Bad Times at the El Royale – Movie Review

A mixed up crime drama involving a quirky hotel, a few strangers, and a lot of money. Here’s my review of BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE!



Gustavo Gutierrez says:

If you compare every movie to a Tarantino one, you’ll be vastly disappointed.

ZAY says:

The reason the film chose to put a hotel between two states fit the theme of CHOICES. Throughout the film, the characters as well as the audience have to make choices between good and bad, red or black, California or Nevada, etc.

Kaiju no Kami says:

I do agree about the momentum from the last flashback, but I can’t think of any place where that scene could have been put to make it as impactful.

With that said, I thought this movie was god damn brilliant. Perhaps the best movie of the year. It was exactly as you said, like a Tarantino film and that was A okay in my book. I also disagree about there not being interesting dialog as there was a lot of it, especially when Darleen is testing the priest about his song knowledge.

John Gardner says:

Half the review making one damn point, and then such minute critiques or meta producer commentary. Jesus, get past it and actually talk about the movie.

Saw it, absolutely loved it. This is a movie that will be in my head for a long time because of the layered, nuanced themes. Such a beautiful and tragic movie.

Sorry you didn’t enjoy it more Jeremy

And The Salt Spreads says:

Did u just say a curse word?


Will Herman says:

I think I get that there will be some obvious comparisons to almost any Tarantino movie, but I didn’t really see too much of that. I really, really liked this movie!
I would definitely recommend this movie over just about anything else that’s out right now, and to be honest, it’s been one of the Best movies I’ve seen this year.

A definite recommend! Just a fun, interesting movie…

And it didn’t need superheroes!!!

Jaylen Douglas says:

Hellthy junk food wants to do a collab

carlee elizabeth says:

i’ve heard that the movie go has a lot of tarentino elements in it so i suppose that. or from dusk till dawn, since that’s technically a rodriguez movie.

John Gardner says:

While Chris Hemsworth’s character absolutely stole the last act, he was by far the least compelling character. Everyone else was given due credit in their backstory except Chris’. It’s a shame he was 2D

Yigff Ggg says:

I loved the movie

tisf0 says:

My favourite Tarantino-esque media is an anime called Baccano, it was pretty great especially how it all connects in the end

TopLop says:

I think the waxhowski? Bros did direct v for vendetta not produce. Also best movie like a tarantino but not is the usual suspects.

The Amazing Gible says:

The name is redundant. El Royals translates directly to the royal. That means the name is Bad times at the the royal.

Koketso Tshukutsoane says:

Will he ever review Better Call Saul?

Colson Warren says:


Daniel DeRey says:

Saw it last night and loved it. If this is what an imitation Tarantino movie is like then keep em coming

pj199512 says:

I really enjoyed this movie but the criticism towards the film is very understandable. The mistakes this film made is almost obvious and I think it’s going to come down to how much these mistakes bother the viewer, relating to how much they will like it. This movie had a lot hat worked but a few things fell flat that could have made the movie great.

BigE1293 says:

Rock’n’rolla > snatch

MissRemedy082012 says:

I think this would be a good book

Cody Mingus says:

Can you please review Mandy????

Akua Walters says:

Finally someone else’s who appreciates lucky number slevin

Gustavo Gutierrez says:

Watch this film solely for Hemsworths dancing.

dogmagamer says:

HellthyJunkFood wants to do a collab!!!

B.A.G. Studios says:

Sin City. Lol. Except for the one section where it is a legitimate Tarantino movie

Emily Griffin says:

The movie was all about good/bad intentions and the line between it. Billy lee even drew direct attention to the theme. The line at the hotel helped symbolize this through California being good through being somewhat a paradise and Nevada being risky but possibly fully of hope through the gambling. There was a lot of metaphorical elements within the movie such as how miles dies right on the middle of this line and how they made sure to tape some characters deliberately walking the line while some jump around it carefully. Would not be the Same if the motel was in just one state.

jingles009 says:

“Convoluted?” You kidding? Maybe for small minded people. That movie was very entertaining and interesting. Nice opinion you got there. Venom wasn’t very good at all. This one was so much better.

Joshua Misener says:

Didn’t Drew Goddard write for LOST? That entire show was a flashback.

A.M. says:

Sorry Jeremy I gotta disagree with you here. I really enjoyed this movie and though it was fantastic to see something tarentino esct Since we haven’t seen such a thing in a while. Sure there were downs but I really like it

cyber bot says:

I am not arguing with you but I thought it was probably one of the better movies I saw this year, it was very fun and disturbing

bobby fagan says:

Thor is a pedo

3rd Gunman says:

I agree with much of Jeremy’s sentiment, but I don’t think enough credit for the film’s technique is given.
It is another one of these really stylish thrillers that don’t quite land the ending, but my criticism is not that it was convoluted
or slowed down with the reset flashbacks, but that entire plot points are just dropped once set up to seem to matter.

The whole FBI thing, the “managers” thing, the film thing all never develop, get answered or end up mattering.

I totally disagree that the Nevada/California thing is simply a novelty. Whether done well or not, the movie is about choices in life,
dealing with the consequences of those choices, identity, “what is Good, what is Bad?”. The Hotel is symbolic of a crossroads in life
and the Nevada/California thing is symbolic of choice. When asked “what’s the difference?”, Miles even says (something like) “You get the
hope and sunshine of California or the opportunity of Nevada”.

Max Edwards says:

Starring Chris Hemsworth as Chris Pine

Brandon Lawrence says:

I disagree when you say the dividing line between Cali / Nevada that the El Royale stands on is pointless. The red line that divides the motel in half is meant to symbolize the often arbitrary choice between right and wrong. Hemsworth’s character has that speech about how the choice between right and wrong is thrust upon us by other people (making us play their games) and then we see him enter the motel by walking directly on top of that red line.

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