BIGGER Movie Review

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My review of the 2018 Bodybuilding Biopic BIGGER. The Joe Weider Story. Is it worth watching?
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Jashobeam91 says:

Why would you have a bullshet character in a movie with other characters based on real people??

superstas1 says:

rotten T reviews are low because people see through the obvious ((())) propaganda, another feel good Hollywood movie with has nothing to to with the facts

Greg says:

Thailand IS THE LAND OF JUICE. Check ME OUT here!

Jbtherapper says:

If i dont see leeroy colbert then i know its racist

giulianobuono0 says:

R.I.P hedge.❤️

Matt Love says:

Kevin Doo”ran” (voice cracks) lmao

GT Lees says:

I haven’t seen the movie…yet. I do intend to watch it though. I do wish that they had stayed more historically accurate, I don’t believe things needed to be invented to make it interesting. I also get the impression that they besmirch the reputation of Mrs. Betty Weider with some of the story line…I don’t think I’ll like that aspect of it. I have enough interest in the actual people the characters are based on though and a positive review from Nick just nudges me toward seeing it. …………………………PEACE!!

Mikeall6 says:

The reason it got low reviews was because it’s name shares a 99% resemblance to the n word

Murillo Life Style says:

Just go to fmovies

Steve Banks says:

Still cant find this movie anywhere

Tim M says:

Haven’t heard of it until this video. It looks like a half way decent watch though as long as you’re not expecting a masterpiece. I’ll wait until I can rent it on cable though.

Edit: looks like it’s on YouTube rental for $3.99 already

Frikandel Kroket says:

And now a full season Netflix version with heavy emphasis on the Arnold.

fred thomas says:

Great review great channel

Joseph Ohrablo says:

Calum’s gap between his teeth looks 25 feet wide

Florian Ivezić says:

Movie is truly bad..acting and script just horrible..what movie did you watch nick

Greg says:

PLEASE learn how to ENUNCIATE the name of your channel!!

rgc85 says:

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Not exceptional, but honestly, MUCH BETTER than what I expected. I don’t know exactly what I had in mind, but I think I expected a super low-budget movie… nope, it was quite decent. I didn’t know much about Weider Bros’ lives, so it was quite informative too. Don’t set your expectations too high, and you might enjoy your time watching it.

NoizeAddict13 says:

Bill Cock?

Harvster Flex says:

Can someone please answer this question, do worlds strongest man competitors like Brian shaw or Eddie hall take steroids or any over illegal substances

zain ansari says:

Nick ‘Bodybuilding historian’ Miller

Rangatology says:

People are focusing on the 20% critic rating. But it was from 10 reviews. If you look to the right, 131 people gave it 95%.
What I take from that is that the average movie fan loved it.

Alpha Strength says:

That is a real life motivational movie

Andy J says:

I really enjoyed it.

Dark Knight says:

My man should invest in a pop filter lol

NJ says:

Historical inaccuracies aka lies

Eric Hannes says:

Is there a movie about the life of ARNOLD that you know about?

Michael Mayers says:

He to small to be Arnold

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