamstore. Only a few games are okay but they use older locomotion methods and they use older gadgetery and ideas.
I mean if you don’t even see these next gen ideas and gadgetery I have in mind in the latest blockbuster
movies or other movies then I believe it says enough ! As I mentioned before many many years ago, I will
say it again today, lots of sheeps lately mimicking and surfing on old concepts and following and trying
to guess what the new trends and concepts will be in gaming and lots of other segments of markets,…

Rod Diaz says:

Almost any woman can write a better Lest Jedi script than Rian Johnson but Kathleen doesn’t let women have power at Lucas Films because she knows they wouldn’t pit up with her bullshit.

Aaron Thomas says:

You lost me at beating over the head with social commentary. No thanks.

Alex Sullivan says:

Ex Machina was #1 in 2015.

Tiffany M says:

Mark who is dressing you?? I need to have a word with them, they’re doing you wrong

VarionHD says:


vicíous says:

Over this movie

wholetruthy says:

I agree Mark is a dumb bunny but this movie blows

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