Crazy Rich Asians – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Crazy Rich Asians, starring Constance Wu, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Sonoya Mizuno, Chris Pang, Jimmy O. Yang, Ronny Chieng. Directed by John M. Chu.


IGreenArrowI says:

Yes people, you heard it here. Just because a movie has a cast thats specific to one ethnicity or race, DOESN’T MEAN IT’S AUTOMATICALLY A GREAT FILM. *Cough* Black Panther

Louis Russell says:

You could sell that Blu-Ray collection for about 3,000,000 Robux, what are you doing?

Nikkos Saviolis says:

Minding the Gap review please!

teamvjmck blah says:

If this does really good in the USA I will die of shock.

4399LuoDuen says:

BlacKkKlansman plz

Samuel Prusse says:

laying it on a bit thick just because of the cast. Sure that’s important, but you went a bit soft on this movie. This movie has some good or funny parts… but its boring. It dragged on and i felt like they stretched an hour of script. I really didn’t care as much as i should have about the characters, and nothing really stuck out in this film. It should be a C rating.

Sebastian Viveros says:

Where’s the blackkklansman review???

Sam Richardson says:

I have a shirt like that! Breath of the Wild is the best game ever!

Your Average Passer-By says:

Malaysian here. Glad you gave it an honest review and didn’t just slap on an A rating coz ‘muh diversity’.

jingles009 says:

How about go see the movie because it is worth the amount of admission, NOT because we need to see more movies with a lack of white skin people in it here in America. Please stay out of the political arena Hollywood is attempting to force down American’s throats. I honestly enjoy your movie reviews, so please….don’t tell me I should support a movie because the entire cast is made up of another race that isn’t white. I don’t care to hear that type of talk, I’m only interested if the movie has a good story telling or not and I trust your judgment on that type of thing.

This is not my real Name says:

I’m sorry, but whats the point of this movie? There are a fuckillion amount of asian romcoms out there… Be it chinese, korean, japanese or SEA, like singapore.
If you are into that kind of crap, watch those, they are at least original and if you want to learn about asian culture, definitely more accurate than a Hollywood wannabe yellow washed Asian production made for a white audience. If you want to eat chinese food, you go to a chinese restaurant (which serves actually also yellows washed food for a white stomach), or even better to China, but you don’t ask Mc Donalds to prepare a Chinese meal for you…
I get that you Americans have some weird diversity, race, inclusion, gender, whatever issues. So yeah, I get you want to include part of your population into movie and this fine, but nobody says you have to go full black, or full yellow, it’s like going full retarded, never go full retarded. Beside that, there is a big difference between Asians and black people. One are tied deeply into your history and are part of your country since the beginning, the others have their own culture and history.
Asia has their own countries which are perfectly capable to produce their own movies. And if you want to make a movie about Asians specifically make it about a struggling Ssian family far away from home hunting down their dreams in America.

TheCreepypro says:

oh snap so glad this is good definitely gonna go support it

Reactionary Mike says:

Damn that sjw virtue signaling

XxVendetaxX1 says:

I can’t believe i just heard you say that, this movie deserves my money just because it has and all asian cast…? Sorry, but no. Also, Black Panther was also heavily praised for it’s all black cast, and that’s all i ever heard about the movie that was good. I rented Black Panther and thought it was possibly the worst marvel film i had seen. sorry but having an all minority cast and director is not impressive and i see that’s where you praise the movie. says:

Sorry to bother you

Frank Hewitt says:

You pretty much said that this movie was unentertaining and cliche… but for some reason you can’t actually say it.

Roderick Gibbs says:

Please review gran torino

hazel eyes says:

Identity politics… how disappointing of you Chris.

Poké Fan says:

Your shirts awesome

symbian says:

So as a date movie, did you watch this with your better half? 🙂

Anton Garcia says:

Chris grew up with crazy rich asians.

Jake Games says:

Who cares if you have movies with all asian (or white, or black, etc.), casts? Why is that a thing that matters? I love the equalizer (movie, not the old show), the main character being Denzel Washington. I’ve never once thought, “fuck, this movie would be so much better if he were white!”. Like who cares?

Harmeet Dhillon says:

Chris, need you to review more classics. When you reviewed 12 angry men I watched it that day and loved it. I want to hear your thoughts on Tha Godfather, Chinatown, all those great movies not many people even know exist.

John Wonder says:

This movie had very little flaw..

Orbital Films says:

If you think a movie should be successful based on the race of its cast then you should have absolutely nothing to do with reviewing or making movies.

Clarke.and.Coffee says:

While room for improvement, I also enjoyed the film. I didn’t know what to expect. While the cast is entirely asian, I was mesmerized by the struggle Rachel’s character went through as an Asian American.

kevinmsft says:

I would like to see a much better (all-Asian cast) film……. Go watch “Farewell My Concubine” made in 1993. =)

Ricky Loves You says:

Shallow dumb movie.

Chee Nou Lo says:

Lol umm Hollywood…I like dinosaurs but nothing like Garbo Fallen Kingdom.

Peter Lai says:

I was subscribed a long time ago and I just found out I was unsubscribed? Weird.

Doomsday Device123 says:

Please review The Secret of Kells!

Aditya says:

“That’s probably the best way to see this film, if it’s a date” . *’hello darkness’ plays in the bg*

Hector R says:

Why is it that whenever there’s a movie about a woman who falls in love with some guy it always has to be a rich guy?

O'Ryan Begay says:

Do a review on “Hostiles”

Analytical Seagull says:

Ya fuck white people! I hope there’s none in this movie!!! They ruin every movie made and they’re sooo racist!

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