Citizen Kane – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Citizen Kane, starring Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore. Directed by Orson Welles.


srivathsa kr says:

Still waiting for The Haunting of Hill House review.

Steven Williams says:

Chris, gentleman, cinema that I personally I do not find great meaning in this universe is E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Jonathan Santiago says:

Maybe people should really say that it is the best made movie.

Seth Schmidt says:

review Where Eagles Dare!

Summertime Blooz says:

I was lucky enough to first watch the movie without knowing ahead of time what “Rosebud” means. It really made me tear up when I found out. Nowadays I guess the mystery has been revealed to pop culture fans even if they haven’t watched the film, but this movie is really one of the greats and one of those that lives up to it’s hype.

wislingsailsmen says:

speaking of 12 angry men,thats my favorite movie of all time

Evaquiel says:

Wait… What if he didn’t really said that word and someone just fabricared the story to make a popular article? I think i’m really and am probably wrong, but just a though.

Zachary Siple says:

Thank you for finally doing Citizen Kane! It’s my 2nd favorite movie after Silence and other religious movies.

I first saw it when I was 18 and really liked it and was moved by it enough to put it there, but like you said, the story itself is nothing new. When I read more about the techniques and history, I saw it again and loved it more.

I could say more just because of how great it is!

By the way, after Kane says “Rosebud”, he drops his snow globe and a maid comes in to pick it up, right after he drops it. I have always assumed she was the one who heard him say it.

cap2981 says:

Citizen Kane is a milestone in filmmaking. But it’s so damn boring.

michal31131 says:

Review Sierra burgess is a loser

Kim Jong-Un says:

the most overrated movie ever

Francis Cade says:

thank you Chris for using this platform to show off some excellent films that not all YouTube users would have on their radar, i.e younger film lovers!

Tobe Doss says:

“there’s really nothing new that I can say about this movie”… Ok, I’ll stop watching then

Alan Sanchez Tirado says:

You know how good and modern for its time was that when you see the original poster at the end, just feels wrong, like, in my mind i will imagine a more 70’s poster, maybe like taxi driver or something.

MacawEagle says:

Favorite movie. Best Film! Best Debut… B E S T E V E R

And when you know the history before, during, and after the movie was made, it makes its success even better.

Whit Dabney says:

It’s a Wonderful Life for December??? Like if you agree!

hoc1992 says:


Solid Fisher says:

Whoa! The Stuckmeister goes old school for real.

James Arnold says:

Amazing shirt.

Demortality says:

Thanks for doing this series Chris! It’s been fun to hear your opinions on some of my favourites and recommend some that I’ve never got around to! Can’t wait to see what the last month’s will be

Marcello Genovese says:

This film is so over rated it’s unbelievable. People take Orsen Wells balls and the way he demanded full creative control and then conflate it with the films quality. The best things anyone can ever say about the film have nothing to do with Orsen Wells, Gregg Toland was the cinematographer and his contribution is what makes the film. The acting sucks, bad, and the story is weak as shit. Orsen Wells was trying to rag on William Randolph Hearst. At the time this was edgy and made the film renowned. The reason it gets talked about so much today is because film critics are generally very pretentious and prone to group think. Some one did a film study on it in the mid 20th century and everyone decided to agree with that take and the rest is history. I shit you not I have talked to people that parrot this film as the best who literally have never scene it. A film ultimately is meant to entertain, citizen Kane puts people to sleep. Casablanca is a much better film, and easily tops it.

Matt Mamba says:

I actually wrote a paper on the similarities between Charles Foster Kane and Michael Jackson. It is uncanny how Michael had a very similar life.

Nat Pagler says:

Hey Chris, would you consider doing a review on “Come and See”?

TheOrangeOne says:

Love the shirt

Steve Hagen says:

It’s good, but it’s no Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Showrov Mahmud says:

You still didn’t get it. Did you??

Daaria Naharis says:

Why is there no prequel to this yet? Rosebud – A Citizen Kane Story.

John Oates says:

Pause this film at any moment, and it looks like perfection. That’s when you know a film has outstanding cinematography.

nicodimus2222 says:

Not a single likable or relatable character in the entire film. All the technical prowess in the world doesn’t make up for that. Zero emotional investment.

Jw Nj says:

A bit overrated but I liked it.

DoN BrEaKeR says:

I fucking love this Film

Mattomic says:

Review Some Like it Hot

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