Christopher Robin Movie Review

Mark and Kristian review Christopher Robin.

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Muirnin Rose says:

I can’t wait to see this …

Fired From Gringotts says:

Hello There – Christopher Robin

Brandon Schreur says:

The ending to this review killed me

Triple C Productions says:

With Disney remaking all of their animated movies its nice to see a movie that tires continue the story rather than remaking it.

nkyryry says:

Hook is amazing. Piss off Ellis!!!!

Brown Stones says:

f- hook

Josh Rivera says:

Was this better or worse than:

Alice in Wonderland
The Jungle Book
Beauty and the Beast
Pete’s Dragon
Alice Through the Looking Glass

keim73 says:

Ugh, I did not like Hook either.

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27 says:

Hey I LOVED F U Elis!!!!

Nathaniel Henry says:


Trevor Thornley says:

lol “I’m gonna ask you to shut your fuckin mouth” 😀

Tobey Starburst says:

Hook sucked.

Ben Williams says:

Oh yes I’ve been looking forward to this

Mohd Amerul Aidil says:

Definitely better than the smurfs and Alvin and the chipmunk

Grim Queefer says:

O bother

neil Varma says:

Glad it’s good.

Ethan says:

I loved this movie so much. It’s definitely just for people who grew up with Winnie the Pooh and i think you’ll like it as much as you love him. I literally cried 5 times. But yes I don’t think kids would love this


Beauty and The Beast (2017) sucked ass

Aidan Yelsma says:

The trailer for this made me cry. I cant wait to see it.

Blak says:

HOE LEE SHIT. Just goin STRAIGHT FOR IT, lmao! “I’m gonna ask you to shut your fuckin’ mouth now”. DAAAAAAMN!

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27 says:

I’m excited for this movie because I’d LOVED Winnie the Pooh

Brandon Wei says:

Cried twice. Not ashamed.

Steal The Reel says:

No matter how good or bad it is, Christopher Robin >>>> Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Adrian Guerrero says:

I actually really enjoyed it. Its heartwarming. I had a good time.

malcolm adderley says:

Does Jessica Rabbit twerk in this one?

Mul len says:

It’s over Winnie! I have the high ground

CABLE 715 says:

Yes JTE, Hailey Atwood.

Allan Alberts says:

aaah, il just wait for meg.

Raghu Seetharaman says:

Great to see a lose sequel to the Pooh franchise. I am just glad to see Jim Cummings reprising the role from the animated show and he continues to honor the late Sterling Holloway perfectly. Also Brad Garrett taking over the role from Peter Cullen for Eeyore is perfect. His Lobo and Bibbo performances in Superman: TAS are still memorable.

Tobey Starburst says:

The reviewer is an idiot looking too much into a kid’s movie.

Meado97 says:

Is no one else laughing at “no no you get to poo quick”…. no just me?

Bob Jones says:

First commebt

Daniel DeRey says:

The ending of this review had me dying XD

“I like honey and baloons”
“I’m gonna ask you to shut your fucking mouth”

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