Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Stree | Amar Kaushik | Rajkummar Rao | Shraddha Kapoor

Stree is a Trojan horse. Director Amar Kaushik and writers Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru create a horror-comedy, which turns out to be subversive commentary on the position and treatment of women in India. It’s clever and very funny. With laughs and scares, Stree delivers an important message.

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akshay Kumar says:

Film dekha gand phat gaye aur paet phatgaya

rathan anchan says:

Why always trying connect with Hollywood stree movie is very nice movie

Adhikarala Somashekar says:

फ़िल्म देखकर डर के मारे हालत ख़राब हो गई। “चंदेल पुराण” बहुत ही दिलचस्प है।

Zaina Ansari says:

I love your voice and the way you speak Anupama miss❤
Going for this movie tonight 🙂

rakhee gogoi says:

Pankaj tripathi…rajkumar rao killed it❤❤❤

Ragini Jaswal says:

I do not remember laughing this hard in the theatres like we did today, in a long long time.

DO NOT miss Stree!! This team gets the genre so well. Their last good outing being Go Goa Gone.

Stree is super endearing and even promises a few genuine scares. The cast, expectedly, is in super fine form and the dialogues are hilarious, to say the least. Every joke lands. The punches and subtle plot highlighting Patriarchy, sharp.
Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning and does not hamper the flow of the movie, which is credit enough I guess. Supporting cast is as good as the leads. The choice of location in Chanderi is kickass and makes me want to advance our Madhya Pradesh trip. Night light use is fantastic.

The entire theater was responding to every line and, having a gala time basically. The girl in the seat ahead was screeching and, howling in the same breath. Always good news!

Hope Box Office Maata smiles back as well.

Btw, Is there anything Rajkumar Rao and, Pankaj Tripathi cannot do?!?!this hard

Entertainment &Study Zone says:

Just awsome…everybody should watch☺☺

Ch Prashanth says:

super movie

Mahasweta Banerjee says:

Still subscribed only because of Sucharita… Otherwise I would have unsubscribed long back!!!

Sana Naqvi says:

One of the best movies this year

Angry Bird says:

Bhai jisne bhi yeh movie dekh li hai iska climax explain krdo ki shradda agar stree rhti hai to wo khud apni choti kyun katwati hai

Usman Tariq says:

What camera equipment you guys use for recording?

Modified dsH says:

A English review for a Hindi movie. lol

santosh kumar sharma says:

STREE was so good. Loved the movie a must watch

A says:

This review just warms my soul ❤️❤️❤️

rahul verma says:

Koi muje movie ki ending smjha do
Agar sharadha Kapur bhoot ti… toh vo ku stree ko maar ri ti
bus Mai baithi… choti li stree ki,,aur gayab …Kya sense hua uska

Mujtaba Sonaullah says:

Befikre Queen is back , Talking about Academy awards or Scarlett Johansson’s movie to make us fear more than Stree ,But Hollywood is not perfect though as she thinks she is but she is not near to it . Pursho ka Jeevan sankat main nahi hai , Ur Jeevan is in sankat , Drama Chudail u r .

gokul goku says:

It’s a copy of thai movie pee mak

Poulomi Hari says:

Alright… m gonna watch it now

Divya S says:

Wow grt to hear the review . Must book tickets now . Happy feminist

Shubhen Pal says:

fake reviewer

lets live our life says:

Gud mvi… i liked it!!!

Jeada Bella says:

Why this lady smiles all the time ????

priyal rawal says:

It’s a must watch. It’s amazing

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