Bright – Movie Review

A Netflix movie about an Orc and a human cop duo operating in our modern world with fairy tale elements. Here’s my review of BRIGHT!

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ShadowSpectar X• says:

This movie was a introduction to the world in which orcs,elves,dragons,humans and fairy’s exist.The races are on different levels from one another elves on the other hand run the city and are the richest and wealthiest out of them all,while this movie introduced us to the orca and elves where were the dragons and fairy’s?This movie was meant to introduce us to their world they live in,but the sequel or series may introduce us to the dragons and even fairy’s and maybe the directors could add in goblins and cyclops that would be a great addition to the film

majic noodles24 says:

Great movie, underlying theme was racism

Turdsley says:

Can’t wait for Max Landis to list his excuses why this movie isn’t a masterpiece and then shit on someone else’s work, rinse and repeat.

T3Medias says:

Check out my review when yoh have a chance I’d like your thoughts

cyberpunkghost says:

More F words please

Christopher Bevard says:

i loved it. i think i would have perferd a series tho

Gilbert Montoya says:

Concept vs execution. Pretty much sums up everything.

Ahmed Ali says:

Nice video
Plz do a walking dead video

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Cool review Jeremy.

Adam Myers says:

Max Landis (fuck him.) said that this movie had the potential to be the next “Star Wars” type franchise LMAO

Justin Clowater says:

I saw the trailer and said “yeah!” and then I saw all of these reviews, and said “nah!”

Flowey The Flower says:

He doesn’t understand any of the lord don’t listen to this dumbass

Spider Jeranimo says:

Shrek would be ‘culturally insensitive’ in the world of social justice warlocks.

Entropy Spawn says:

Just watched the movie, I got to say, it was worse than I expected. The question is, was it written that incoherently and badly from the start, or did it became even worse as it went through the movie making sausage machine?

detectivekresky says:

I thought this was a pretty solid movie. I didn’t expect much and came out of it pleasantly surprised. I’m looking forward to a sequel.. Anyway. Good review!

jacobcaster says:

So Shadowrun. The IP exists and has been well developed.

Jay Bibbs says:

I thought the movie was very well directed and executed. It didn’t try to be something it wasn’t. Will smith was good. Not his best but very good. Plot was fair. I’d actually recommend a blu Ray buy

crazypants88 says:

You make some really good points in this review. Seems like a decent premise though.

locoism1025 says:

This movie was pretty good… don’t understand the negativity from these critics.

cain0906 says:

Damn I guess I had to disagree with Jeremy at some point but this movie was amazing. I can’t wait for the sequel and I hope they explore this world more it looks very interesting. I can’t believe you took the time out to deeply Analyze This movie but Hay you saved me a lot of money in the past so that’s something

Asian Persuasion says:

I gotta be honest, I don’t understand your complaints. They weren’t supposed to have chemistry because Daryl disliked Nick so they were supposed to grow on each other throughout. Despite that, I still loved the dynamic and the relationship between the two. I didn’t even notice how much they said Fuck and I honestly think it’s a bit of a dumb thing to care about. To be honest, you seemed to only care about the more insignificant things about this movie. You never mentioned the major things that at least you can admit were actually good, like the action and the acting. Each performance was great and very entertaining action scenes. Overall, I don’t want to tell you what you should’ve rated it because that’s your opinion, but I think it’s more deserving of a No Alcohol Required. It’s a really good and well made movie.

Cosmic_Daisy_Head says:

Still better than death note

archie84ful says:

movie was good

Nicolas Sotelo says:

It wasn’t as great as I wanted, Will Smith and Edgerton worked better at the end then at the beginning I would like to see some kind of sequel just because I’m curious how they will work together and how everything, if anything, changes but overall I didn’t care for it, it just would of helped if it showed more of a divergence into the lore

DatBoyC 88 says:

Me and my wife enjoyed it. The swearing was a lot in the beginning, but not throughout the entire movie. Plot definitely felt rushed, but quality was not straight to DVD or Blu ray. Definitely could see it in a movie theater. I give it a C+ overall. Not as bad as I’ve read.

Cameron Singletary says:

the main problem is that it was a movie it should be a series there is soooo much that needs explanation and exploration

MOS13 says:

This movie kinda sounds like the R rated Zootopia

The Dashboard says:

*Bright* makes me wonder what a modern take on The Witcher series would look like

Jerry Jordan says:

I’ve been watching your videos for years ….. this is the first time i don’t agree with you.

brandenrhodes26 says:

I was so ready to shit on this……..I really enjoyed it. I haven’t liked a will smith movie in many years…9/10

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