Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

The culmination of the past 10 years of MCU build is here! Thanos wants to get some rocks, so let’s review AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!

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BeyondBrii says:

I just saw it and Jesus, that was really unexpected despite me expecting it, if that makes sense haha

Miguel Palma says:

Spoiler Free Review:

The fight scenes and CGI were good. Thanos is no doubt top 3 Marvel villians, personally for me he is 1#. GUD MUVIE

Mario the Plumber says:

This was such a “part one of two” movie, more setup and no real payoff. Hopefully part two will be worth it.

Yashveer Bains says:

Genuine Question/Concern Guys.. Aren’t new Spiderman and Guardians movies already in post production? So will they take place in an alternate reality or something? Or was marvel trolling us by announcing movies for dead heroes?

Josiah Baughman says:

damn it Jeremy I’m calling you out on your bullshit, you critique movies first and are a fan of movies second, just look at your reviews of Black Panther, Ready Player One and now Avengers Infinity War!!!

Kevin Polo says:

This was such a Rollercoaster ride. That ending definitely was……. something else. 9/10 for me

Joseph Madden says:

I really enjoyed the movie, but I fear there could be an “and it was all a dream” moment in Avengers 4.

Captain Awesome says:


Cailean Morrison says:

Got to be said I have never witnessed before a full cinema screening of people flipping their **** over post credit scenes before

aarogance says:

this movie broke me

Eddie Jackson says:

I just seen it that was the worst avengers out of them all everything superheroes did in the last don’t expect in this poor writing good fighting that’s it

jah blaques says:


Bianca Rivera says:

Damn this movie is sooo FIRE!!!

Thomas Morman says:

I saw the movie. I am disappointed. I left the theater feeling depressed.

David Adkins says:

This movie was written by Tommy Wiseau directed by Michael Bay produced by Uwe Boll bad.

Raven Mason says:

I think MCU gave us poor villains so Thanos could shine

Victoryagent says:

I hope some of the characters that died would come back. (I havent watched it yet so please don’t tell me who died)

p sal says:

Thanos is the good guy in the movie, everyone else is the villain.

milking cow suprise says:

not a spoiler… but there is only 1 post credit scene at the very end…. hopefully that helps…

TheBerchie says:

*Me after watching Avengers: Infinity War >* TnT

Jedex92 says:

We just enjoyed the movie. IT WAS FUN!!!

jah blaques says:


raze dragon says:

Greatness is this movie

Puffycheeks says:

man, God of War has been great.

Alexander Cooper says:

This movie deserves awesometacular

Drew Gotta says:

The scene in Scotland was epic.

Aric LoHo says:

This movie had a darker tone than any other marvel movie… great movie, but god damn.

Eric Piche says:

I just don’t get it………

Maxphyte says:

Not gonna spoil the movie. Just came back from it and thought it was pretty good. The thing that worried me the most was that the movie was only 2 and a half hours long. It might have benefitted from having a half hour added to clean up some story beats. But still amazed at what it was able to accomplish in 2 1/2 hours.

queenstrudel says:

It was joyless garbage in my opinion. Only redeemable if the eventual sequel does something to retcon most of this movie.

Fabio Alves Show says:


Thanos is so weak that he almost is defeated several times trough the movie, everybody “dies” but they going to ressucitate in some way, that’s just pathetic i was expecting a dramatic movie with a powerfull villain but we got this instead

Black Panther says:


How the F is Tony not dead, he got stabbed clean through the gut with a large blade. This was after Strange offered the stone for his life…then just a bandage up? No internal organ damage??

YungDaPandaz says:

You have to watch the first movie of “Guardians of the Galaxy” to understand it also the 2nd, but mostly the 1st

Antonio Rivera says:

This movie was WOW

Jeremy Jahns says:

Some dick bags have already taken it upon themselves to post spoilers in the comment section. I suggest not commenting below until you’ve seen the movie. Sorry I didn’t think of this when filming the video. My faith in humanity once again bites me in the ass.

James3160 says:

I honestly dont know what to say after seeing it

zack19192 says:

Just saw the movie and holy crap it’s disappointing, way too many jokes and the action was not as good as winter soldier or civil war. Thanos was definitely the best thing about the movie.

Dante Edgeworth says:

Too bad Thanos is ugly af

realsc00ter says:

I’m so glad I don’t watch trailers because after having seen the movie you’ll see that it gives a lot away it at least let’s you be able to figure stuff out.

Jovanni Villaroel says:

Did you just say blueray………..

Antonio Rivera says:


keep thinking says:

the movie was ok thats it 7 out of 10 super long and the vision part needs to die its cool for hundreds of trillions of people to die if a stupid pointless android gets to live and fuck his pointless waste of air girl. and black widow really you dont want to kill them after they killed everyone else, so fucking annoying just teleport his arm and glove off done

Joe Schmoe says:

All I can say is thank God Black Panther dies at the end. We don’t have to have that character shoved in our faces any longer.

Operative Winters says:

Still a shill huh Jeremy?

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