Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of The Accidental Prime Minister | Vijay Gutte | Anupam Kher

The Accidental Prime Minister is propaganda. Strategically, it’s a smart move. In election year, the film takes us into the corridors of power and doesn’t shy away from taking names.

The Accidental Prime Minister, based on Baru’s book The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making And Unmaking of Manmohan Singh, gives us Baru’s version of events. He’s not a politician but he’s a Congress insider so the unmasking comes from within the party.

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Sarvatmak says:

Congress ki chamchi

J Sr says:

Mam, seen u after long time .. how did u manage to become young?

Rohit Naik says:

We will still watch it !! 😉

poras rao says:

What about Sanju….at least accidental pm shows the reality

Niti Dave says:

BLAH BLAH BLAH and BLAAAAAH….please watch the movie ….ask her to speak in hindi as she is reviewing hindi movie…..

Geeneez says:
फिल्म समीक्षा

Robin Dahiya says:

Are ja tu. Tun jse critic hna vsa hi h jse aakash chopra ka cricket expert bnkr kohli ko gyan dena. Khud ka gyan beshak nill bte sannata h lkn gyan pelne me peeche nhi rhte

Malwawale22 says:

It was boring

Soumya Das says:


Sulagana Biswas says:

People, sanjay dutt is a 1990s film star who is not even that important. Here, the film wants to diss the gandhis to prop up modi and the bjp. Which propaganda is more dangerous????

#Judge Sahab says:

#Pakistan me The accidentally PM ban ho gya hai
“Ye rishta kya kehlata hai”

Almost God says:

Vidhu Vinod Chopra ne bahut maazze liye iske

Jyoti Pai says:

Then the book is a propaganda. Written yrs ago.

Honest Londey says:

Watch the funny honest review i made on this movie trailer…. Sneek peek- rahul Gandhi talks about sex

vikram devaiah says:

Lol this shitty critic !!!! Burnol scene Anupama

Faizanul Hasan says:

Great Review Anupama but you should have given 0 Star !!!!

namrata singh says:

Are you mad??Anupam has done an awesommm work, u r jealous anupama


You didn’t review Thugs of Hindostan. Well, we know the reason. Aamir and Vidhu are best friends right?
You didn’t review Sanju. Again we obviously know the reason.
You insert feminism and everything in every movie.
And people think you are unbiased. Haha. Kaun hain yeh log? Kahaan se aate hain yeh log?

Rishab Maloo says:

Why Tai Lopez why sucks man

ihskask says:

Anupam Kher made a mere caricature of Dr. Manmohan Singh, which was what he set out to not do exactly.

ruchir dessai says:

Biased review

bhakti patel says:

When book was not propaganda then why the movie thought to be propaganda .. you all Bollywood are selfish people ..

Sayantan Pramanik says:

According to U Sanju wasn’t a propaganda movie as it was your Home production.. Nd achcha koi bhi release hoga if it says something Good about India then it’s a strategic plan.. I must salute the filmmaker that at least they have tried to show most of the parts correctly Nd took the real names.. Where Sanju was far from reality.. U also know that..

rahil says:

so what was sanju …lol

tanveer momin says:

This is not the movie it’s a propeganda

D Sharma says:

Guys she didn’t made sanju you morons.

Aryan Tripathi says:

Kaafi jyada jali h bhakto ki

chamarputra babban bhim army says:

Well dear khangressi was sanju not a propaganda

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