Captain Marvel Angry Movie Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review Captain Marvel the last film before the Avengers: Endgame Finale! How is this superheroine origin story? And what about all the controversy on the internet surrounding the lead actress? Here’s our thoughts!

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ThatAussieBloke says:

you mean Captain sexist feminist

billy mott says:

So why can’t I dislike Brie Larson, why can’t I give a meh movie a bad review. They are pushing her to be stronger than Thanos, removing only negative views on IMDB not the 10/10 brigades, why can’t the masses express their anger?

LandOfLtd says:

I just got around to watching Aquaman, and I give it a 10/10. I wonder how this will compare.

Jacob Bradburn says:

The shit she’s saying on that podium is some grade A feminazi rubbish.

King Solidus says:

Man I gotta say I am disappointed with the scores you all gave this movie. I wont bash on you for liking the movie as to each their own, but it genuinely shocks me to see that you didn’t give it a average to below average score due to a few things. I am going to talk about the two most important things to me in regards to this film.

1. Carol Danvers as a character is as bland as a toasted toast sandwich served on a wooden plate in Lubbock, TX. A fundamental part of what makes a character interesting is the flaws they exhibit and the trails they endure to overcome them. This can be seen heavily in characters such as Batman, Daredevil and Spider-man, who all struggle with an unexpected tragedy and through that tragedy became stronger and sometimes better people while striving toward the idea of “Hero”.

Frankly this portrayal of her makes me want to watch wet paint. At least that cracks a little after it drys. Though if what the avid comic book readers say is true, she’s just as bland in the comics which makes this an accurate highlight of the comics poor writing.

2. The political messaging. I have been saying this for years, any time someone asks me about topics like this. Why don’t these people understand that if you want to write stories about “strong women” or “minorities (I am a black guy btw)”, all you have to do is focus on moral and mental qualities of the character and the effects of their actions on the world. After that is established you could literally make the character a half gorilla – half elephant centaur and people will generally take a liking to it.

There has been countless, female lead badasses throughout movie history and in my opinion a vital part of their success was being able to do the one thing that makes these movies so memorable. That is, unite the people (the audience) behind the heroine. There have been more than a few times where I watched movies like Kill Bill, Underworld, Alien, etc.T.V shows like Into Badlands which introduced me Emily Beecham. But here, I felt contempt. I felt contempt at the idea that as a man, my opinion on the movie is not wanted nor valid. Only further reinforced by these horrible decisions RT has made.

I am a guy who enjoys stories and characters for what they are. Its a masterful form of art whether it be in the form of a movie, comic, t.v show, etc. I just want to support great art and stories for the sake of the medium and I won’t be giving money to people whose actions have shown that they are against that idea.

Justin Kline says:

It was better than over rated black panther

Snailbarf says:

6/10. About right in the middle of the pack for the MCU films, but not deserving of the hate, unless she Mary Sue’s Thanos. I didn’t like how they tweaked the Skrulls. Also Brie Larson can’t run for shit Tom Cruise she is not.

11037 subs no videos? gambler says:


Axel Cezar says:

it was ok

Jamie Lee says:

Personally thought the movie was like a 5-6/10. Seemed to start off rather slow though when they got to Earth. Skrulls being refugees was…refreshing actually. I was half expecting them to backstab everyone but they played it straight and I somewhat appreciate that. Soundtrack useage was kinda off, and I’m not entirely certain why. Effects were cool, but some CGI was incredibly noticeable at alot of parts and the fighting was rather not that tense, mainly due to the fact that there were barely any stakes involved.

I only heard of the whole Brie Olsen controversy from my friends after I watched the movie and I was generally never a big fan of Captain Marvel to begin with, so I may be rather detached to the whole thing.

TheJoshMan says:

*SPOILER WARNING* You know how in the end of guardians of the galaxy how much force it takes to stop ronins ship? Yeah…captain marvel flies through one and destroys it in like 5 seconds… my worst fear is she is way overpowered

Евгений Чешун says:

if women can’t perfome hereself like a man, they can’t be equal, we all better in different things, stop this sh1t pls, ну и да, может кому не понятно будет, если женщина не способна делать то же что и мужчина, по разным причинам, они не могут быть равными, они не могут быть равны, поскольку это феминистический бред, навязанный меньшинством этих поехавших сук третьей волны, они ничем почти не отличаются от фашистов, которые стремились возвысить свою расу, эти же стремятся возвысить свой пол, дай им волю, они бы всех мужиков по газовым камерам распихали

shane32ng says:

Joe just being honest here, i just can’t stand of others movie reviewer like Tyrone M. or Chris S. and others that they reviewed to please everyone. i gave CM a 6/10. it’s not great but not that bad either. beside of all those negativity, it still an entertain movie.

Curtis006 says:

CM was a better movie than WW. Fight me

paragon1172000 says:

The problem with Brie Larson’s statement is saying that A Wrinkle in Time wasn’t made for 40 year old white guys because the actress was black. May not be what she meant but that’s how it comes off. Not to mention Meg Murray the main character was originally white. So they change her race from the original character. So it shouldn’t be about race or gender. Her statement comes off very inflammatory. If she worded it better there would be no problem.

Corporate Commander says:

i’d give the film a 6/10

however the 30% score war is justified due to the shit political war Brie larson and her supporters and the Shill media started , it was unprofessional on all sides
cant shit talk and attempt to censor a whole base of people and not expect a backlash .

David Salinas says:

While a review has the reviewer personal opinion IN THE END, the majority of its structure has to be objective; after that the reviewer states its own taste on the subject. A review does not consist of only personal opinion.

I say this because I saw another AJ video where he tries to justify himself over bad rating for (I believe Alita) with a review wrong definition. That’s why school is important. Believe it or not, people study to know the definition of serveral different literature writting types.

I’ve never been a fan for AJ movie reviews. He is literally a bad movie reviewer, based on what I just said above. Other critics have said the movie is average at best. AJ has a problem. I really have never wanted to say this but -AJ better keeo with game reviews-.

Also, we have to consider the possibility, Joe didn’t rate this movie as it deserves out of fear for feminists. Everything and everyone they target to destroy they have succeded. It has happened a lot recently in science with many renowned scientists, e.g. Walter Lewin, Lawrence Krauss and even Neil deGrasse Tyson. The list goes on and on, in every field, specially in medicine and law; taking down someone as high as judges just doing a good job; where of course the verdict was not beneficial to feminism.

AJ, OBVIOUSLY, is not well informed on all the controversy surrounding Brie Larson. As someone said in past comments – Di s/ne$y, M a”r vl and B L¿? ar -soª –n a—d ve_ rt i–s e t h -!e m”·o !”vªie wi th a po- li tic?al t_ox) (ic f_e-min¡ist a=ge_nda, but do not want to receive critics based on that- FUCK Brie Larson!!
If she preaches hate, she’ll get back hate. There are consequences for saying stupid, racist and sexist stuff. She has to know.

CM beating Thanos is a real and truely likely possibility. But also the fact, CM may be recasted, that’s why Disney recorded two different endings, one in which CM defeats the shit out of thanos, the other on where CA and BW do the job.
Think what ypu want to see. And keep disliking Brie Larson and CM movie.

Bruce Aitken says:

My personal bet is that Tony Stark is going to place the final blow on Thanos.

ThatNoLife says:

It’s stupid how Joe says the movie is okay and everyone is calling him a leftist or saying how much he was paid. These comments prove that women, feminists, and SJW are less sensitive than the people in the comments.

NoNo says:

Please try to refrain from screaming into those mics

Peter Nguyen says:

The sequel: Mar Vel and Sam L

adibese says:

I hated this movie. And wtf do the Kree need a lightspeed drive when they can travel across the universe in seconds.

Please tell me what character progression she had. Tension? Character defects? You are insane to say her lack of charisma, precense etc is due to being a “soldier” come on.

Makuta Teridax says:

I’m getting really tired of it when I hear people defend someone who has said really horrible things just because “it came from a place from wanting to do good”. Anyone who studies history should know that the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is true for most of the worst events in history.

After all just as we enjoy in our movies, a good villain sees themselves as a hero – a hero with good intentions. But wrong.

robsp32 says:

I think it is very much a two part problem with this film, by itself, its very…meh. It’s “decent” because its a marvel film, and we all love marvel films like kids because it brings us back to our comic book reading childhoods, and most of us will see a comic book film just for that. The film feels rushed and a bad attempt to inject a strong female lead into the avengers films to make the series feel “modern”. The second half of this, is Brie Larson, who comes across as a self entitled man hater, which immediately puts a bad taste in most everyone’s mouth right off the bat. She’s not a great actress, shes not a bad actress, the whole movie is just horribly average. My only hope is that marvel isnt desperate to give this character a main role in infinity war and blow the entire decade of MCU movies which lead up to the battle with thanos. Tony stark needs to be the one to finish thanos, not this rushed, just introduced captain marvel.

vincent visconi says:

If other Joe enjoys it, I know I will….amen !!

Pursuit of Wisdom [Real Paranormal] says:

About this review: People who were compromised are still compromised.

Frank Castle says:

Marvel paid these betas

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