Kristian Harloff and RB3 review one of the most anticipated films of the year, Black Panther.

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Taavi Auri says:

so its most perfect movie ever?…..every review is amazing…100% in rotten tom….so wtf?….are people so afraid to critize that movie?

The Powerpoint Master says:

Best part was thanos’ arrival

Marcelo Souza says:

cool that every channel that is doing a black panther review has at least one black dude in it…

OrangeGrove 55 says:

Last Jedi he gave a 4….Black Panther 4.5 – Good few months for Disney!!!

Darren Turner says:

Why is it cultural significant if because it’s black superhero then why isn’t Blade more cultural significant then?

FN-1995 says:

You brought a black man to review Black Panther with you.. hmmm

subsuG says:

It’s so awesome RB3 got to go to the premiere! Happy for him!

TheCreepypro says:

yes! so glad this is good WAKANDA FOREVER!

seh221 says:

Really love both RB3 and Kristian’s thoughts here! So excited for this movie.

spankyfingaz says:

Token black host

Matt KnowsNuth'n says:

Watchlist full of Black Panther Reviews.

Virgil Hawkins says:

Static Shock has been green lit staring Jacob Latimore

dalleX88 says:

Dat hair xD

YoloDwayne fernandes says:


Lawrence Taylor says:

And to think…… Those stupid DCEU dickriding faggots tried to bring this movie down, can you believe that shit?

Lasse Galsgaard says:

Think you mean Ludwig Göransson?

Joe Otero says:

I’m always forgetting RB3 is a college kid. He is so well spoken and seems so mature on screen. Well done man!

robert glasgow says:

But does Sam Jackson have a cameo??

gpaul says:

I hope this doesn’t get the Wonder Woman treatment, where people try really hard to love it more than they actually do, i hope this movie is good enough to really deserve that praise on its own.

Niall Hassett says:

And so starts a fucking great year for films

King of Wakanda says:


Duane Rivera says:

Rb3 my boy

serenityq26 says:


Lawrence Taylor says:

Ryan Coogler + Black Panther = match made in heaven.

Alex Pollock says:

For some I’m pretty excited to see it but not super excited. Probably because infinity war is right around the corner. But I should just focus on how much I liked black panther in civil war and get myself pumped up to see it

Syafiq Razip says:

Fuck yeah, my favorite Marvel character aside from Moon Knight!

Knightfall182 says:

Mark was too white for this review.

Ralph Uhlemann says:

Bravo…..RB3 knocking it out of the park!

frank unodostres says:

I’m afraid of this movie…
I’m most afraid of the fact that I’ll get called a racist if i don’t like it :/

htwoa aowth says:

RB3 for the review huh? Nice touch! Liberal racism at its finest right here. Subtle condescending and stewed to perfection!

sinister kiid says:

YES KRISTIAN! PREACH! I feel exactly like you do about Coogler. It’s like he’s a seasoned veteran director already

marrowbonez says:

I’m so happy that got Coogler for this instead of that hack, Ana Duvernay.

ZACK 254 says:

I love Marvel, but am i the only one who thinks Loki is overrated? The Vulture is a much better Villain, I may be in the minority but i liked Ultron more than i liked Loki

Bruce Wayne says:

I’m glad. This movies is probably my most anticipated MCU film coming out this or honestly the years to come. I’m glad it’s good.

SkullSIM says:

Wakanda forever!!!

Brinknight 1029 says:

I am super excited to see this movie

NotoriousVC says:

Ending a review embargo 10 days before a movie comes out because you know you have all the reviewers in your back pocket. Great job, Disney.

Sherman Williams says:

Kinging with T’CHALLA.

Not My Name says:

Mark 🙁

road- hogging says:

I get what rb3 you’re saying but black panther will have plenty of time to be in the Forefront when they give him his trilogy and at least you’ll have the in-depth character building of the cast around him so you won’t have to focus with that as much in the next films

Name not Found says:

All of you people are cancerous scum.

ET OLE YKSIN - Kanava OCD:sta says:

Fruitvale Station and Creed were awesome movies so i trust in Coogler 🙂

Chase Schleich says:

What? I can’t hear you!

Laura H. Horsfall says:

I don’t want to hear ANYTHING before seeing this. I’m just here to give RB3 a Like.

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