BRIGHT Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe Reviews the $90 million Netflix Blockbuster Film BRIGHT Starring Will Smith! Is it as bad as many critics say?

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David Bridges says:

Check Shadowrun out. It is an RPG game from the 80s. Same basic plot of meta humans and magic mixed with a modern set.

Brandon Willis says:

Yeah I liked it as well, I hope they make it a series

DynamicX says:

what made bright great for me is the chemistry between will and joel. or more accurate the lack there of. its so great to see these 2 completely different guys that would never have to deal with each other normally interact and the awkward stuff that ensues is just awesome

VeganVaperCrossFitter says:

movie took it self way too seriously at the orc gang leaders lair and that hurt the movie bad in my opinion. At the start we have this goofy scenes where they taking things not so seriously and felt okay with it but at the orc leaders lair it was full blown drama wanna make you cry shit and will smith giving his wanna win oscar performance lol. I felt so fuking cringy and bad at that scene.Should had some comical relief or get on with the killing instead lol. Yer a ward, bright.

Miles Trombley says:

It is a mindless fun movie.

More Gun Free Man says:

I’ve not been subscribing to Netflix in a couple of years. This movie made me resub. It’s not perfect but it’s god damn good. Bravo.

Brandon Jones says:

I thought it was a good movie. In the beginning you start to think it looks stupid but then the story catches on and grabs your attention and i think it does a good job of keeping it after that. Only problem i really had is what role did the fairies play in this movie? it just seemed unnecessary to even bring fairies into the movie if your not gonna explain why fairies even exist because they had nothing to do with the wand.

BlueDreamKush23 says:

Last Jedi: Tomatometer: 96% Audience: 52%
Bright: Tomatometer: 30% Audience: 90%

Are these reviewers suppose to be professionals or can anybody be a reviewer for rotten tomatoes, not sure how that works.

Also this would’ve been better as a series Would’ve totally been a hit if it was a series no doubt. Maybe it would’ve been more expensive on the long run though.

Cujo says:

It was really good, but it was filled with stuff critics wouldn’t like.. i.e. everything Fantasy.
It felt like a “new kind of movie” to me. And it really setup for what could be a much stronger sequel.

Philip Baccus says:

It was fun to watch. It did not look like a B flick film. I will watch the series if they make more.

Damani Scott says:

Critics slamming it is all about politics, nothing but politics. The movie was good.

Nao Liph says:


PeskyRex says:

They’re called the Inferni

Roma X says:

if you love shadowrun then you definitely will love bright, its like the most accurate shadowrun movie ever, the feel, the story, the action and the darkness of its plot is sooooooooooooooo much shadowrun, i love it, its 9/10 for me, well its a bias score because i am a super big fan of shadowrun

Anim8tor says:

This movie looks stupid. I like fantasy movies and cop films, but not in the same movie.

JacknBlade says:

This doesn’t share anything with LOTR’s…?

teh evilengineer says:

JUst watched the movie. It wasn’t that bad. The best part was being spoiled, didnt change the strong exicution of most of the big dramtic scenes says:

Bright is among the best movies / shows Netflix has to offer. I want to see more of the world this takes place in. Definitely a must see Netflix showing.
*The GOOD*
*1.* The world building is A1 …you are not going to see another movie(maybe a comic or game tho) with a world like this

*2.* A healthy social commentary is strongly on display …but doesn’t get too preachy, it’s left as a constant backdrop and motive force to the events on screen.

*3.* The movie moves along at a good clip.
**It doesn’t get bogged down anywhere and linger on a scene or location before moving along.
**The story, action, and comedy hits at all the right places.(I.E. drama, action, and comedy is used when it’s called for but not over done.)

*4.* The characters and actors are all unique enough to add something distinct to the story.
**Each of the three main characters bring a different “dynamic” to the group. The human cop(will smith) brings the grounded “our world” feel to everything so we can relate, the orc gives an opportunity to understand how these fantastical elements interact with the grounded L.A. PD / normal humans while also providing narrative motives you wouldn’t get otherwise, and the eleven “bright” provides the magic and secret societies of the world by putting them into play.

*5. It . is . funny*

*The “BAD”*
*6.* I want to see more of the world

*7.* I’m apprehensive about going in circles by revisiting locals

*8.* It ended on a weak note
**The whole story wrapped up fine with no loose threads but I wish there was more “gravity” to the last 5-10min. Foreshadow something or let them have a moment with there respective families ….or something. It just kinda ….ended.

If someone just subscribed to Netflix I would say watch(in no particular order)…

**The marvel shows(Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage, Iron fist, Defenders, and Punisher)
**Stranger things

I want to see where they take it in the sequel!

*Solid movie!!!​*

Sagara Sousuke says:

I really didnt like sucide squad, but i thought this was a great movie!

Steve Parker says:

Fuck the critics they’re always to critical with new ideas, In my opinion it wasn’t bad at all, maybe not good enough for cinema but well worth a watch, and a solid 7/10.
Yep there could have been more back story, explaining this dark lord, with some scenes showing past battles, but on the whole an enjoyable movie.

Daves GoldenDuck says:

The Critics were able to see a press screening in Theaters

cbeaulac says:

I liked bright very much, I want more.

GTX970 says:

People can defend this movie to their hearts desire but ive seen the movie and I couldn’t make it past the first 1 hour before turning it off. I found the movie very weird, a bit boring, and Will Smith shouldn’t have ever made Bright. He could do MUCH better than this movie. one of the worst movies I think hes ever done. I couldn’t get into to it. If people want to disagree with me that’s fine its a free world but I’m just expressing my opinion that’s all. Just a really bad movie in my opinion.

TimeFreak says:

The world building in Bright was really interesting. It makes me want to see more stories in that universe. Unfortunately, while the world building was good, the character development was a bit lacking. I felt this movie would have been better off as a 10 episode series. That way they aren’t trying to squeeze both the extensive world building (which is necessary to understand the plot) and character development into just 2 hours.

Joaquin Paladino says:

Critics are disliking this movie because its a very good movie with a shitty ending, that makes them angry. It lacked valour to be an incredible movie. Nevertheles i loved it

Carlos Venegas says:

This was a risk taker and paid off, I liked it

Daves GoldenDuck says:

Suicide Squad had cops

msgsgt says:

Movie critics has lost touch with the normal movie watcher. I do not have eight doctorate degrees in theater production and design. I just enjoy a good story and effects. It would be like listening to some high end million dollars salary food critic review Waffle House, which I love.

Brasc says:

There was another movie somewhat like this one, combining 1940s Noire with Magic, called ‘Cast a Deadly Spell’ from 1991 with Fred Ward starring as private detective H. Philip Lovecraft. It’s referenced that Magic came back because Hitler tried to win WW2 with dark magic and brought all sorts of fantasy creatures into the post-war world, and everyone uses it now except for Lovecraft.

msgsgt says:

Lord of the Rings 2000 years later. I thought that was a really good concept . Definitely something I do not anybody is has thought about. What happens after lord of the rings is reaches modern times. Really good concept, how can people not be intrigue by this.

Mirza Hazim says:

I love the movie as it is. It really is enjoyable for me as I’m sitting myself for almost an hour without really noticing how fast time goes on because the story is kinda good. I never believe what critics say until I see the movies with my own eye and frankly they are all bunch of pompous motherfucker who wants to flaunt their IQ on movie and such. The movie has its flaw but it is still a good movie. At least its not a reboot and another fucking sequel to another stupid franchise.

TheHowlettJames says:

nobody fucking cares about “critics” lol I’m on sites like IMDB and Rotten tomatos and shit allll the time, but not to look at what some ugly fat dork thinks, but to get a general feel of what the actual “audiences” thought.
and in brights case the viewers loved it, so much so that apparently Neflix has order the second film already, so long story short, fuck the critics lol.

PlanetRift says:

If critics hates it.. it is probably watchable 🙂

avram donsilva says:

I feel guilty that I liked the enemy line haha

chakkra69 says:

You know.. I agree with u that this and Suicide Squad have the same feel and tone. But I didnt like SS like, at all. And I liked this one like, a lot. Weird stuff.

fieldy409 says:

I think part of it feeling like thr second movie in a series is the writers took the ‘show dont tell’ philosophy a little too far.

Maybe could have used wide eyed innocent kid from a farm who doesnt know what orcs are lol.

Donta Salazar says:

The movie was great I enjoyed the movie beginning to end.

Sundincubus says:

I think the movie was great. I enjoyed it more than that of Star Wars. This movie reminds me of “District 9” and “Chappie”.

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