Aquaman – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman, Ludi Lin, Temuera Morrison. Directed by James Wan.


Dave Ball says:

apes on horses… now… laser-sharks…

oliver Gabriel says:

loved the movie, im gonna watch it again

Shane Terry says:

I really like the movie it was sooo nice to look at. Just a bit long winded in theatre. I would enjoy watching it at home where i can pause and play lol

UnfunnyGeeks says:

I really liked the movie. I loved all the viusal effects, and the action scenes were beautifully done!

Albert Einstein says:

If dc created a mediocre movie, dc fans will say it is better than any marvel movies. Lol. I would choose wonder woman than aquaman any day. Aquaman just slightly below wonderwoman. Aquaman has brilliant visuals though but the story was mediocre and they did a great job at casting. Coz they need great actors to overcome the shitty story. Well, i am not invested so i can only watch it once.

John O'Doherty says:

I loved it. It was such a fun movie.

tad562 says:

enjoyed it plan on seeing it again, fantastic special effects

elnelly16 says:

This movie is in the category of avartar I, it is a peace of art plus fun. The movie is really very entertaining. I put it as the best movie in the year!

creepy truck driver says:

It was a collection of fun video clips. The scenes are disconnected in almost every sense.

Horrible editing. Horrible, but fun.

FireBoi3000 says:

In the movie it was said that the atlantians have eyes that see through the dark depths of the ocean, a scene or two later shows an atlantian ship with a light on it.

Noah says:

This movie is basically a combination between Percy Jackson, Thor, and tron legacy

roy_ambush says:

octopus part was old comic book reference.

CGtonic says:

B? This movie is an easy A! Captivating story, developed characters, 2 amazing villains, and amazing SFX. It’s better than most Marvel movies

James O'Connor says:

you might want that stuff…

Erick Rivas says:

Review bird box!

Fernand Herrera says:

Wrong actor casted.

Stronghammer _407 says:

Better than black panther imo.

Normal guy talk says:

Have to say I am excited for Aqua man. In my opinion the best DC movie other than the Batman trilogy. Hope they keep them coming we need more interesting super hero characters. Marvel is kinda getting boring.

The Hound says:

DC should be ashamed of themselves. This movies was the biggest pile of dog shit . Everything and I do mean everything was wrong with this turd . And I love comic books and comic book movies. Anyone who thinks this was a good well made comic book movie are the kind of pop corn munching moron who enjoys a movie with no story no script not a shred of character development and just a non stop video game of CGI bullshit . Black Manta scene really was like watching an episode of power rangers Movie is a turd .

Anna says:

I don’t understand this review, the movie was not good! Cheesy, cringe and overall bad. I watched your review before watching the movie and really tried to watch it with an open mind and with in mind that it is a comic book movie but it was just so bad! I love Marvel and superhero movies but DC just keeps flopping and I don’t understand why! They made those Batman movies with Christian Bale and they were awesome but after that, meh. Aquaman was just silly and they put way more emphasis on making it cool slow motion scenes with Aquaman standing around looking cool and that stupid love thing between him and red head which nobody who’s watching a superhero movies needs to see, than actually putting an effort into the story. and why do all DC characters have mommy issues!! I give it a C. I will say though that visually it was beautiful. one thing I noticed which made me think lazy writing, is that in Justice league Aquaman was all mad at this mother for leaving him or something like that and wanted nothing to do with Atlantis because of that, but then in this movie he apparently knew from a young age that his mother was killed because of him!! So his attitude in Justice League makes NO sense!

Moritz B. says:

Whats up with the squirrel on your arm

Cory Bowman says:

I’m sorry it looks gay asf but idk

Dr B says:

It is an awesome movie. Best color grading in years!

Reason1717 says:

This movie did feel VERY silly. I for one did not like, because it was over the top.

cloudcity77 says:

Absolutely loved it for all it quirkiness. HOLY CRAP the special effects were breathtaking. Only thing Chris… you come off like your defending the movie. You give your opinion and KEEP SAYING, “Some people will say it’s…….” Who cares. You can’t defend all aspects of the movie. It was fun! Went with 3 of my friends… not knowing what to expect, and had a blast. Who cares what peoples complaints are.

VFX Todd says:

As a visual effects artist who has done what we call “beauty work” on actors in film, I have to agree with you that the “de-aging” they did on the actors was distracting. When doing beauty work, we try to avoid making the actors look plasticy and their skin smudged. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the actors looked like in “Aquaman”. I let out a sigh of relief when they finally “turned off” the plastic skins.

The one thing you did with your review that most film critics don’t do 99% of time, is that you considered the motivation of the film makers for making this movie. Why other critics don’t do this is one big reason I don’t respect most film critics. The motivation for making a movie is a key factor in understanding a film in the first place. Understanding WHY they told the story the way they did.

As far as “Aquaman” goes, I think this is DC’s best film to date. And I agree that they clearly were trying to have fun with the telling of Aquaman’s story. Why this bothers some, as you pointed out, goes back to the point of respecting the film makers’ motivation behind making “Aquaman”. Which I did. I get it though. Film critics are just sharing their opinions. But, at the same time, I don’t think most film critics are skilled in the art of story telling. Which I think they should be. I don’t expect them to be able to write Academy Award winning films. But, when I hear a film critic describe how THEY think a film story should have been told, and it clearly ignores the motivation for making the movie, I see them as just stroking their own egos and missing the point.

As we all know, many stories have been told over and over. What makes a film story unique is HOW the story is being told. I can see a trailer and have a pretty good idea of how the story will begin and end. Look at the Spiderman reboots. We’ve seen three versions of how Spiderman became Spiderman. What separates them from one another is HOW the stories were told. Which version you liked depends on which story telling you preferred.

Thank you for your review. And thank you for respecting the film makers.

Liberty Prime says:

I used to not care for aquaman, he’s now my favorite D.C. hero

Eric Butler says:

Well it is what it is. You cant please everyone but I for one loved this Movie. Best DC movie in a long time!! Damn right Chris. A for me as well.

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