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Flick Pick movie review – #Aquaman (2018)


F. Perez says:

It wasn’t that bad calm down

theory816 says:

I give the movie a B+ or A

serenityq26 says:

its amazing!

Jeffrey Riley says:

I saw Van Helsing in theaters.

KoroWheke says:

Aquaman is absolutely awesome, great action, great SFX, great visuals, and a fun story that pays homage to sci-fi and Romancing the Stone – its everything I want in a Superhero movie.
The rationale for the title Ocean Master was very good (it reminded me of Genghis Khan whose title means Oceanic Ruler), I also though Ocean Master was had a good point about being pissed at the humans and Arthur as a halfbreed.

I liked the scene with the tough guys turning into a selfie moment – it was droll but set the fun tone. I also liked the desert adventure scene and really expecting great acting from these flicks is a bit naff.

Norman Osborn says:

Sea master?

Shantel James says:

I liked the beginning of the movie but as the movie went on it was a bit dragged out. I honestly didn’t find the jokes that funny. The romance was ABSOLUTELY unnecessary.

Jeffrey Riley says:

I loved this movie for exactly what it is. A superhero story I never get tired of hearing, staggering visuals and just a ton of fun.

Charles Dalton says:

Orm is not a Cliche’ villain he has a good motive and plus it’s not Sea Master it’s Ocean Master!

Mike says:

damn it i thought this was chris stuckman with that thumbnail

Rob Bob says:

This movie was far from over the top and cheesey as a whole. I will say there was maybe 10% dialogue format that was a little old fashioned but thats it. The majority of the world is water and there was basically a ‘world war’ of sorts going on. This movie was almost perfect to me

Harry L says:

I also loved van helsing.

sovanna long says:

what i like about this movie is…. interested villain still alive. it makes me can’t wait for aquaman two. I believe black manta will be big villain in aquaman 2. We may have more story about ocean master and he may turn to be a good guy (i’m kinda have feeling ocean master gonna be loki but aquaman version XDD)

Frank Bravo says:

Its ocean master not sea master flickpick guy

Lego Stopmotion Productions says:

I respect your opinion about orm but to me he was the best villain in the dceu

Tom Phil says:

maybe you should have Stuckman do the reviews, but I do enjoy your other videos like Wal-Mart bin diving.

themovieraider says:

Ocean Master used the word bastard over 50 times.I don’t know why but I laughed my ass off over it every damn time!

Sergio Velasco says:

If you don’t know who the crab was during the final battle of the film then you didn’t pay attention. He’s the king of the brine, who are brutes and do not understand anything but force.

When Orm conquered them by slaying their king he became oceanmaster.

Siang C says:

Imagine James Wan pitched Laser Sharks and Talking Crabs, and WB loves it

Frank Bravo says:

This movie was awesome no bs.

Gene Meo says:

Aquaman was awesome.. DC got it right..

John Michael Logarta says:

Surprises me how people benefit from whining while artists struggle to bring you such a good movie.
The ingratitude.

Nasal Chain says:

I do think orm is reasonable villain, he has points why he do the things.

Cody Ryan says:

The Abyss best ending ever also look up alternate ending it’s pretty epic

StratXIII says:

It’s very fresh compared to most other DC Universe movies with exception to WW.

theFLICKpick says:

I accidentally say “Sea Master” instead of Ocean Master in this video. I wanted to take this time to offer my sincere apologies. Thank you all in the comment section for pointing out that sin against all of humanity. I mean how stupid do you have to be to accidentally say “Sea Master” instead of Ocean Master the difference is night and day! How could I as a human make such a grave mistake over the course of an 8 minute video. I will now eat a breakfast bagel and cry myself to sleep…

Ricky Ward says:

Sea Master?

Johnnie Jordan says:

Jason could’ve easily been Lobo

Lost Age Comics says:

The first half was a little fast. Otherwise, great. Please, do NOT compare it to Fuck Helsing. Also, “cheesy” “Over the top” are being said a lot here which indicates no one is giving their authentic opinions, only repeating what is popular. Sad.

Shanid Musthafa says:

Ripped off *Chris Stuckmann’s* thumbnail eh

Thomas Hill says:

I saw it and I liked it Aquaman is what I think he should be like, A LOST and unsure leader that fines himself, and become the HERO we know and love. I give it a 81/2

Jason Davis says:

Your gains?

Cytron1515 says:

I saw this as more of a Star Wars underwater than Fast & Furious.

Cherzo says:

Was pretty bad but nobody wants to say that.

BowlofIndoMee says:

Ocean master

Hummingbirder1 says:

Oh! I was going to say Waterworld, but you said it first… I’m still gonna say it, though, even if it really doesn’t take place UNDER the surface that much.
And I share your view on Aquaman. My take: it looked good, it was fun, never really suspenseful in any way and all over the place. But, most importantly: it didn’t bum me out. It was a good time at the cinema, period. Worth the ticket and the time a s o.

Chris Bacelic says:

Amber Heard as Mera is hotter than Gal Gadot as WW. Change my mind.

Charles Loftin says:

Glad i didn’t waste my money ✌ I’ll wait and rent it free at library

Young Sinatra Tonez says:

There is noting a “mess” about this movie it was awesome

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