Captain Marvel – Movie Review

After all the social media build up, one thing is for sure…the comment section will be the nicest comment section in the history of comment sections! So here’s my review of Marvel Studios’ 21st film CAPTAIN MARVEL!



Luthir Fontaine says:

Get on board the politics train woot woot, serious this comment section can give people cancer be advised.

theARK designs says:

No vulnerability was a great point. Superheroes have that part about them we can relate to. Even superman had vulnerability.
Cap marvel comes across as conceited really in the trailers.

mikeparez says:

This movie had terrible trailers. Lets start there. And it seems as though they weren’t lying.

King Graham says:

Even more preachy than the last jedi! amazing!

Mike Perez says:

Sounds like the main issue with the movie was the Captain herself. It seemed that when someone else was there you enjoyed those moments but when it was standing on her merits it kinda dragged on. I might be miss reading that so correct me if I’m wrong.

Scottish Aussie Bear says:

Going to see Alita tonight instead of Captain Marvel…..seems like a better choice…I’ll wait for cheap tickets for CM before going

KYR SK11LZ says:

Alita Battle Angel March 8th

Ken Thomas says:

Already saw the movie here where I live in Italy last night. Have to agree with Jeremy, the movie was.. alright. Not bad but nothing great either. The biggest applause came at the very beginning of the film for a dedication to you know who. That’s how the movie was. I got more emotion out of the brief Stan Lee cameo than I did out of the rest of the film. Plus the reference Jeremy makes to the explanation of how a certain thing happened that was stupid REALLY was stupid! Come on! I expected a lot better, more exciting, or at least cooler, reason than that! Lame. Stick around for the first post credit scene especially.

Caleb Brown says:

Can’t wait to see the real Captain Marvel movie later this year!

Natasha Daly says:

I liked it, was it as good as it could be? No. Was it to the level we expect from Marvel? No. Was it entertaining? I thought so, it was good to see some new characters. All in all, the movie felt really rushed. It needed more time to develop the character and reveal information. Just seemed rushed for End Game.

Brony Drumming says:

This is the kind of movie that tries too hard to appeal to woke culture but falls flat on its ass. *cough* *cough* Ghostbusters 2016 *cough* *cough*

eat shit die says:

In the comic book the character Carol Danvers is a FEMINIST. If you ever read the comics you would know this.

Adeline Carol says:

I KNOW what you’re talking about! I thought how THAT happened was a really really lame too!

Thanit Charanachitta says:

The only reason I went out to see this is because it is going to be part of Endgame…

Edward Terrell says:

Really, besides it setting up Endgame, I want to see Stan Lee’s Cameo.

ha ha says:

*Do a Endgame trailer 2 reaction*

Oh btw that’s the most like Jeremy has ever got on any of his video.

Roman Maygard says:

this guys opinion would be more valid if he weren’t white/male

JoseM says:

After this, she was demoted to Lieutenant Marvel.

The Nemesis says:

The first credits scene shows the surviving Avengers meeting Captain Marvel in the aftermath of the snap. They’re still trying to figure out who Nick Fury contacted with that pager, and that’s when Carol Danvers appears out of nowhere and asks where Fury is.
The second scene is a lot shorter than the first one, plus it contains no dialogue and no Avengers. This scene stars a certain cat, the one we’ll come to know as Goose in Captain Marvel. If you’re a fan of the comics or if you’ve been following Captain Marvel news, you already know that Goose isn’t your regular cat. That means it’s not about to spit a hairball in the following clip. Instead, she struggles to cough up a Tesseract from her mouth, before dropping it on Fury’s desk.

Alex Petev says:

Misogynistic troll!!!

Sam T. says:

I don’t dislike the movie or want it to fail just because she’s a woman or something… I don’t want it to succeed because I don’t want the MCU infected with political agendas.

Kyle Swift says:

i love this guy so much for doing this

Jeo Games says:

The movie felt awkward for me, the actors felt like they were not comfortable delivering their lines

Gerard Morton says:

did she take a dying star to the chest like thor did….lol

Christopher Apodaca says:

Marvel should have done black widow or scarlet witch. Those MCU characters have charisma. And as powerful as Wanda is, she’s had to overcome tons of adversity and learn how to use her powers.

AmetReloads says:

> ”Let’s keep it that simple..”
> ”Thanks DISNEY for the ”sponsorship”…”

The Nemesis says:

If you want to put a fight up against these SJW scumbags spread the leaked end credits scenes. Spoil the film. Don’t buy tickets and spread the word not to. GET WOKE GO BROKE.

jmgmarcus says:

Hopefully she dies fighting Thanos in end game.

abc def says:

“In terms of cinematic universe years it is old enough to get drunk” hahahhahahah

nunofelicio says:

the fu*kg hands don’t stop

Aleksander Rolseth says:

Wonder Woman sucked guys

Tanvir Singh Randev says:

Agree totally.

shinga61 says:

well you are a white male. so the movie wasn’t for you

Aleksander Rolseth says:

Brie Larson 100% deserves an Oscar for her performance

Merry Drummer says:

Great review of a CRAP movie….. At the end of the day. Terrible casting ….. Katy Perry would have made a better Captain Marvel and that would be disastrous.. Haha..

The sophistichimp says:

Captain marvel feels more like a response to Wonder Woman than its own thing. “Hey look, we have female super heroes too!”

Rail-Gun says:


It sounds like it’s NOT bad.

If anything, it’s good.

So yeah, uh, I guess she’ll have her main role in End Game.

I’m down for that. ^_^

Alex Ackles says:

I feel like you were honest and non pandering, thank you. From what I’ve gathered from all said, the movie is Meh, not bad, just meh.

Allah Turbo says:

she made herself like a bitchy edgy teen girl in real life and in the movie

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