Creed II – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Creed II, starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Russell Hornsby, Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu, Andre Ward, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren. Directed by Steven Caple Jr.


XXX-.1233 33333 says:

Can’t wait for creed 2 best sports /boxing movie

TreasureHead says:

love you, my idol….i’ve started my own gaming and movie channel check it out

William Walsh says:

If they make a Creed 3 they should bring back Carl Weathers.

Nick Oliveri says:

where do you get your shirts :O

Emiliano Martinez says:

Dope t-shirt

Phil Collins says:

Rocky IV is a great movie.

John lamar says:

Looking forward to your interview with Stephen cable, jr!!

Stephen Judy says:

I have no issue with a Creed 3 but I wanna know where the story goes from here. Idk how they could go further especially since this is the movie with Drago. If you do make a 3rd one make sure you do it the right way and don’t be lazy about it.

Adventures by George says:

Making a Rocky movie without inspiring messages, workout montages, and a boxing match is like having a Star Wars movie without lightsabres, blasters, or spaceships. That’s the reason we go see these movies in the first place.

TheRobotGAMER says:

How did watch creed 2 early?


Don’t trust IGN’s review they’re are full of shit just like the channel. This is a real review.

William Erazo says:

Yah yah Cleveland Lorain Ohio in here

Blake Ellis says:

Rocky 4 is my favorite Rocky movie. Even if it is silly. Still a great fight and inspiring

vegeta God of destruction says:

Hey man love the shirt

Don Scott Macdonald says:

So, Chris, when the studio offers for you to direct Creed III, you will turn it down?

Scooter Rizzuto says:

Rocky 3 was silly?

Adnan R. says:

What do you think,could Stallone be nominated again this year for Oscar,and get it this time because be deserved it 3 years ago

Rob Stacey says:

I go on runs to Hearts on Fire! Classic

Oliver Queen says:

I want Creed to be at least a trilogy but I feel like they should have closed off the series with the Drago storyline

kidphillyorg says:

I liked this review and I appreciate the time you took to make it. Thank you!

Blake Ellis says:

All Rocky movies ranked, excluding Creed 2 because haven’t seen it yet.
1. Rocky 4
2. Rocky 2
3. Rocky
4. Rocky 3
5. Creed
6. Rocky Balboa
7. Rocky 5

Tony Chuter says:

I would love to see MR T clubber lang come back with his son that would be a good film I pity the fool…

tosin olamigoke says:

You should review Burning. I’d love to hear your take on it.

John Thompson says:

Silly!!! 3,4 was amazing, whelp there goes my thumbs up

Mason pereira says:

Bring back clubber Lang!!!

Erik Lelievre says:

Sayian Pride.

Grayson Stoudt says:

Am I the only one who thinks that Chris is a littpe bias for the Rocky/Creed franchise?

Greg Oberholzer says:

But who wins

John Barrett says:

Rocky IV featured Rocky defeating communism on Jesus Birthday. FILM PERFECTION

Manuel Hung says:

How do you see these movies before the released? Who are you?

Keith Andrews says:

People please quit listening to IGN their reviews suck….Make your own opinion cause those so called critics will throw you off….nice review…

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