Bohemian Rhapsody – Movie Review

Rami Malek gives one of the most memorable performances of the year as Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury in this biopic. Here’s my review of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY!



Wilhelm Wiklund says:

Jeremy can you give your thoughts on the star wars the last Jedi remake by Ivan Ortega? He just released a final trailer for his creation

Mr. Wonky says:

Either you’re a fan of Queen, you will be a fan of Queen, or you have objectively bad taste in music

LouisvilleUAV says:

Pacific!!! “Who is a drafted Marine?”

Johanna Sarkar says:

Control is beautiful, tragic and one of my favorites for sure!

SCharlesDennicon says:

It was an okay movie. A pretty by-the-book biopic, but engaging enough to be recommended. But that’s it, whereas it should have been muuuuch better. Yes, Malek is brilliant as expected, yes, it’s quite beautifully shot, the casting is awesome (Gwilym Lee as Brian May… wow !), and they managed to NOT screw the Wembley part, which is some kind of accomplishment in itself… but it doesn’t really work, from a dramatic standpoint, imo. The writing is decent, but doesn’t do much with any other character than Freddie. The world around him feels disjointed, it doesn’t flow organically. Time passes, but we don’t feel it. The relation between Freddie and Mary is the best example of the failure I’m talking about. In the first act, it’s a pretty solid character (and Lucy Boyton, mamma mia !)… then, nothing. Freddie’s family ? Don’t give a shit. The other members have families : never see them. Tom Hollander was a great addition, but he’s not given much. As of the concert scenes… they’re okay, but sorry, people, A Star Is Born happened !

Christian Stoleski says:


Maddi Reed says:

id love it if you would review the haunting of hill house

Ryu Kusanagi says:

This Movie is so Good Disney along with their MCU Whatever won’t reach the emotion that Bohemian Rhapsody achieved

thepayne78 says:

I’ve been a Queen fan since the age of 7, when I first saw their Live Aid Performance  televised and I loved the movie.
The movie did take some creative liberties with when songs came out like We Will Rock you the movie made it look like it came out in the 80’s as opposed to 1977.
And they did change up how he got involved with the band
I don’t go into a biopic  excepting a 100% accurate retelling of the events or the people involved if I want that I will go watch a documentary.
I thought the movie did an excellent job of capturing some of Freddie’s darkness when he was not performing
Rami Malek was fantastic and thought the rest of the band was perfectly cast.

Do not regret seeing this movie at all and would watch it again and will definitely buy it when it comes out.


Rami Malek was amazing as Freddie

Paul McCartknee says:

as a Queen fan, this movie was a huge disappointment

Jed Olson says:

by the end of the video i was still thinking about the first five seconds – and that thumbnail

Robert Wild says:

So Jeremy, that Deadwood movie HBO has been talking about for years is officially happening! Thoughts?

Adam Owczarek says:

Definitely needs to win an Oscar for this performance… If not… Burn it all DOWN!

Jesus Salazar says:

Hopefully I’ll still be alive when Hollywood makes a Cash Money movie with Lil Wayne and his whole entire crew and how he met them and everything that would be stupid I guess

King Crozma says:

Review the Netflix show brain child. It’s a spin-off of brain games and its pretty good.

Nichole Miller says:

I thought this movie was done with class, and if your a hardcore mercury fan then you know the rated R biopic is never going to be made! This man was very private and he never wanted his lifestyle to be examined by the public, Although it would be an awesome movie and wild ride, but the people who have control over it will always respect this.. Rip Freddy and rest assure your legacy will go on!!!

Quintin S says:

Please review Ricks last episode on walking dead!!!

Steve Kidwell says:

Didn’t think he’d do it, but Malek became Freddy

Michael Psihogios says:

Yo man you need to review The Night Comes for us, seriously!

Christopher Saintilien says:

I really enjoyed your review of this movie brother good job. You have a very enthusiastic energy.
I did my own review of this movie on my channel check it out tell me what you think

Bryce Crane226 says:

So when are you gonna play enough of red dead 2 for the review

Lillenix says:

I will have to disagree on the pacing. There were many parts that delved into his personal life that dragged on so much that I nearly fell asleep. It could have used some work.

Matthew Hay says:

I’ll never play until dawn the same way again

Jayden Peraza says:

Do a spoiler talk video please

ROSA MOM says:

It would be awesome if you would start to review bollywood movies like Neerja or Raazi

Cersei the Cat Plus 5 Others says:

Review The Haunting of Hill House

marcus Xu says:

Healthy junk food wants a collab

ItzReallyRon says:

Am I the only who thinks that Brian May, Roger Taylor, & John Deacon’s impersonating actors looks like them so much but not Rami as Freddie? Yes, Rami did so great as Freddie but am I the only one who doesn’t see the resemblance?

Joshua Osborne says:

Rami Malek has never disappointed me on screen! The Pacific, robot, and Night at the museum when I was a kid.

Captain Yasopp says:

Juat saw this and yeah I love that bar fight scene in shawn of the dead even more lol

Timmy H says:

I loved this movie. Made me tear up multiple times, especially during the Live Aid concert.

Wusigi Dr says:

Kinda sucks they wrote the facts about his HIV diagnosis as incorrect. Apparently he didn’t know until 2 years after live aid? But other than that I did enjoy the film immensely! He did a great job and honestly the entire band was great! The actors were all amazing <3

timefilm says:

Tremendous film!

Scott A. Love says:

Solid 8 out of 10! This movie is amazing!

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