Breaking In – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Breaking In, starring Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Seth Karr, Ajiona Alexus, Levi Meaden, Jason George, Christa Miller. Directed by James McTeigue.


guitarman0365 says:

i cant take the plot serious of it being a reverse panic room of them being inside and her having to fight her way in…like seriously all they have to do is say try anything and your kids are dead. that stops the narrative right in the tracks. what rational mother keeps fighting when there are bad guys in the same room as her children that could be ready to put a bullet in their heads? i just cannot get past that.

Nick S says:

A squandered opportunity for a Tyler Perry cameo….

You know why i said that.

Wah Tu Sy says:

Hey man. Have you ever tried diversifying the films your reviewing? Have you ever tried reviewing other films from other countries like Korea, Philippines or India because you are missing out BIG TIME. Try watching The Wailing (Korea) or On The Job or Metro Manila (Philippines).. after all, cinema does not only belong to Hollywood.
Korean crime thrillers are more awesome than most of the ones made in Hollywood. Example: I Saw The Devil, The Chaser etc. Try it man. Please.

darkprince56 says:

So a black Panic Room?

Sara Barbosa says:

Great review, it looks like another awful movie.

SwordQuake2 says:

So the black guys are the good ones and the white ones are the bad. Nice social justice wariorism.

HoudiniHotel says:

Chris you should contact Bobby Lee about being on his podcast because he loves you and he wants you on his podcast and I would love to see you guys collaborate and discuss movies on there!

T La says:

well that’s too bad, I love Gabby…oh well, will wait for streaming.

Mohammed AL Shamsi says:

the movie is excellent , Chris u douchebag

leopard man says:

i never understood why chris never reviewed district 9

anthony cheesman says:

Why would they bleep curse words lol ???

ShpookyBear369 says:

Chris you are too critical. This movie was so interesting and the whole theater was cheering her on! It deserves atleast a B-.

ZDM Gordon says:

So it’s panic room?

Ryan K. Edwards says:

Even good directors and good actors can’t make a terrible script into something good.

Weasel says:

Why are all of these movies so garbage nowadays? There are a few good ones but most just suck.

Petran Moudatsos says:

Common Chris, everybody knows psycho’s a good film , why don’t you review “a fistfull of dynamite “? Which is one of leone’s masterpiece.

Mightymaxter 8 says:

Great review Chris!
Also r u ever gonna do more Anime Reviews????

criptangel says:

omg chris where did you get dose amazing ash and indy figures in your backdrop? please let me know I’m also a collector and those to look amazing …. and agree the movie was trash lol

Jacob Smith says:

That’s because The Wachowskis actually directed V for Vendetta over Matigue

ANIMA 51 says:

I want a movie called: Jigsaw vs Jacket (from Hotline Miami)

Harry Maria says:

the wachowski’s ghost directed v for vendetta. it’s pretty obvious.

Bsnkwhhxhsh says:

What’s your favorite movie of all time? a couple of mine are rocky 1, and the outsiders

Sully's Cafe says:

I started watching this review and felt Chris was going negative early and stopped watching. Then today my mother elected for movies for mother’s day and picked this one. Even my mother said “I feel like that could have been a lifetime movie” and this is literally the first movie she’s seen in the theaters since the 90s, she said tonight its the first movie she’s been to since my father died (in 1997). Let that sink in. If I had picked a movie I was going to suggest A Quiet Place or Avengers or even Measure of a Man.

Mighty Mad says:

Legends say that the Wachowskis actually directed _V for Vendetta_ , but, for some unknown reasons, let McTeigue get credited as its director.
Now, Lord know those two lost their mojos years ago, but, back in 2005, they were right in peak-Wachowski. So, given how lackluster McTeigue’s career went after his first – and only – directing triumph…
Sure looks like legends were true.

Broken. Clique says:

I’d give it 2 & a half stars. The acting and the way it was shot wasn’t that bad. I wish the plot had more to it, the whole way through it all I could think was that it was trying to be Panic Room, but like, the other way round? Something would happen and I just couldn’t really get myself to care much for the characters. It was very predictable, the whole way through.

Anyone else get the feeling that every time that young blond kid was on, it was like watching a slightly worse version of Keifer Sutherland?
(I mean, he was cute so that kinda distracted me a bit but)

Ruben Soekardie says:

Cowboy Bebop Tee? 🙂

Dr. Manhattan says:

_Relegated_ to one room. Not _”regulated.”_

Dapple Dog says:

There’s over 9,000 views.

alan begley says:

What does sjw stand for

starkingbiker says:

James McTeigue is an incredibly disappointing director who showed so much potential with V for Vendetta

Keith Jones says:

What is this panic room 2 no thanks I will til it’s on my free movie site

Samantha Silverstein says:

I just saw Tully last night. I don’t know if it’s a mpvie you’d be willing to sit through for a review but, for me, it’s my favorite film if 2018 so far. Love your channel.

Eduardo Rios says:

V for Vendetta is good because of the source material is a masterpiece, not because the director made it good

Anthony C says:

Chris I would love your thoughts on “You We’re Never Really Here.”

Subu Bill says:

I remember a rumour that V for Vendatta was ghosted directed by the Wachowskis.

Friday says:

*You’re gonna carry that shirt, Chris!*

Danny Kidwell says:

I was kinda weary about this movie because they even have the actress’s name on the marquee. To me if you have to use talent as a major selling point you should probably try and avoid the movie.

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Great review Chris.

IlikeEmerica96 says:

Maybe that conspiracy theory about the wachowskis actually directing v for vendetta is true

Tittyana says:

if this movie were realistic it would be blacks breaking into a white home

UnionShen says:

I’m very sorry Chris, but THE best part of Twilight saga is, by far, Michael Sheen 😉

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