Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review – How Bad Could it Be?

Gimme some Infinity More.

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Bruce Snow says:

Fourth MCU movie (WS, CW, BP) where I left the theatre thinking about story, characters, motives and themes story exploring rather than action scenes. Russo Brothers are fucking fantastic.

And as always, fantastic review.

AshXXMayftw says:

If you think this movie was crazy, Avengers 4, which is coming out May 2019, is supposed to be bigger and crazier than this one. And it’s being directed by the same brothers who directed this one. So I’m totally onboard.

laz kar says:

Love it!

Gabriela Allen Paz says:

I checked out emotionally right when Bucky said “Steve” so I actually didn’t feel anything when Spiderman died. It sounds like an experience but mass deaths just numb the shit out of me 🙁

Captain Imagination says:

GeekyGlassesTv can you do review’s of Disney’s Andi Mack and Ducktales 2017.

Big Man says:

If anyone sees Thanos tell him he got hired to be my Farm hand. He planted and farmed the hell out of these grapefruit. Best damn grapefruit i ever had!! He said if he didnt get the job that he was gonna destroy half the universe or sumthing like that which i didnt believe and held off from hiring him…until i tasted these grapefruit!!! Man its the best!!! The Weird thing is that half my work force havent showed up in some time. Anyway. Let Thanos know he can become my new Farmer. He is hired!!!!!

Caerere says:

Glad you liked it, though I don’t know why you love Spiderman: Homecoming so much.

Smoligh says:

Most of your comments on the film seem to praise it in a meta context, saying how impressive it is to create a film with such a large ensemble of relevant characters with emotional payoffs that land. Which I would agree with. I understand this is a good movie but I didnt find it enjoyable.
I understand that the events of this film are significant to the rest of the MCU, and potentially to other films. But Im not gonna go back and rewatch this film again. It’s not enjoyable by itself.
I feel like I would have been just as satisfied to read a summary of significant plot points from this film as I am having watched it.

Russell Higgins says:

I think its crap.. For pretty much the same reasons you think its great. This movie does not stand alone. You mentioned Empire.. Which does stand alone as a movie.. Its not an avengers movie.. And my goodness who writes this garbage there are so many plot holes.. The best thing about the movie is it ended…but I’ll never get my time back.. In the day they had serials they went away.. this is just a two and a half hour serial.. Thanks but I’ll pass.

The Ponderer says:

10:29 the only appropriate reaction.

iCRED says:

The effect they wanted to have on the people with the final of the movie it’s ruined simply by the fact that we know Spooderman movie is coming…

G- MAN says:

weirdly you sound like korg

JustSimon419 says:

I walked out of this movie after my 1st viewing thinking that it was a masterpiece, but then again, I was mostly in shock at what I had just witnessed.

After my 2nd viewing, my opinion of the film was justified for me personally, but I thought to myself “But I’m an MCU mega fan, can people outside of this massive fandom still love it as much as I did?”

Seeing this review, it fully solidified that this movie truly is that good. Seeing someone who isn’t even a FAN of the MCU love it as much as I did, truly shows how special this movie and how amazing this entire universe is.

Great review mate, glad to start watching your vids again!

mac macd says:

its fucking insane!!!!!

Werewolf906 says:

I saw the film today and I was enjoying the film well enough until the end. The end cliffhanger was cheap and condescending when you think about the likelihood of the temporary status of this situation. It left a very very sour taste in my mouth and cast a shadow on the rest of the film when I realised that the 2 hours and 40 minutes I had spent in the cinema was nothing more than a cheap advert for the next film. I felt cheated and ultimately the whole thing a waste of my time, I’d rather have spent watching something else.

V-REX 626 says:

I also felt it when Spider-Man died. I ALSO FELT IT!!!!! Sob, sob,sob.
I am happy that spoiler is still alive. I’ll tell who it is in a month or 2.

Taylor Tano says:

Hey GeekyGlasses. I’m a huge fan of your channel! I love your reviews and all, but I actually subscribed because I loved your “Why it’s Awesome” series so much. Just wondering if there were plans for future installments. I’d love an episode on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. It’s easily one of the best shows ever made but it’s hard to recommend to friends because of the campy nature of early episodes in the first season or so that turns new viewers off. Other episodes on stuff like “Welcome to Night Vale” (an Absurdist Storytelling Podcast), “House of Leaves” (an amazingly intricate novel with a tie-in soundtrack album), or Edgar Wright movies would also be cool af. Just putting it out there! Keep up the great work!

RiseTheHorizon says:

Can we please discuss the abhorrent treatment of Durham in this film?

Fry Brony says:

Everyone needs to see this movie ONCE. Anyone who goes back for a SECOND viewing is a masochist.

CatMaster90001 says:

Coming from an avid defender of the DCEU, I was absolutely floored by Infinity War. The MCU has *finally* grown some fucking balls. In fact, it almost seems like they go too far at first. I would have never expected them to do anything like this in a million years. As much as I enjoyed Justice League (though I’m still petitioning for the Snyder Cut), Infinity War is objectively far better, I admit it. And while that fucking dark ending worked tremendously well in a narrative sense, it left me feeling extremely depressed for a day and a half. I can only pray that Adam Warlock helps undo Thanos’ universal genocide in Avengers 4… Otherwise, James Gunn would have teased him in that mid-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for nothing, and the MCU would immediately lose my respect again right after having earned it back with Infinity War.

reymond lopez says:

My twatbrother returns ! I left the theatre speechless, in shock, and wanting to see it again.

Toogoodnottobetrue al says:

R.I.P to the people who thought that there would be only minor spoilers 😀 😀 Sucks to be you guys 😀

Cheese knees says:

This is my favourite iw review on YouTube! You deserve more subs!

Kristina Amuan says:

im sorry that you are nipless now

Sean Joseph says:

This was worth the two and a half fucking hours!!!!

mitch692 says:

His comic motives and the movie motives are exactly the same bar Mistress Death, in both instances his goal is population control and balance.

Digestion starts at the mouth says:

The part where where Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Ms Wakanda started fighting Purple Shrek’s thug lady altogether a kid near me screamed “WOMAN POWERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!”.

The Quality Comedian says:

2 highlights of the film for me were


1: When Peter dies in Tony’s arms and the terror in the way he acts as he’s literally fading from reality.
2: When Thanos actually begins to cry when he has to kill his “daughter” Gimora to get the soul stone.

Good job team.

Quq Balam says:

Nah, it isn’t that good. I liked the Guardian and Thanos portions, but the Avengers portions (when there were no Guardians or no Thanos) were mediocre and pure filler. Also, since I really loathe this anorexic, Afghan-refugee looking version of Spider-Man, I wanted to clap when I watched him turn to dust. I also loved when Thanos reduced Thor to a bloody pulp, bodied the hell out of Iron Man and punched Cap in the face. Nothing like watching the personifications of fascism and capitalism get wrecked like that.

H.D Beird says:

So the complete opposite of X-Men Apocalypse?

I do wish they had Thanos chasing after Lady Death, cause that’s bonkers and cinema needs more bonkers. Not a deal breaker though

90 Lancaster says:

I found the ending very satisfying – much as I did with the Mortal Kombat TV show’s ending.

Shame they will undo some of it.

Firstname Lastname says:

I was so angry earlier this day, someone got tickets for the first day it came out, and then got “bored” within the first 30 minutes and walked out. She said she does that in any movie that doesn’t make her interested immediately… I wanted to punch her in her face

Neoxon says:

If I may ask, why did you prefer Vol. 1 over Vol. 2?

Horrormaster13 says:

For me Thanos stole the show in this movie.
He is a good villain. I don’t want go as far and say that he is on the same Level as Darth Vader or The Joker (except Jared Leto’s Joker) but he was a really good villain. He is the best Marvel Villain for sure.

Stephen LeGresley says:

Mate, when me and my friends went to see it. by the end of the film we were literally speechless. it was a brilliant cinematic gut-punch of a movie.

aydooknow says:

RIP nips

Omar Harris says:

7:55: Unless you want to do Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen and all that jazz to take over the franchise. Though, I don’t like the idea that Peter Parker HAS to die to introduce Miles Morales. (I’d rather see the older heroes like Captain America, Iron Man etc. either die or retire and younger heroes like Spider-Man and brand new characters taking over as the Marvel heroes, just like what everyone calls “SJW Marvel” is currently doing, but, you know, good).

GameSquid says:

infinity war ruined the guardians!

Mohammed Mia says:

Review a quiet place

Luis Gomes says:

Ovah two and a half ffffffookin’ hours

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