Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Dhadak | Shashank Khaitan | Ishaan Khatter | Janhvi Kapoor

I think the way to enjoy Dhadak is to completely forget about Sairat. But those of us who’ve seen Sairat know that this is impossible. Because Nagraj Manjule’s 2016 Marathi film was a landmark.
Shashank is the successful maker of frothy romances. Here he steps out of his comfort zone but not enough to tackle head-on, the ugly truth of caste. The hurdles are more palatable and consequently, synthetic. I had described his second film Badrinath Ki Dulhania as a dose of feminism-lite. Well, think of Dhadak as Sairat-lite.

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Manish Kumar says:

Ohh !!
and btw
Nepotism Rocks

Sanjay Chawla says:

Mam I am very dissapointed with your assessment,anyway to each his own,I loved the movie ,I watched Sairaat 5 times in the theater,being a non maharshtian, but this movies all India appeal makes it a worthy adaptation. Very commendable…the entire team of Dhadak.

Princess Asfy says:

Sanju ka to review kiya nahi madam ne aur ab movie mai gatar, ghareebi aur sari India ki kharabiya dikhane ko keh rahi hain. Ise aur Rajeev Masand ko Marathi aur Telugu movies k hi reviews karne chahiye kyu k ye apne taste aur likeness k hisaab se review dete hain.

Akshay Rai says:

I think we should give an opportunity to anupama to make and direct the movie then we can give 2.5 rating.

Jawaad Baig says:

volume is too low :S

Rahul Chaturvedi says:

Can you speak bit louder

Anusree K S says:

Why don’t you review some regional language films like malayalam or Tamil films…. They are much more in content and performances… This way even who don’t know about those cinema’s won’t loose out on the experience of watching good cinema…. Try atleast some critically acclaimed cinema’s from regional languages….

Shashi Yashi says:

Cannot hear anything… bad sound quality

Komi B says:

Beautiful chemistry. Beautiful movie.

khyat doshi says:

No offence, but This feels more like a comparative study between Sairat and Dhadak than a review of Dhadak

Mayur Bawaskar says:

2.5 is overrated..

sanju p says:

Best review of Anupama…the way sairat unfolds is natural..dhadak has all polished chutiapa..kjo sucks.

Jeet Reincarnated says:

Mrs. Anupama Chopra, why didn’t you gave your reviews on SANJU!

crit19871 says:

next time when she reviews a hollywood movie or interviews a hollywood bigwig and talks about the diversity/inclusiveness/MeToo debate going on in Hollywood, consider her a hypocrite..

divya sharma says:

Cmeon guys… #dhadak… Watch it as a fresh take …n plz why to criticize always the remake.. #jhanvi n #ishaan r commendable with their acting .. in this world negativity comes before positivity…
They r really appreciable as debutant… Cmeon come out n be little nice to both of them…

Ishant Rajpurohit says:

Half of it, was Jaipur ! Just a little correction .

DON says:

According to IMDB user ratings : Refugee 5.5 which was a pretty mediocre launch for Abhishek and the film itself was boring still averaged 5.5, Dhadak as of now is at 2.6. Bollywood Nepotism at it’s finest here, two star kids with no acting chops thrown into a film and we should rush to the theatre to watch? Please. Unless Karan Johar is directing, I will wait for the blu ray.

Amrit Vatsa says:

nepotism debate be damned? really? if anything, this movie proves what Kangna keeps saying…. ha ha.. nice try!

amit sehgal says:

Hi Anupama. I usually look forward to your reviews bcoz they are transparent and blunt. I am surprised to see that you started the review of Dhadak with a straight comparison with Sairaat. The review of Dhadak should have been done as an independent movie. Sairaat might have been a big hit in Maharastra, but let me remind you that Dhadak has a PAN India reach and most of the audience woudn’t have watched Sairaat in the first place. Hence, the comparison of the two movies is baseless. Being a film critic, you have all the rights to highlight the weaknesses of a movie, but those weak areas should not be highlighted just because you are comparing it with a regional movie which half of the India has not even seen.

chris brown says:


The Beast says:

Nepotism = Dhadak

Deepak says:

I’ll watch sairat instead……

Harsh Ki Baat says:

DEEP REVIEW : #Dhadak #Janhvikapoor is star matterial

The Beast says:

Sairat connected with the viewer and it was looking real.
This movie dhadak is jus unreal and “rich production” want to make more money kinda thing.
acting maybe good but both failed to create a connection with viewers.

Rishi Raj says:

tatti picture

kunal mahajan says:

I don’t know how you guys can judge an art, I believe one can like or dislike a piece of art. let people watch the movie and let them talk about it, by reviewing a movie you are just putting your thought in others mind, I’m totally against this review (ruin) thing, i always like the way you take interview but review a big no.

Venu Gopal says:

4⭐️ star out of 5…. I loved the movie

jayz says:

Itni ghitti pitti kahani same shit all the time in Indian cinema ara kuch to naya dekhao

Molly V says:

So Hindi cinema audience doesn’t deserve the truth like the Maharashtrian audience does? How long before we Hindi audience get the same respect from our dud film makers? Disclosure– Hindi speaker living in US watched Sairat with subtitles 4 times.

Mischa says:

I don’t agree Ishan a better actor than Janhvi, noway.

shubham maurya says:

Why did u not review the sanju movie
Because it’s u r #husbands #vidhu Vinod Chopra produced movie.
U have to review the sanju than I believe that u are true #critic.

Sara Hashim says:

You and Rajeev should just one combined review since you both give the same review and score.

Khan Zuhair Arif says:

Guys for us who don’t know Marathi it’s a treat for us..Coz Except Maharashtra no one has seen this ..So for us Non Marathi speakers it’s a treat.

Ardhendu s says:

Was it required to mention Nagraj as Dalit?

Praveen Kumar says:

Where is the review for Sanju ?

Saransh Parimoo says:

A very balanced review, what was expected from her, she didn’t like the movie and had it been from some other production house, she would have given 1 or 1 1/2 , and at the end she played it safe by praising both ishan and jhanvi.

Shivangi Issar says:

I watched it last night and thought it was an endearing film! The two actors are extremely sweet on screen together. You have to realise, this is a film aimed for Hindi audiences, majority of who have not seen Sairat. Hence, as a movie on its own, this film is still a great watch in the cinema!

Akash Prasad says:

Sanju ka review kab aaraha hai

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