Black Panther – Movie Review

King T’Challa must adjust with the responsibilities of being the King of Wakanda, and its protector the Black Panther. Here’s my review of Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER

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Royer The Destroyer says:

I personally thought this movie was alright. I walked out of the theater and thought it could’ve been a little shorter and better, but I respect it as a movie. Killmonger probably should’ve entered Wakanda a little sooner, but that’s just me.

DeVstatrOmga says:

This month has been a roller coast of emotions entertainment-wise. Android 17 sacrificing himself, Black Panther’s BIG SCREEN debut…I’m going to go sit down in a park bench and reflect on this month’s events.

Rhaegar Targaryen says:

Negative things
– sometimes CGI
– the end fight scene was okayy
– T’Challa Killer Killmonger but in Civil War he said that he’s done letting vengence consume him. On the other hand Killmonger would’ve killed him.
– Why did they kill KLAW/KLAUE ???????

I think the movie was awesome tho, Don’t judge me

Shenelle Sterling says:

It was great

Original Pandapool says:

No awesometacular???

lacrosse782 says:

This movie was decent, I definitely enjoyed it more than the last Thor installment. I’m definitely ready for another Russo brothers installment in the marvel series.

Darth Jeremy says:

The movie is Dogshit omg it’s so bad

Dragon_of_Tragedy says:

A white guy creates a black superhero and becomes famous. A white guy reviews a black superhero movie and becomes famous.

How ironic.

A Message From The King says:

Black panther was better then any marvel movie so far and there are alot of movies from marvel.

geoff riggs says:

Being completely honest here, I was quite disappointed leaving Black Panther. As a Marvel fan I wanted to love this movie, but if I’m transparent here, I found it quite boring. I loved Micheal B. Jordan, and thought the rest of the cast was good as well; however, the pacing of was a big problem for me. Also two more minor things that bothered me was I thought the first 30 ish minutes of this movie and the final fight scene, we’re just so freaking dark, and it was VERY difficult to tell what was going on. The last thing was that there was way too much exposition in this movie. Overall, it was an average movie, that would have been much better, had it not been over hyped.

Jaron Sanders says:

Wow only “Buy on blue ray?” No awesometacular? Wow…What else could they have possibly done?

Jay Mann says:

Klaw was a major piece in his story line.

Drachona The Wolf says:

I enjoyed the movie. There were only three things I disliked, which were all specific statements, none of which made any sense. First, the “another broken white boy” comment. Said for laughs, but they established that they’ve never brought an outsider in before. Second, the “colonizer” statement. Being white doesn’t make you a “colonizer”. It doesn’t even mean that your ancestors were colonists. Finally, Killmonger’s “jumped off the boat” comment. Bitch, if all your ancestors jumped off the boat, you wouldn’t be alive. Good movie, but it’s writing like that which gave us Kat Dennings in Thor.

portal2passion says:

We Wuz Kangs : The Movie.

Sung Ra says:

Am I the only one who knows M’Baku from Person of Interest? I mean, he wasn’t Elias, but he was still pretty good.

Martin Wilcox says:

This movie was so good

AdmireTheMoustache says:

Black Panther sucked unfortunately

Bo Rood says:

Can you imagine a bunch of jigaboos that are over 30 years old and don’t work asking their mothers for money to see this movie? LMAO. “Not until you get off welfare, you useless nigger!”

Francis Guillen says:

This movie is so BORING!

Casper Jägell says:

I loved this movie!

S V says:

black panther was boring as fuck, very predictable and unfunny

dark eco says:

Fact*. LESS powers involved only increases the probability of the movie being BETTER.

Pablo An says:

FUCK YOU, I cannot watch any video from Chris Stuckman without your stupid videos popping out right after Chris video’s finish! FUCK YOU I HATE YOU, YOU TALK LIKE A RETARD

jim le says:

Is like lion King

Daniel J Maximoff says:

I would like to see Storm in The MCU now.

TboltGames says:

The music in this movie is LIT af.

Alfredo Navarro says:

For me the movie was a 9/10


Nailed it with the “split down the middle” part. I felt the same way. That is why I think there is not enough payoff for the awesome setup that happened in the first half of the movie.

Nicholas Martinez says:

I think this movie is very good but it just has some pacing issues. Thanks for giving a good review Jeremy. I think so many people love this movie because it’s the first marvel movie with an all black cast.

Darth Youtube says:

you look like the ref at my basketball game

Anfmethodjor says:

It is not awesome tacular?

dontchatthings says:

Such a shit movie

Blazewind 25 ` says:

Black Panther is the best movie EVERRR

Miniko M says:

I hate how it’s become part of the SJW movement and it makes me not wanna watch it (I will anyway, but not because the SJW crybabies praise it before they even watched it). They’re trying to find racism in places where there is none.

Oz Culture says:

the movie felt very meh to me , Killmonger barely being in the film really hurt it for me and it’s a shame because I liked the character

ScottieOddy says:

This movie ight. Some people ruined it by the hype

Travis Latner says:

“When you said we were going to california, i thought you meant like cochella or disneyland” lol

Elijah Cedeno says:

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