Coco – Movie Review

Our yearly Pixar animated feature has hit theaters, and it’s about a boy, death, life, music, and family. Here’s my review of COCO!

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Cody Raber says:

Coincidence that that named a Mexican themed movie “coco”?… cocaine.

Hallusion says:

Review punisher plssss

Isabela Hart says:

I thought this was Gona be a copy of life of book but I trust you jermany don’t you dare lie to me!

MizHobo says:

I keep seeing mentions of The Book of Life around Coco and I don’t need to see Coco to know they’re not the same plot. They both use the day of the dead holiday as it’s setting, but The Book of Life is essentially a romance. Yes some themes are bound to be in both movies but that is also because both movies try to get us acquainted with Mexican culture. Watch the movie before getting outraged for no good reason.

Chris Cuthbertson says:

Let me guess, Hector is his great great great grandfather?

Benzaiten says:

the look of this movie always reminds me intensely of “The Book of Life”.
I was actually waiting for Jeremy to mention it but it seems the book of life flew under most everyone’s radar.

twintails says:

If you want a great (and fairly underrated) animated movie this year.. A Silent Voice.

The Joker says:

Disaster artist !!!!!!!!!

Trent Kingston says:

You Should Do The Punisher Review

Frank says:

That family líne got me so bad

EFANZPro says:

Not awesometacular….?!?!*/-@$($”:(“”==,/-@

svenskdod says:

Disaster artist? I’m in Sweden and we won’t get it till feb. FML.

Rolando Quirino says:

As a Mexican I didnt know what to expect so I went to this movie with not a lot of anticipation, you know american movie taking on a mexican culture I didn’t think we gonna get a good representation of our culture and mannnn ..!!! I was wrong I really loved this movie the guys on pixar really did there homework on the characters and even in naming a few of our best movie actors of our golden age in one of the scenes ….!!! thanks pixar…. and just hope it doesn’t get deported by Trump

Eduardo Aceves says:

To me, this was AWESOMETACULAR. I never had to hold back from flat out crying my eyes out at a theater. This one hit too close to home.

Ife Uchime says:

It sucks how Disney can give an awesome movie little-to-no promotion and want it to fail, but anything Frozen related they will shove it down our throats.

Saljema says:

Illumination studios hater

Cinedragon says:

2:12 This concept was also used in Corpse Bride, where the land of the dead was more ‘alive’ and colorful than the land of the living. It has become a pretty common trope I believe.

srinivas vittal says:

I did not want to watch this film initially but now I badly want to watch it

Bojangbn Stevich says:

You must watch black sails Jeremy

dhananjoy shantu says:

So the bridge of asgard is bad cgi,u didn’t talk about justice league awesome cgi

milking cow suprise says:

Scrappy coco..

Jacob Davis says:

I loved this movie when it was called “The Book of Life.” 😉

12 year old me was not good at picking usernames says:

the vin “family” got me. so funny

Khush Thakker says:

When r u reviewing disaster artist

King91OM says:

No one’s gonna complain too much CGI in this? No one?
I’m confused with you weird critics.

highspeed142 says:

review the punisher!!

Miguel Astorga says:

fuck dat movie

12 year old me was not good at picking usernames says:

aaaawe yay I am so happy it is good.

jirodyne says:

I have not watched it yet, but it sounds very interesting.

It sound kinda like ‘The Book of Life’, which was another great Mexican themed animated movie about they day of the dead and a main character that loved music while his family told him no. And loving The Book of Life, Coco sounds very interesting.

Dannie Rehn says:

The book of life did something similar .

Janution says:

He has layers… solid pun

NewSongs4TheWorld says:

So a movie is making you cry and still doesn’t get an awesometacular? I know you say it’s not about the rating system but….jeez man!

FireBeaver says:

So this is practically mexican corpse bride?

JMI says:

The punisher is out and it’s amazing !

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