Captain Marvel – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Lashana Lynch, Gemma Chan, Rune Temte, Algenis Perez Soto, Mckenna Grace, Annette Bening, Clark Gregg, Jude Law. Directed by Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck.


Lauren E says:

Nah, as a woman I’m not so shallow that I like a hero just based on census similarities.
That being said… Black widow should’ve got her own movie first..

MultiBlooperz says:

You say you just want to see a good movie… well any movie that puts an agenda above all else is bound to fail…

Fek The First says:

Alita is a great film

Kastonius says:

Too bad that according to Mary Sue Larson, your opinion of this movie doesn’t count, Chris. Take a stand.

Aleksander Rolseth says:

This is by far one of the best MCU movies

DestanyZer0 says:

Bries character is like a block of wood,boring and bland,nothing really memorable. We seen that coming and brie gave us red flags 24/7 by saying white males are sexist pigs that shouldnt watch it. Must have said that cause she knew the movie was trash herself. Keep your feminist politics out of our movies.

Walter Bonilla says:

That shirt! Long live AKIRA!

abendroid says:

Carol Denver terrible in comic, so not surprising she is boring in the movie.

I says:

A review by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine said of the film “A riot-grrrl power pulses through every frame, not to mention humor, heart and the thrill that comes from watching a genuine game-changer”…”Captain Marvel is not just another wonder woman. She plans to build an army”. No criticism at all? Nothing? Any obvious issues the film had are brushed off; in response to issues the film had with pacing Travers writes “It’s doesn’t take the Supreme Intelligence of the universe (who we always figured would resemble Annette Bening) to know it’s wise to play the long game”, so we should build our character by exercising patience? Why deride Wonder Woman, a genuinely good film? I find it very weird to put Wonder Woman down in such a way, perhaps they realize that Wonder Woman was actually a good film which makes it hard to postulate that the trolls were all on vacation when that film came out which is why it didn’t receive the same hate. Overall I get the feeling that in order to be considered a “good boy” I need to praise garbage like Captain Marvel. I hope Stuckman doesn’t decide to be a “good boy”, please keep telling the truth so when you smell a big pile of steaming shit don’t try and tell us that it’s troll shit and beneath that troll shit is an amazing diamond that is so lustrous we might have gone blind if it wasn’t obscured by shit.

h a says:

DC:never use youre greatest weapen…..A fake!

Fionn McAleer says:

Eh, excuse me you’re not allowed to review this film or give your opinion

Burn Bobquist says:

I don’t care about the agendas, as long as neither of them use it as an excuse for a film being not that good. From what i heard and what i have seen from the trailers it fueled my suspicion that this movie is gonna be pretty mediocore. Which is a crying shame.

The Nemesis says:

The first credits scene shows the surviving Avengers meeting Captain Marvel in the aftermath of the snap. They’re still trying to figure out who Nick Fury contacted with that pager, and that’s when Carol Danvers appears out of nowhere and asks where Fury is.
The second scene is a lot shorter than the first one, plus it contains no dialogue and no Avengers. This scene stars a certain cat, the one we’ll come to know as Goose in Captain Marvel. If you’re a fan of the comics or if you’ve been following Captain Marvel news, you already know that Goose isn’t your regular cat. That means it’s not about to spit a hairball in the following clip. Instead, she struggles to cough up a Tesseract from her mouth, before dropping it on Fury’s desk.

Copy and paste to those only wanting to see it for the end credits scenes.

Joseph Williamson says:

Wonder Woman > Captain Manhater

Didi Existancial says:

Dude your name is sexist, you should change it to Chris Stuckpeople


Wonder Women worked because she was not displayed as „girl power“ though girl. She is like a natural Alphafemale. There was no need to make her extra though or above men like. She naturally is. All the men in the movie know that she can tear them apart with ease. And she was still very feminine. Shows emotions, female emotions. Falls in love.
On the other side of the spectrum, we have a maneating lesbian called Captain Marvel. No emotions, bashing men. In two words: Fuck you..

Jvin Santos says:

When Plank from Ed, Edd and Eddy shows more emotion than Captain Marvel 🙁

fehzorz says:

There’s a scene where she’s changing costumes and I actually had to look close to even see the costume it was so dark, although it may have been the 3D. At one point she has a glowing costume and it looks awesome (not sure what it was referencing) that showed what could have been in terms of visual flair. You absolutely nailed how the movie was visually disappointing. There were parts that could have been as visually trippy as Doctor Strange, but they didn’t really land.

Same goes for Brie Larson. Her wisecracking really doesn’t land and even comes across as mean spirited and awkward. There’s a few scenes where she’s actually very compelling (like the major flashbacks), but not many. They talk about her character being hotheaded (maybe intentional gaslighting on the part of the villains), but it never really shows itself in the movie.

The movie conceptually seemed to have a good idea on how to do a female character well; she isn’t stronger than men without her powers and she ostensibly have flaws; as if the directors read the criticisms of hollywood’s idea of a “strong female character”. However it doesn’t really follow through in the story, directing or acting, and there’s some more “on the nose” feminist themes.

Also the music choices really dampen the mood. Scenes that could have been visually stunning or emotionally impactful just feel cheap due to having 90s pop songs in the background, and because the 90s nostalgia isn’t used for anything more than a gag (and never feels like a meaningful part of the movie), the scenes feel like gags too.

Just disappointing over all. However not awful and not the worst MCU movie thanks to Ben Mendelsohn and some cool scenes and good jokes peppered throughout the movie. I’d put it on the same level as Age of Ultron or Thor 1.

Onechill Braj says:

Seems like an honest good review. But saying we must watch it and thas how movies get better doesn’t click with me. If you mean as a rental or when it comes to tv..maybe but giving them cash for a potentially bad film won’t motivate them to make a better film. Also while you touch on the topic in a mild way I still think it is misrepresenting the situation. The majority of the ppl opposing this film do not have an opinion about the film itself. they view Larson as sexist and racist. Watching the film would not change anything. Oh and “want to see scores” on rotten tomatoes are not reviews of a film so I dont see where ppl are getting this “ppl already think the film is bad without watching” mentality comes from that is being expressed by so many ppl

Firelord Zuko says:

At this point MCU could film an actor shitting and RT would fresh give it 100%

Daniel Larsson says:

Chris does not have to focus on ”agendas” cause the comments are obviously doing that for him.

Iain McManus says:

Good review

LOL LLA says:

I think they are intentionally making the movie bland , so we can have a really impactful feel for the avenger 4. Because making a too good film with capt marvel can make the end become just ordinary. I don’t know that’s just my take

Michael Sleepy says:

Major plot point: Main baddies telling Danvers for years that she absolutely MUST control her emotions and hold herself back at all times.
Reviewers: sHe dOeSn’T sHoW eNoUgH eMoTiOnS

Zulu Kaygee says:

I think we will see better on their second movie

Eternal Roses says:

An update on RT. Others have noticed, but I kind of had suspicion when the score suddenly jumped so high without any additional Critics.

To refresh you, the moment I’m talking about was on Tuesday.

There was a point where the movie had 35 Critic reviews that left the score at 63%. As it still had 35 Critic reviews, I witnessed the score jump to 96%. It can’t do that unless RT’s staff tampered with it. It will immediately update itself as more critics show, but it did so remaining at 35 Critics.

The exposure I’m updating you on now is their score. This movie is at 83% for an overall Critic score, but what they didn’t think about was the fraction score that shows up under the percentage. All Critics on RT for this movie put it at 6.92/10.

The top critic score is 65% or 6.23/10 on RT

You see those numbers? It makes no sense.

(I’ve shared this to YouTube at least three other times within 20 minutes ago and now. I want to make sure this gets acknowledged and spread out.)

Andris Paralax says:

I don’t watch the movies you review unless you give them at least a B+

Ana Victoria S. Sandique says:


deatheven13 says:

Well you’re on a list now … I hope you’re happy.

sudha bhatt says:

I think the movie is gr8. 8 out of 10. But honestly Brie didn’t do it for me. There were a couple of genuine moments with her friend but that is it. I think it is maybe because of the material she was given.

Claudio Parcelas says:

Well that kind of made sense BUT since you’re white and male your review is not taken in consideration, sorry. I’ll just wait for a black chinese midget transgender review to get the true facts. Peace.

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