Blockers – Movie Review

A teen sex comedy from a slightly new angle. Here’s my review of BLOCKERS!

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Roberto Dias says:

Cena tried the action route, it just didn’t work out as he hoped, probably why Jeremy does not remembered it

Carlos Fonseca says:

Definitely thought this was gonna get a dogshit lmao

Aandunno says:

The stand out is from Mad Tv…with Jordan Peele…further proving that Mad Tv is better than SNL.

bmaster461603 says:

Jeremy doesn’t know about John Cenas original work which was him blowing shit up.

Bingo Bear says:


diegox mikami says:

Jeremy Are you making the god of war review?

birdfoot85 says:

Holy shit the editing of this video. Jump cut, jump cut, jump cut!!

Sierra Anastasia says:


Miles Trombley says:

Fuck the parents.

WhosYourDaddyNow says:

How is it a “cock block” if you do it to women? Isnt it something like “pussy patrol” etc?

Jason Lu says:

Demonetized for saying CUCK

[MATADORS] PVFC- Coma Berenices says:

LOL you obviously haven’t seen some of John Cena’s horrible action movies. “The Marine ” “12 Rounds” So bad!

Jon Lastimosa says:

Parents can be such…chicken blockers..

Freek E says:

hello, I like this review

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Cool review Jeremy.

Tyler Williamson says:

Dude, just re-review Suicide Squad. Most of us know you dont actually like it anymore.

I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

Review rampage next

CozenColloquy says:

Is it weird that I can’t focus on this review because seeing Jeremy’s fringe on his hair change back and forth makes me realize how the video has been edited and is distracting the shit out of me? ADHD does some strange things to me.

HandsomeJack says:

I thought the movie was good but I just couldn’t see John Cena.

Vincent S. says:


UnlikeTower1 says:

Was Cena even in the movie? I sat through it all and didn’t see him in a single scene…


Why won’t this dude review Acrimony and he didn’t review proud Mary either!!

Shaun Isaacs says:

Hey Jeremy. How come you aren’t funny anymore?

ICBPenguin says:

Man that hair is on point

Logican says:

I kept looking at Jeremy’s collar wanting the buttons to connect.

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