Captain Marvel Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

Captain Marvel has officially hit theaters – So today, Arris is breaking down his spoiler-free review of the movie!

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Tim (Producer)

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Yoda Man says:

theres a stan lee tribute before the movie starts? theres a man before a woman in a feminist period piece? how dare they?!? did you like my impression of a feminist sjw? oscar time! gimme!

Uselessly Sexy says:

For me the film was about 7/10. Not great but certainly not awesome.

Although I felt she was a bit more upbeat in the film than the trailers implied. I actually liked her a bit.

But I did roll my eyes a few times when they had their little Spice Girl Power moments.

fern co says:

Cm is a robot, no emotion at all. Even after she regained her memory. She didnt showed any emotion/feelings about being human. If i were the director. Those tears would be nice as cm remebering his forgotten past.. Crying is not a sign of weakness…

netferno1 says:

Oh man. You nailed it. And I must add that Marvel really missed their objective because it was supposed to be a woman empowerment movie. There hardly was anything compelling about Carrol even though she is a solid character in the comics. I get that they wanted to make her relatable by being a little quirky. But they went full goofy despite the war and tragedy and trauma around her. It’s like she shrugs off just about anything and goofs along the movie. “Can’t remember who I am?” No biggie. “Discovered i was abducted and brainwashed”? Laugh it off. “Mowing through hundreds of kree soldiers”? So cool! I mean seriously. This movie was supposed to introduce a powerhouse not because how powerful she is but because of what she represents. Instead we had a buddy film that never took itself seriously. How the heck is she gonna take the mantle from Tony or Cap if she cannot be taken seriously? Shame on you Marvel.

gene garret says:

Glad i watched this. Ive seen alot of reviews that were biased from thd get go so i couldnt take it seriously knowing how they felt so ive been looking for more unbiased reviews.

Marco DaRosa says:

Just going to ignore it and pretend like it’s not cannon.

La Brea Man says:

The movie was good can’t wait for Endgame.

Steven Vargas says:

I just think that if they want to make her the face for the future movies, they needed to at least make us feel for the character. Maybe if we would of seen deeper story of her past, like what happened between her and her dad we could’ve gotten a little bit more attached to the character and understand better why she is the way she is, plus a better storyline too. But they were just jumping too much. Like the director didnt really know how to handle the character. Writing was poor. I dont want to blame everything on the actor because a lot of it has to do with the people working in the background but she wasnt great either. Movie didnt have a set style or feeling. The story was just simply weak.

Abednigo Del Valle says:

By the way,,,! Who would win supergirl or captain marvel!?

Mike N says:

This is a rant. I enjoyed Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern and Fox’s first two attempts @ the Fantastic Four; I confess. Based on that you have an idea that it doesn’t take much to lose myself in a movie. Well Ms, sorry CAPTAIN Marvel didn’t do it for me. For me, it takes a slow immersion in the plot, I tried I really did, but just when I was going under some BS of a fact washed over me like a bucket of cold water. I’ve read the blogs and I was willing to suspend believe went it came to facts and canon but he called it “The Avengers Initiative” because of what? There are too many moments like that. No! You can’t dis all that heritage, all those writers, all those characters, and disrespect all the fans just to elevate a storyline. Could it have been a good stand alone movie? Sure, call it The Return of the Return to Witchhead Mountain. There, you’ve got a Disney franchise movie and a core audience. Bitter maybe , I’m a fan. Disappointed sure, I enjoyed the Dragonball movie. When you create a standard you have to live by it because the folks who ride with you are watching too.

LeGrand Hanf says:

I always agree with you reviews 100%

Carlos Marsano says:

Make an alita battle angel review

julian jaye says:

I 100% agree with everything you said.. there was no sense of purpose, urgency and no actual stakes.. he was just being a boring person with abilities.. and turning the skrulls into the comic relief was very disappointing



Kay Gee says:

I feel like this could have been a great 2 part epz of the Agents of Shield. Replace Cptn Marvel with Daisy (Quake) and stir. A good big budget Marvel movie…. Sorry, no. It’s just OK.

Lt.Hippie says:

Wow you summed up exactly how I felt about this movie like literally perfectly. I was so super stoked to see this movie and wasn’t in either side of this fight didn’t care about that fight to be honest. But yeah I’ve been waiting for this movie because I knew of the skrull being in it, and I’ve been excited to see the skrull in this universe since the small reference in the first Guardians movie. Spoiler don’t keep reading, the writers turned a mighty skull Empire into a small band of victim refugees. 2/3 into the movie turning the enemy into the victim.

Kevin Strieter says:

I figured that would be the case. I will wait for DVD…. Maybe. 🙂

kirby march barcena says:

One word to describe an Oscar award winning actress in this movie…”BLAND”.

Mikey C says:

Completely see your point on the Skrulls

Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog says:

I’ll wait for military $3 theater so at least my money goes towards the MWR program.

Piyush Sirsat says:

For the 1st half I was just
yawning but 2nd half was kinda good

Dylan Ogg says:

Oh boy…This does not look good for Endgame. Come on Marvel, Hemsworth’s still around. Keep Captain Marvel on the back burner, and build her up, while Thor leads the way for now. Or how about Valkyrie, if you wanna go with a girl power angle?

roboygaming says:

can you do the history of doorman

Matthew Schroeder says:

Personally for me it was a good movie but a mediocre Marvel film. I expected a higher standard from Marvel but I enjoyed some parts of the movie. There was plenty of fan service that was awesome but some parts such as story and pacing were lacking. I agree and disagree with your review but thats ok. you explained it really well. Keep doing what your doing!!!

natureboi 85 says:

Thank you!!!!!! Well said

Olaolu Ojo says:

If it was anyone else who gave this review, I would have taught it was sexist. But i trust you enough to believe this is an unbiased review. Good video

Ronald Dorsey says:

Do I just push the subscribe button to unsubscribe lol

Cormac Kennedy says:

Not seen it yet but captain America the 1st avenger was forgettable but the winter soldier was awesome

GenX10 says:

Actually, I like Brie as the Captain Marvel, but in this movie her acting doesn’t really show the Captain Marvel that I need. Maybe because the director, or the plot of the story, or else, but i wish in her next film like Avengers Endgame. She is gonna proof everybody wrong, and show us the true Captain Marvel that everybody likes. I’m really hoping

RicheUK says:

I totally agree, spot on review!!!!

MysteryBounty says:

Your honesty is why i stay subbed. When i see fake people giving fake reviews i unsub.

Eliam Hernandez says:

I totally agree with you. I liked it but it was lacked a lot of things.

Starkege 73 says:

I wish they made a Black Widow movie instead, with Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and Winter Soldier. I think that would be a lot better.

lets get 5,000 subs with no video says:

You spoiled one of the end credit scenes

lante07 says:

I’ll wait for it to come the Netflix

Michelle Mendez says:

Great review dude! It was a good movie, but good is not great. Can’t wait for your spoiler review.

İnsomnia says:

Come on Cpt Marvel how Superman should be.Message in the movie “how many times you fall ,you must stand up”.İ love how she enjoys her Op powers rather than complaining about humanity and brooding like an edgelord.Only cons middle parts was little boring also Nck fury eye loss was disappointing.7/10 solid movie.

Beat da Yeet says:

Captain marvel should have been emma watson,just some personal opinion.

MysteryBounty says:

Why no Alita review?? Manga = comics 😀

Smalls Steelman says:

Do not think her acting will hold up well with the rest of the avengers cast.

Righteous One says:

Good review…they didn’t bring her into the MCU…. Correctly

Dalton Lucier says:

Movie is trash dont have to apologize for not liking it everyone knew it would be a dumpster fire for months now

bean clay says:

It was good, not great, not bad, just good.

Sparto Athletic Geek says:

Captain Marvel was not great , it was just okay. It’s no Wonder Woman, Captain America:Winter Soldier or Black Panther. Ignore the political issues and just admit that the movie was not good. Brie Lawson and Samuel Jackson were good, and he script and plot were weak. Mendleson was best part of the film . The After credit scenes were great.

Ricardo De La Cruz says:

I will say this. This was not the best but it is not the worst. The Character had its moments. The other actors had them too. Samuel J had to put away all he knew from the other movies just to have a decent act. Also Capt Marvel time and time again had to be refreshed to say a word of how special she was. How brave. Smart. Powerfull. I think everyone except culson said something about it. There is this one part i loved. When she went to the front of the ship and Slamed her Fist on her hand. Saying like. Want a piece of me? Why didnt she just went kaboom on the ship. Well we know that then Guardians would have not existed. But over all it was Good. I will get it on Blue Ray. It couldnt be the best movie now cuz the best should be Endgame.

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