Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & movie review of the 2018 movie! No spoilers! DC aka DCEU!

Aquaman Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of the 2018 movie for DC aka DCEU from James Wan starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Nicole Kidman! Should you see the full movie? Enjoy Aquaman in 2018 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Intro – 00:00
Seeing is Believing – 00:30
DCEU Comeback – 1:11
CGI Wonderland – 2:03
Disney-esque – 3:02
VFX Evolution – 4:02
James Wan – 4:43
Momoa & Heard – 5:51
Patrick Wilson – 7:42
Overall Cast – 8:00
Sloppy Beginning – 8:42
Black Manta – 9:48
Wan & DC – 11:14
Must See – 11:41
Conclusion – 12:06

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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Gary Holt says:

I’ll still pass on Aquaman. I’ll keep that money in my pocket, comfortably.

Arcade says:

I wish you would stop praising Wonder Woman. Gadot can’t act and still does not look the part either…

Emil Nikolov says:

I loved it so freaking much as well , Grace seen it twice already !! About the music yes it’s weird in a couple of spots but when they use Depeche Mode’s It’s No Good it fit so perfectly in that scene i was gitty .

NATsoHIGH ! says:

Mamoa can’t act, but I’ve always enjoyed Arnie films and he most certainly cannot act

Kevin Rose says:

DC should have started with Aquaman first then develop the others in response to Aquaman.

Daniel J Maximoff says:

Way better than The Aquaman pilot where he went toe to toe with a evil mermaid.

Eric R says:

I wasn’t hyped for Aquaman but I am now. Disappointing to hear about Black Manta. Initially he was the selling point for me.

Snaake says:

End Credits?

samuraigundam0079 says:

Mamoa may not be much of an actor, but he has charisma. You feel like you just want to have a beer with the guy.


Your review make me so happy. Now I’m extremely excited to watch it!! Great work as always Grace.

upstart3r says:

I’m intrigued by your Blade Runner comment. Do you really think it is on that level? That’s pretty haunting work by Vangelis. Can’t imagine it is that powerful. Movie looks too goofy, albeit really fun, to have such soul-stirring music.

Terrence Brown says:

Grace is on point!!! This movie is epic!!!!

Alvaro Ibacache S. says:

Dear Grace we’re not sceptical for you being a comic fan, we’re sceptical because you liked Netflix’s death note.

VizZzion says:

Well its sitting at 73% on RT before everyone loses their minds about having your own opinion just saying while a lot of others critics wont be saying you nuts if you dont see it the scores are at the very least more promising than the previous DCEU movies. But I dont know how the legs of this movie will hold up to others having these outstanding scores already like Bumblebee and Into The Spider-Verse

Eric R says:

Also my jaw dropped when you compared the score to Vangelis. Im a huge Blade Runner fan so I definitely have to hear this. Cant wait!

Mr Bigglesworth says:

I don’t like the ocean

Magese William says:

Grace, thank you, but why on Manta, everyone is saying Black Manta was amazing….And they want more of him

LaggyMcQuacky says:

who *Wan* to *DC* this movie? 🙂

Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr says:

DC may just save this whole thing, love me some Heard uuff she dooope

Jordan thakbal says:

james wan is by far the best director ever

ishtiaque ahmed says:

Let’s hope he doesn’t live long enough to become a villain

Edward Ragosta says:

You have me so excited to View this Movie! Thanks Grace.

Martin Sonderegger says:

Soon there will be talk again of conspiracy against dceu

Sebastian Rivera says:

Im just here getting flashbacks to your BvS review….

Pranoy Rai says:

M going this weekend. Here it’s getting released on 14 Dec along with spiderman …. going for both. … now m super pumped… thanks for review…. I hope DC is back. .. I see its ruling in china and hope it will globally

Jay V says:

Saw it today and loved it ! I loved that moment when they added “ she’s a mystery to me “ song . Wan is a beast as a Director . People forget he made death sentence with Kevin bacon which was awesome .

The Ancient one says:

Well, I do have thalassophobia but I doubt that will affect my view of this film

Emerald Star Productions says:

I never thought I’d hear you EVER say something was better than Wonder Woman. Hot damn lmao

sarah says:

Better than WW? That’s awesome. Can’t wait till this Friday! James Wan is a real gift to the DCEU.

Thomas Gray says:

I must go see this!! Grace said it was better than Wonder Woman?!?! I never thought that could ever drop out of her top spot!!!

Tabs T says:

Never seen grace this excited. Shes like lil kid.

Jared Lee Marshall says:

Can’t wait to see this movie on the 21st

Kaito Spin says:

6:20 when you said this statement i remembered Brie Larson and facepalmed !

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