Coco – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Coco, starring Gael García Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, Renée Victor. Directed by Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina.


Ayame Williams says:

La chancla jokes is what I’m looking forward to

Tamaki742 says:


Gabriel Gonzalez says:

The Book of Life anyone?

Allujakhakoluuhi Jihibihigooklimunkuu says:

Of course Chris Stuckmann didn’t like it! He’s a Pixar hater! He calls Studio Ghibli and Laila the best animation studios. I don’t think so!

Luciana Flores says:

4 words:
Fucking accurate mexican representation.

Glitcher2000 says:

Chris doesn’t want to admit he cried with the rest of the audience.

Jock McBile says:

Am I the only one who does Chris’ voice at the same time, when he says “Get Stuckmanized”? Anyone? LoL

QuirkyQuillify says:

Too much spoiler. I don’t want to know that this movie makes people cry. It’s setting up a weird expectation as if I need to prepare myself to be “moved.”

wildsmiley says:

Sounds like Pixar brought their a game once again. If they could do stuff like this and Up and Inside Out and no more goddamn Cars movies then they’ll have my love and devotion

Amanda Dullin-Jones says:

I really enjoyed Book of Life, but I will say there was too much going on in the movie and it could’ve benefited from some script editing and a more straightforward story. There was overabundance of plot threads that made the story hard to follow half the time: the frame story with the school kids, the love triangle, the bullfighting plot, the journey through the land of the dead, the supernatural wager plot – I don’t even think that’s all, but I honestly can’t remember everything that was happening because there was too much. There were a TON of great ideas introduced but since there were SO many of them going on concurrently, the film never had enough time to fully flesh them out. Every plot thread had great potential on its own to be a compelling story, and if the writers had stuck to merely one or two of the main storylines, then the movie, from a purely narrative standpoint, would’ve been much, much better. As it stands, BoL is still a good movie – and an excellent debut for the director (really, for a first film it’s insanely impressive) – but it needed some fine-tuning with the narrative.

Sukhad Shastry says:

Nice t shirt

NdCRants says:

I had no idea this existed, I haven’t seen anything about this film

Ashley Grant says:

I am looking forward to it. I love the animation and the atmosphere is great.

Dan Seah says:

1:40 so this is how dark souls can be done in cinema form

Marx Chase says:

“They said the age of Justice League reviews would never come…”


C’mon Chris.

Yannick Sustersic says:

Honestly, your argument about the price is fair enough, but on the other hand, how much would you pay?

From a personal point of view, i’d willingly pay 200 pounds for guardians of the galaxy, where as the bye bye man (though a good movie) i just would not enjoy it to the tune of over 20 pounds … then you got dunkirk for fucks sake …

Basically, if you’re willing to pay, why not charge you? If you look at the street prices of kokaine relative to income they’ve been going up, while weed drops. Why? More suppliers of weed (shitty movies), than the actual good stuff. So good stuff goes up in price because less people can afford it.


kyongsook hong says:

What you thought of the “Book of Life”?

h0enn says:

Where did Chris get the shirt he has on in this video? And where does he get some of his other ones?

jennifer palacios says:

Yeay I’m glad you suggested not to see the trailers.

Nerv ClaX says:

Build the wall.

OzGar96 says:

Makes you wonder if pixar made the cars movies just to get by while they made their better movies

Anthony Kulik says:

U gave this a B+ but u gave Stranger Things 2 a B – ?? I respectfully disagree kind sir; but thats how i feel.

Kate McSpadden says:

I have heard some compare this movie to the game, Grim Fandango.

Wil Adams says:

Anyone ever take note of how many times Chris talks up movies prior to their opening day, but then later–usually in the context of some other film review–his real feelings for the prior film comes out? Check out Cinematic Venom (or something like that) to get examples. Sure, he likes this film now–and why not, it is ‘diverse’, it is ‘a different culture’ and has a lot of ‘diverse talent’ (notice the quotations), but those things make it ‘good’. Really? Did Thor Ragnarok have to have a ‘diverser’ cast to be good, or was it simply a good, funny film. Also, how many of those ‘diverse’ performers in Thor Ragnarok actually contributed to the film? Would Thor be any less funny if Valkyrie had been played by a blonde actress–say, Reese Witherspoon? Or if Hymdal had been portrayed by a White male with talent–say, Scott Eastwood? The answer is No! The writing is what made it funny and made it good. The inclusion of ‘diverse’ talent was not needed, and it is clear, it was done only to placate SJWs who did not seem to mind that the Norse Gods were WHITE yet they are being portrayed by non-white performers. Same holds for Aquaman. We want to see Aquaman, not Aquadude. However, look for Chris here to praise the Justice League in general, and both Aquadude and that cyborg black guy, I forget his actual character name, in particular. Just pay attention, you’ll see.

AP says:

Chris, “I grew up as a Mexican even though I’m white” Stuckmann.

kyongsook hong says:

Review Captain Underpants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaneki Jeff says:

I’m Mexican can’t wait to see it ❤️

Heroine Reychelle Moya 537 says:

Wow a new pixar movie coco

alexhrtcore says:

I honestly thought it was a book of life sequel or something had something to do with it. Lol

J.T. Cremeans says:

Is that a Samus and Fox tatoo??

OfficiallyHarri says:

Cant wait
I heard pixar was getting their groove back with animation

Cody Landman says:

The dog better not die.

Fran jaime says:

I know you don’t even bothr to read the comments, Chris Stuckmann. But Coco is a much better movie and more faithful to the Mexican traditions of Day of the Dead. You might now that, if you did a bit of research. But why do that, right?

Jared Poirier says:

The animation in this movie looks awesome!

ThisIsTheEndPt2 says:

Makes shoes, steals… I know where this is heading…

Victor says:

This movie was a huge hit in Mexico, it topped Thor: Ragnarok in the Mexican box office. I went to the theater to see Thor and I was amazed of how many mothers and grandmothers were at the theater just to see Coco, something you never see (at least in Mexico).


Coco a movie made for mexicans

Double A Animations says:

But will you review “The Breadwinner”. Please review The Breadwinner

Scott Leitner says:

How many agree that Chris should review White Chicks?

Dicky Dewantara says:

Either this or that animated film from Studio Ghibli will win the Oscar next year

Cordelia Rose says:

I loved the book of life, so yes

Isaac White says:

Awesome DBZ T-shirt!

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