Captive State – Movie Review

My final theatrical review of the weekend is Captive State! I had to do this review in my car BUT whatever it takes to get it out to you all!
Tomorrow – Turn Up Charlie Netflix Review
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You guys are all awesome. So glad I have an outlet that lets me talk about movies. It’s my passion. – Austin



Big Poppy says:

I totally agree with you Austin with this movie review.

E-MAN says:

thanks for the info. you have gained my trust. I will wait to watch it on streaming

Magnitude Reviews says:

Thank god that Triple Frontier was a great film.

Sotnas says:

Why are you driving when you can teleport?

TomLion says:

Wait… Where’s the opening joke?
This review is 1/10 for me!!! >:(

Nora Dennis says:

I didn’t like it.

Cazey Croland says:

Dude. I’m halfway through this review and you have not told me one thing about the movie. Maybe you should get better at what you do before reviewing others

Guacamole Niggapenis says:

After I was done with this video and clicked on another video I got an ad for Captive State

Pla Zama says:

Bruh I just watched it today didnt get the ending

Jason Dermack says:

If you haven’t done so yet I’d definitely recommend watching Rupert Wyatt’s first film called The Escapist with Brian Cox. Very compelling and small prison drama

Jed Elias says:

Like the shirt designs, but for $20, I feel like they could be improved. Just one man’s opinion.

MrSpooky Spare says:

I just saw the movie, idk what i watched

Ben McDonald says:

This weekend was 1 of those, what I call “Scraper Weekends” You know, it’s those weekends were literally *NOTHING* to see comes out so out of desperation you’re forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel and pick some random-ass movie you’ve never even heard of and wouldn’t have cared to see otherwise, and that was the situation for me with this movie because man, this movie FORGETTABLE! I couldn’t for the life of me remember any specific scenes, lines of dialogue, or anything about this movie, the only thing I can really remember is that John Goodman was in it, poor guy, he was in 10 Cloverfield Lane a few years ago, rocked it in that movie and now he’s in this crap, also this movie has some of the lamest looking aliens I’ve seen in a LONG time, they design was beyond basic and just not interesting to look at in any way, not helping is the fact that they’re hardly in the movie, you only see like 2 aliens in the entire movie, normally I’d be weary of spoilers but it really shouldn’t matter here cause nobody is gonna watch this movie this weekend, this felt like a direct to video movie you’d find in the bargain bin at Walmart, it’s a bland, forgettable piece of nothing

Shane Palmer says:

Keep up the hard work man! I look forward to seeing your channel grow throughout the months.

One Minute Critic says:

You sure love that Batman shirt in ALL of your thumbnails! 😛

Keep up the good work, brothaman!

Lola Diaz says:

Hi. I saw the movie last night. Never saw previous anywhere. I HATE movies filmed with hand held camera. Looked like very amateur. It made me mad that in the movie humans were ok with aliens telling us what to do. I think somebody was trying to make a point. Anyways I agree with your review however I was able to predict the end.

Hue Jazz says:

Save your money and watch THE SIGNAL on Netflix way better sci-fi movie

Sekar Arrum says:

Talking about dedication.. hahaa.. way to go!
U’re right btw, 1st hear this movie from this review..

YB DAKID_ says:

Completely agree. I was lost most of the film. It was trying to be four different movies in one to no avail. It was boring.

Trey Glizzy says:

The fact you freestyle reviews right after watching the movie or show. shows your pure talent for being a critic

Alexander Oglesby says:

I knew it was gonna be bad when there was like zero marketing,just go watch Love,Death & Robots. Which looks way better and its just short stories.

Cake Batter says:

Very awesome and intense movie. The first act builds the world. The second act, follows the insurgency. The third act follows the counter-insurgency. If you can follow the movie, you will love it. If you are like Austin and get lost, you will hate it as he reports in his review. The movie is straight forward, but it doesn’t hold the viewers hand.

Charlton Bromfield says:

Just watched it…glad i didn’t pay for it…

Sotnas says:

I never even heard of this movie.

Wes Bot says:

That the Ashland mall?

Gaming Insanity TH says:

Aww. I was kinda looking forward to this film

ELturtle Gotti says:

I was confused about where it was going like what’s the point of all this it didn’t flow well good review you could predict what was gonna happen but it still wasn’t making sense of that make sense I love sci-fi and we were both thinking the same thing about this flick just kinda of a jumbled mess

YouYouYou!!! says:

(Red Light) All build up only to fall flat over and over. Check out my review

M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews says:

Instead of torturing myself with Wonder Park, Five Feet Apart, and this movie, I went to Chicago

Brock Ellis says:

Watched the whole movie, still have no idea what it’s about… Anyway keep up your amazing reviews!

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