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Paul McCarthy – Hey John. I was wanting to know if you’ve had a chance to see Bohemian Rhapsody? So far it only seems to be getting mediocre reviews which is kinda disappointing because I’ve been dying to see it. What did you think about it?


Matt Alexander says:

Stunning film

Rob McColl says:

Yeah I thought it was an emotional, rocking, masterpiece!
Rami Malek was beyond sensational I think he will be on the short list, no offence John but I couldn’t care less what critics say I judge for myself.


Just saw it! Loved it! Rami’s performance was SPOT ON!

Ben McDonald says:

I wasn’t really interested in this movie honestly, for me I of course stand by the notion that every movie deserves for you to give it a chance when you go in to watch it, but I think we can all agree that ESPECIALLY when it comes to documentaries or biopics you pretty much have to have some interest in the subject at hand, if not you’re gonna be totally bored by it, maybe it was good but for me I’m not really interested

Andrew Portner says:

I bet this would have gotten 5%+ critics’ score on rotten tomatoes if it hadn’t followed A Star is Born

Lone Wolf says:

I’m looking forward to Suspicious Minds, My Way and finally the horror film Man in the Mirror.

Ted Stranix says:

It really does seem like 90% of people who see this movie really love it

Official Filmilen says:

Rami Malek deserves to be nominated for an Oscar



Haris says:

Saw it 2 weeks ago. Rami Malek is a lock for Best Actor.

Charlie McGivern says:

My favourite film of the year so far (joint with Infinity war)

Michelle Preston says:

Critics are too funny 1st I hear that it’s a cookie cutter movie and they don’t go deep into Freddie’s life. Then I hear they made Freddie look bad. It’s like damned if you do damned if you don’t. The rating of this film is telling you it’s a film for everyone. Why would The surviving members of Queen create a legacy movie that’s going to tarnish them. After all Freddie was more concerned with the music and the critics became obsessed with who he was sleeping with. And it seems to this day they still are

Edmond Zippo says:

It’s a good movie. Clear cut three acts story, a bit by the numbers, but it works. It gets you in the feels. And frankly, the Live Aid sequence is absolutely amazing. I mean, Rami Malek disappears and all you see is Freddy Mercury. Go see it.

user 0899 says:

It maybe like the greatest showman… Where critics rate it low but moviegoers says otherwise.. i might watch this..

Daniel Halvorsen says:

I loved the trailers. I’m a big fan of Queens music. This movie was one of my most anticipated movies of the year and to me its not only one of the biggest disappointments of the year, but it’s one where I felt genuinely insulted. The story is so generic and bland it made the film come off as shallow without any true emotional substance. Part of it has propably to with Brian May and Roger Taylor whom are producers on this, so they have final say what goes in the script and have it’s their movie, because it’s the only way FOX can get the license to use the Queen catalogue. I tought the cast did a formidable job with a otherwise mediocre script. The problem with Malek is that Freddie Mercury down when he’s on stage. Off stage off mannerism are SO exaggerated and and flamboyant and all I said to
Myself was: “that’s not what Freddie was like”. You can look up clips from interviews with Freddie and you can see a massive difference between Maleks Portrayal and what Freddie was alike. Also the historical inaccuracies in this are beyond painful. Even if you don’t know the history of Queen, you can’t get invested, because this story is so hollow you could’ve taken any band in their place and it would be exactly the same. The Stones, The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Electroc Light Orchestra, U2, doesn’t matter. The changes would be minor. The only redeeming quality with this
Movie is the music and I
Get why Sacha Baron Cohen left the project. What a Waste! I wanted to like it. Instead I hate it with a passion

Sam McLatchie says:

It was OK. Malek is easily the best part of the film, however, as many critics have said, it just feels like the writers copy and pasted bits from Wikipedia and put it into the script. There is very little creativity with the film. Its enjoyable but I highly doubt it’ll be a major Oscar contender like people thought it would be, apart from Malek for Best Actor who (IMO) is neck and neck with Bradley Cooper.

Tramaine Terrance says:

I still need to check this film out. Queen was a great group, back in the day and Freddie Mercury was brilliant. I’m not gonna front, like I’m this huge fan of the group, but I do like alot of their songs.


unplug says:

They ruined it. Freddie is spinning like a tornado in his grave rn good job

TimeWillTell says:

Freddie Mercury said he wanted people to just see him as a human being. He was flawed, lonely, compassionate, generous and searching for meaning and happiness like all of us, that’s very human.

Sotnas says:

Thanks for that. Bit of a relief after Double Toasted ripped it apart.

bullls eye says:

loved it !!! stuff the critics !!! Freddy Mercury as portrayed by Rami Malek deserves a Oscar nomination !!!

bolaxa91 says:

was i the only who read Paul McCartney by accident…i was like what hell..

Timothy Adams says:

I would put bohemian rhapsody in my top 20 of movies this year.

Grey Eagle says:

The Bryan Singer controversy definitely effected the critics opinion on this movie. Shame that it could hurt Rami Maleks Oscar chances.

Frank Markus says:

John, you’re one of the few people I trust with movie reviews. Seriously man, keep up the great work and thanks for everything you do.

Cynic Snacks says:

Rami Malek was the only good thing about that movie, I left the theatre feeling sad and deflated. I learned nothing new about Freddie Mercury, and they embellished what was included. It felt like a rose-tinted retelling in the form of a 2-hour long music video.

Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA says:

ive been a fan of rami malek since until dawn, he is awesome in mr robot and phenomenal as freddie. he is on his way to becoming an all time great actor.

King of Noland says:

i found this movie to be utterly boring and paint by number bio pic

PatrickAllenNL says:

It felt like a karikature

Mega MovieZ says:

Did you know Another One Bites The Dust ironically is the CPR song. When doing chest compressions you do it to the beat of that song.

mick Joseph says:

I have to admit the same feelings.
I am a big Queen nerd. I have read lots about Freddie plus seen many videos about Freddie as well. I found myself admiring the guy even more. I had to go home and watch live aid after seeing this movie. And while watching it I really felt so much more respect for this guy. He really gave his all every time..
Such an inspirational loving man..
There are also lots of little Easter eggs in the film for us big Queen fans which I thought was great! To be honest its a shame it didn’t go for longer, but I get it, they don’t want to bore the audience that aren’t really big fans..
Great film…

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