Aquaman Movie Review

A big bet for the DC movie universe that pays off.

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Dewa Eryadi says:

Best superhero movie this year

Julio Areck Chang says:

While watching the movie, I couldn’t stop repeating to myself: “I guess this is an excellent movie for a 10-year-old kid”. This is CGI galore with more and more stuff filling in as more and more creatures join in too. Yes, it’s bloated, but it somehow works. It’s an entertaining film; just don’t expect something deep (apart from the sea, of course). When leaving the theater, my date asked me how did I like the movie, and my honest immediate answer was: “it’s OK”.

N3XiST says:

I saw it today and without spoiling it, I can say that it is a fun ride that also does not shy away from the comic books. First 45 minutes can be boring for casual movie goers but after that it keeps you hooked up with it’s visuals, action and James Wan’s direction. 8.5/10 is my rating

Mekala Srinivas says:


Carlos A Poventud Escoriaza says:

Infectious, Fun and Exciting= 7.5/10? Huh?
Saw it. 9/10 (go and watch now)

Yosua martius says:

You are not dark. Are you sure you’re not from DC Universe??

Harshavardhan Kanji says:

That moment when Arthur took the trident from the King Atlan was the most epic scene in the movie and all the people in the theater gone crazy for that scene. Its definitely a must watch film for every comic book fan!

Lucy Gu says:

come on, should’ve been at least a 8.5.

Grade E quality says:

What the hell are you talking about? Patrick Willson/Orm was awesome. Or did you want him to crack jokes every 2 seconds like a marvel character?

minibeast21 says:

Wow reviewer raves on about how great this movie is with a few minor flaws, yet it only gets 7.5. I bet if there was a ‘Disney/Marvel’ brand slapped on this movie, it’d automatically get a 9-10 score! Talk about double standards!

zhe huang says:

just watched the Aquaman for the second time! Chinese audiences love the Aquaman, the box office already passed 1000million rmb threshold, now at high 1200 million rmb, that’s roughly 180millions in usd. IN YOUR FACE IGN! in your face!

Boy in the corner says:

The hell do you mean black manta is done for??? Have you not seen the post credits scene?

Cloud Strife says:


….kiss scene got cut…..

knight says:

It is ten times better than black panther.

Kai Abbey says:

What does she mean black manta is a distraction it sets up a sequel like other movies do

Faithality Blog says:

Saw this review and went to see the movie not expecting much because, after all, I have been disappointed by DC movies for a while now. Saw it and well… its a 9 for me. “Cinematographically” speaking it can be quite beautiful (imo) at times, I love the scale of some shots, the transitions and the storytelling. It is true: the story can be quite cheesy and lacking some development at times but it works. The problem, I believe, with many professional reviewers is that by having knowledge of the elements that make a movie (or game) great, sometimes they judge based on the expected formula rather than on the final product as a whole. As what it actually turned out to be. This is why often the score turns out to be quite different from what your hear in the overall review.

And about Manta, I do believe it added something substantial to the story. It added motivations and to the moral of the story. It was also clear for me, as I watched the film, that the intention was to introduce the character for the sequel and I don’t see nothing wrong with that.

Raja's VLOGS says:

Don’t underestimate Spiderman into spider verse, deadpool and the avengers

Ray Jones says:

the jokes in this review are painfully awkward

Alen Fora says:

The best dc movie so far better than wonderwoman

House of M says:

What do you mean Black Manta is part of King Orm scheme

Deadpool says:

I’ve just viewed this movie and it’s by far the the offering that the dcu has put forward. I enjoyed Man of Steel but this was a far more enjoyable romp. It doesn’t take itself to seriously and Jason Mamoa is and excellent choice as Arthur Curry/Aquaman. Yes there is a lot of cgi but you know what your signing on for when you view this type of movie. Just go and enjoy. I’m glad I did.

Ash Fields says:

You hear that, folks? It’s better than the green lantern!

TheTaigster says:

A 7.5? You must be from the Trench

Stewart Miles says:

best dc film yet

Tron 1972 says:

The bad wig is preventing me from parting my money. if you couldnt hire proper stylists, you shouldnt be in the entertainment industry…WB is full of hack producers.

Zeus Jr says:

Momoa is like playing himself in this movie. Love him since khal drogo. The DC cinematic movie we deserved

Lightcoolstyle Tîme says:

9.9/10 from me cuz I know that no movie is perfect so ya and THE BEST I HAVE SEEN SO FAR! (See in 3D.)

eeftankian says:

that score isn’t high enough

Magese William says:

There is nothing distrative about Black manta, are you kiddin me, we wanted more of the Manta, the Arthur n Mera adventure on dry land is not too long, i didnt feel it was long for a second….

T.R.A.P Terminator/Robocop/Aliens/Predator says:

7.5 says the twitch’s that said Ironman 3 was the best comic book movie of that year…..same year as Man of Steel, F.Y.I I like the MCU But IM3 Is the worst MCU Movie by far! and no IM2 did was not worse.

Jayden Marvel says:

I’ve seen it!

Emilia Barrientos a says:

This movie was better than avengers infinity stones by a lot ay least for me.

Akhmad Supriyadi says:


Phantomus says:

Too much aqua, not enough man

AdityA Yadav says:

It deserves 8.25 atleast

Frederic Karlo says:

Marvel shekels hard at work again

GamiFiction says:

This is exactly what you guys did with JUST CAUSE 2! Praises it the whole video, then gives it a 7(.5)…

Jonathan Kevin says:

Why DC make the green lantern movie so bad….

TheRyanthunder says:

This actually deserves 9/10
They nailed aquaman

Destiny Fucker says:

I give it 0 out of Aleph-null

Erules 25 says:

Spelled 7.8 out of 10 wrong

Shehmi says:

It was an 9/10 for me. In my opinion, it was a great film.

Disaster Artist says:

should have been around a 5 or 6

alexander atur says:

And they gave ant-man an 8.4……cmon now what kind of biased reviews are these

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