Aquaman – Movie Review

The DCEU has had some hits and misses, and now Aquaman is getting his shot. How does he stack up? Here’s my review of AQUAMAN!



tash says:

Umn… Have you even watched the movie man? Yeah sure black manta has a small roll but… i dont wanna spoil anything….but did you wait for the after credit scene?

The Resistance says:

Sigur ros

Shivam Gupta says:

This movie totally restored my faith in DCEU.

Omar Alor says:

His name wasn’t OceanMaster, he was yearning for the title of OceanMaster.

Jacob Johnson says:

But the extra scene shows black manta and the Asian news reporter

Isaac Campos says:

Aquaman isn’t a good movie, it’s just not *as* mediocre as other DC movies, it doesn’t have so many problems like BvS or WW had but that doesn’t mean it’s done things better. The comedy in this movie was cringy as hell.

Scott Spencer says:

Re-watch the scene from Justice League. Immediately after Arthur expresses his resentment towards his mother, Mera tells him that she left “save his life”, and how much it “cost hurt” and how much it “hurt her”. You can see Arthur’s facial expression change from mad, to not mad. Problem solved – No retcon

The Guy Who Likes To Say Stuff says:

Nice thoughts

Crissay says:

Quick somebody answer from an unbiased pov, should I go watch Aquaman or Bumblebee?

Henry in NorCal says:

I saw the movie. My rating, alcohol required. Too long. Too over the top. Jason was good, the movie not so much.

SSJSonikku says:

Was really disappointed with BvS and Justice League, so I was not excited at first for Aquaman. I was excited for the Venom movie, but after seeing it I was just really dissatisfied with it. Then after watching Aquaman not once but twice, I really liked what was done here. Aquaman is a very good DCEU movie. Whatever DC/WB are doing now with the movies, do exactly what they did here with Aquaman.

I’m very excited with the upcoming Shamzam! movie. It seems like super hero version of the movie Big, and I think that is perfect for the character of Billy Batson/Shazam.

Yasmeen chickefoot says:

It was amazing!

tay ya says:


Supreme says:


Tooxic Jess says:

The second movie is going to be based around Black Manta from what I can tell by the secret scene after the credits

Pascal Simioli says:

Just a suggestion maybe just maybe if you wanna make a movie cast an actual actor? Momoa can’t act to save his life. It doesn’t help that Arthur, the simple guy you liked that much, has no journey and no change. He’s arrogant way over the top and the only time this costs him something he gets saved and nothing changes in his view.

Sam.E.A says:

This movie is structurally perfect

leter ops says:

Black manta is the villain for the second one

Santiago Vásquez Gómez says:

TBH, this movie was better than Thor 1.

Vicky T says:

Aquaman was definitely a DC movie that was kinda proving to everybody that they can and will make better movies. The acting was very sub par, very cringey moments at times, but they made it look good and they know what they want to do now. I think it’s a good step for DC movies.

jose887 says:

Can you review travelers from netflix?

MrSk8erkbw says:

The sub plot of the movie was aquaman creating enemies through the decisions he makes and then the post credit scene sets up the villain of the second film.

Danek King says:

I thought the movie was pretty good. Yes, I agree that it had its flaws, but I thought it was a good movie.

galedevil says:

I thought this movie was entertaining at times , but weak. CGI and dialogue and story was kinda meh. The batman Trilogy is probably the best (Christian bale) DC has ever produced.

Jake V says:

This Movie gave me a headache, the action was too much and the CGI and Score was absolutely horrible.

Angel Chavez - Wormeaful says:

Aquaman was awesome. Water bending and everything I was hype by all the fight scenes. Maybe there was a little drag with the Black Manta storyline because didn’t really need to be in this film. DCEU is byke.

100million says:

She can evaporate the human body water molecules?!? Instant death, she can kill all super hero’s with repetitive thanos snaps

Kal El Krypton says:

I thought it was shit

David Horvatić says:

It was fun but its like they have merged 4 different screenplays into one movie

INSEIKYU01 says:

These are the DC movies I have been waiting for. Great story and great characters.

Danilego says:

This movie had Black Panther, Avatar, Indiana Jones and even Pacific Rim at the end!

AwesomeDude23 says:

Have to say I totally disagree! I felt like the story was an overly-contrived combination of every superhero film ever. Felt it dragged on for too long, and was overly predictable. Although I didn’t take issue with them, I also felt as though the obvious social references to do with pollution etc. were added in for the sake of it and I felt like they didn’t really add much to the story. I did however enjoy the performances of Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Ended up falling asleep about half way through, and have to say I was thoroughly dissapointed.

Phil Kopec says:

Wait Jeremy did see the post credit scene right? Manta is coming back.

jabezcreed says:

Post credit scene aside, I think the plan is for Black Manta to be the second movie’s villain. They could have him kill John Curry as the inciting moment of that movie.

Swaggy T says:

You Bitchin too much.

Aidan S says:


I like that black manta isn’t ignored. His origin helps to set up Aqua-Man’s character development. He shows no mercy on him or his father, sees what his actions created, and then at the end spares his brother knowing that he can make things right. He becomes more merciful as the movie progresses.
I also think that they could have shown him more, but I’m ok with this just being a setup to a future movie where he is the main villain. And to anyone saying “Thanos didn’t get any build up and he was amazing” Thanos had almost 7 years of build up. The avengers and Guardians movies always teased this looming threat. Yes they didn’t put his origin in those small cuts but when the movie started, people who never read a comic in their lives knew him and knew he was what everyone in the universe feared.

So if they tried to put all of this Black manta backstory in the next movie it wouldn’t make sense. Why would Arthur be a dick to a random pirate after sparing his brother who almost brought the world to its knees. This was a good setup for him, and it’s ok that this wasn’t “his movie”, if the post credits tell us anything, the next one will be.

Beza399 says:

Am I the only one who didn’t like this movie?

Constant Chryses says:

You are absolutely awesome and the movie was totally out of this world!

Connor Raabe says:

Aquaman was not good lol

Kurt DeWitt says:

That big goofy head on Black Manta was too much power rangers for my taste.

Supreme says:


jon willi says:

I feel like Black Manta played a really important part in the movie. Kinda goes along with the whole mastermind antagonist and his henchman. Not that Black Manta should be written off as a henchman, it just goes well with Aquaman’s character arc. When he faces Black Manta it’s his first win giving him the strength to face Ocean Master again.

Keith French says:

“You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!” That is actually in this movie.

Jeremy Jahns says:

Ha! Oh man, I totally forgot to put in the graphic for the rating. Well, it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m going to bed. Peace!

Mandy Olsen says:

Dialogue was cheesy but action and visuals were great. B

Corey Kalkman says:

Permission to come aboard

Danny Garcia says:

Aquaman was GREAT. I’m team Marvel all the way, and besides Wonder Woman, DCEU movies have been trash. Best compliment I can give Aquaman is that I was never bored. You feel the long runtime of the film but I never said at any point “damn this is too long.” I legit thought every moment was pretty damn entertaining and the runtime was fitting.

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