“Clue” ft. special guest Katya! | Movie Review | MovieBitches Retro Review Ep 13

We’re joined by a special guest, Katya Zamolodchickova to review the cult camp classic “Clue!” Make sure to subscribe for our RuPaul’s Drag Race reviews every Thursday, and movie review Mondays!
-MovieBitches (Avaryl & Andrew)

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“There’s a lot of bitch in every woman, a lot in every man”
-Joan Crawford

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch”
-Bette Davis


Ellahanoi says:

Literally played this game yesterday though wtf

Tristan Tanner says:

Omg please make a “flames. FLAMES!” Shirt to buy on threadless!

SuperBeaverking says:

I love this so so much!! Katya/Brian is amazing and inspirational!

I think a retro review of Sister Act would be brilliant.

Tony J says:

I’m always ms scarlet

Wendy Darling says:

i just saw this and yelled “holy shit and balls all over the place”

Jamie forgot where she parked again says:

Growing up I loved clue so much that I had a clue themed birthday party for my seventh birthday. No one knew what the fuck was going on but I forced everyone to wear silly extravagant costumes and listen to me scream lines from clue (a reference that not many third graders understand)

Tony J says:

Yassssssss queen

Elle says:


Mohammad Khan says:

Omg I would have flipped out idk how you kept your composure

Chelvia Flores says:

when I saw Katya was actually there with you I fucking paused the video, stood up, gagged and then came back to keep watching.

Jessica Espinoza says:

This is one of my favorite movies in so excited for this video

Catherine Myers says:

Dreams do come true

Bec Crismale says:

I love how this review is them just screaming quotes the whole time HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lazily, Sofia says:

this is the best thing that has ever happened to me

nina macqueen says:


Candyce Prince says:

This is the best.

alex magaña says:

I just could die on this second and i’ll be happy

Ricky Reviews says:

I clicked on this shit so damn fast you don’t even know. Also Katya is daddy af here

Kell says:


RCmelloman says:


Saïd Mrabet says:

My three favorite people in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Paton says:

I am so glad to see Katya (Brian) looking fantastic! I am fine with him stepping away from the lime light if the outcome is him coming back stronger and healthier than ever. Absolutely love him.

KIM says:

I am watching a review of a movie I’ve Never seen just to see Katya honestly I’m so whipped

Bec Crismale says:

I love how this review is them just screaming quotes the whole time HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Terry Lilly says:

That was beyond AWESOME! But you really got to do a review with Katya and not one single “Mother!” moment???

Rachel Saiz says:

There is a Clue musical but I don’t think it is very good

Tony J says:

My life is over

s m b x says:

$3000 goal you should retro review Contact x bring Katya back

Shep Grignard says:


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