Christopher Robin – Movie Review

Christopher Robin has grown up, but Winnie the Pooh returns to teach him the most important of lessons…. how to get through adulthood. Here’s my review of CHRISTOPHER ROBIN!



Dania Angulo says:


keepmeposted25 says:

This movie was VERY slow-paced. I liked it because I’m a huge Winnie the Pooh but despite the movie title, POOH is the main character. He makes this movie what it is

They were smart to keep Pooh’s voice the same, especially since none of the other Hundred Acre Wood characters (besides Tigger who is also voiced by Jim Cummings) are their original voices. It really gave it that nostalgia effect needed

Kenny Velazquez says:

Did anyone else think they saw Jeremy’s name in the opening credits. Someone named Jeremy Johns was the Unit Production Manager and I did a double take when I watched the film.

Mijo Cee says:

Does it have a tear jerk moment?

Nataly Zuniga says:

The Darkest Minds review!

Victoria Conway says:

Their colors are faded…just like his childhood. =(

jk stacks says:

The truth is he was trippin on acid and talked to these things hahah

Jonathan Galabis says:

Gotta to watch out for that source material

nightblueswan says:

The colors faded was supposed to show that they were old toys.

混蛋你他妈的 says:

The color scale on the toys were to represent how time passed for them just as much as time passed for Christopher, hence Winnie’s dark red juxtaposed to the bright red of the animated movie/show

baxterpoo says:

Okay first Eeyore made me laugh out loud with every single line. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. First 30 minutes were slow and depressing but when the humour hits OMG! The audience at the show I went to clapped at the end (how often does that happen?). Ages ranged from 8-80 and the family of the 8 year old boy behind us asked him if he liked it and he said, “Yeah, it was really good!” It’s NOT for kids 7 and under because it is rather serious and the issues are working 7 days a week, not playing with your child, taking yourself too seriously as an adult it isn’t for very young children. That being said a younger child was fussing for the first 30 minutes but after that I didn’t hear a sound. Go see it, it’s great.

Quant0m Nati0n says:

Ya know what I say fuck Mickey, Winnie needs to be the mascot and I loved this film and cried threw it sure the 3rd act is predictable but it’s a cute movie so I can’t judge it.

Gleidston Filipe says:

Is it me or do the plushies look weirdly shaped? I’ve only seen stills, maybe they’ll look better in motion. I don’t know.

E-Male Ramos says:

This is the type of review I love to hear

Tim Medycki says:

Yes, but how does this tie into Infinity War?

kelly r says:

I love Winnie the Pooh, don’t get me wrong, but I would just rather see Disney make more original stories than live-action remakes and spin offs

Brad Kwastel says:

The fact that they made these characters a live action movie based around a real person and put his name, Christopher Robin, in the title is really screwed up considering what happened to the real Christopher Robin and how these characters were created.

You should research where these characters and Christopher came from , maybe you would understand how adapting the person Christopher to a live action and having him interact with the animals as an adult is so screwed up.

Brandon Butler says:

I thought it was great. However, I don’t think younger children would enjoy it, whereas all ages can enjoy something like Hook.

Imperialx Warlord says:

I loved Winnie the Pooh as a kid! This brings out the kid in me.

Mickey Bear says:

Good time, no mead required…?

Jacob Sylvers says:

I’m taking my 10 year old niece to see this movie tonight.

Marcelino Dreams says:

It was amazing. Great movie.

George Osmond says:

great Review, like yourself i never really was into Winnie the pooh while growing up either but a friend asked me to watch it and review it for her so i watched it at her request and i was kind of surprised at how much i actually enjoyed it. i do think it was done well except for the first 15 minutes or so i think it kind of dragged out as it was scanning thru the ages. but once it got past that part the movie grabbed my attention from that point on.

Nicole Post says:

It was good but one question where was Gopher?

Marcelino Dreams says:

Kanga and Roo. It’s her son.

Tom Hill says:

The color of Tigger is the original color of Tigger in the A.A Milne books. Only the Disney cartoons had bright orange Tigger.

Acebets70 says:

I cringe every time someone complains about color… This is the original look actually they were even duller and scruffier but if hey commercial colors are what you need…

blowskiol says:

Homerun Derby is awesome.

onchristieroad says:

It has Hayley Atwell in it, so 500% more likely to watch.

Mystery?Hawk says:

I freaking loved this movie TBH. Grew Up with Winnie and in all honesty I cried alot in this movie. The innocence in this movie is amazing.

Gladpenguin1 says:

i hated this film because
1.there was barely any good humor
2.the characters acted out of character
3.the “emotional” scenes dont work on me because i dont care about the characters in this film
4.Pacing is so slow
5.lots and lots of filler

A Lee says:

Unmmm how do you forget talking stuffed animals??

Kevin Reynart says:

I really want to see this movie. The trailer gave me so much good old nostalgic great memories from my childhood. It really touched me.

Im Batman says:

Oof the source material meme is still strong with this one, SALT

TheCreepypro says:

I’m with you Jeremy I though it was all in his head too

Bleh Bleh says:

So… it’s Hook.

Q A says:

Sweet, sweet movie. Just saw it with my family today, and we all enjoyed it.

Astronaught Misspelled says:

Bummer. I had really high hopes of this being the next paddington 2

Brandon Johnson says:

Uhhh Winnie the Pooh and Toy Story take place in the same timeline. Christopher Robin’s toys broke the golden rule and started talking instead of being played with he told his mom she didn’t believe him and threatened to throw them away so he hid them in the forest where they played for years until he got older discovered his Love Gun and what it’s for started noticing girls so 50+ years later enter(haley joel osment playing an adult) Christopher Robin’s grandson Andy learning toys can talk from his kids and off he goes to search for the only father he knew Woody. This is happening so we might as well get ready for this. Awesome job as always JJ!

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