Daddy’s Home 2 – Movie Review

Meet The Fockers meets…well…Daddy’s Home. Here’s my review of DADDY’S HOME 2!

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Savage TM says:

It’s a Good movie, Go Watch Worth it.

zmoney(istj) says:

I would say that this shouldn’t be a predictable thing like every video. More so when you see a string of crazy comments on a particular review you make one. Reading what other people commented on this video. I think they’re right. People probably would just try to send crazy comments if they knew it was every week.

Jon Arnall says:

Hey Jeremy could you review Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic?

GodzOfTheCityTv says:

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Steven Rodriguez says:

Mel Gibson? No thank you

tired says:

I hate the some of my favorite actors and comedians are making shitty movies now. Like everything looks to perfect and everything that happens is always so obvious, and I feel like all the jokes in these new movies are written for moms to laugh at

FB Diving says:

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tchesh says:

It’s a silly movie for families, not for you lonely cinephiles. Chill out a little.

LeagedPlayer says:

It’s better then he talks about it he is just a desperate little bitch

Mr. Donzo says:

Let’s be honest here. Mel Gibson is prob. The guy with the whitest west in Hollywoo.

darrell dudley says:

No forgiveness for Mel Gibson. I saw the movie. It was fun. But if you are African American, you sorta don’t want to forgive this guy at all. Put yourself in out shoes.

MoySHADY602 says:

review “patty cake$”.

ShrekMate says:

Thought this was a gay porno. Truly disappointed!!

Elí Garza says:

I saw the movie. Complete waste of time. I HATE movies with liberal agenda shoved. The gender neutrals card, anti-Gun jokes, and at the end when the kid was kissing all these girls in line. Then a Boy popped up in the back. And the tipping incest kiss from stepsister. Just NO.

epicness vov says:

You are using copy right stuff

Vincent Adultman says:

30-second ad with no skipping? For shame.

Scarlett Beautiful says:

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SteveJobs says:

I didn’t see John Cena in this movie

Krumple Themal says:

The ONLY thing more annoying than the movie, is this damn editing style for this video.


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Tony Castro says:

Thank you for making perfect sense with that movie

Waleed Albarakati says:

The other guys was a hundred times funnier but we didn’t have sequel for it !!!

pal98111 says:

Movies like this need an IQ warning label.

Jack A says:

Based on what’s been happening recently, I’d guess Mel Gibson isn’t Hollywood’s sweetheart anymore because he doesn’t rape children.

Lex & TJ says:

Check out this video for the fight

Arturo Olivo Jr says:

Mel Gibson and John Lithgow were great but i felt Daddy’s Home 2 wasn’t as good as the first film. Terrible jokes and even though it tries to be a Christmas film it fails miserable at it. A few laughs here and there but nothing more. I hope Daddy’s Home 3 doesn’t get made.

Zach West says:

Boy youre an idiot when it comes to reviewing movies lol

Matt C says:

Bad Santa 2 is nowhere close to the original

The Ryan.T Show says:

I also reviewed Daddy’s Home 2! Feel free to check it out on my channel! Also Jahns always gives stellar reviews!

jacasforever says:

dumb movie

music tak says:

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Scarlett Beautiful says:

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Eduardo Rivera says:

Your Mel Gibson impression! Hahahaha!!!

E3ECO says:

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

xxWilky says:

Review what happened to monday!

President Gowdy says:

I don’t get it. Does this douche make movies or something?

Publius Cornelius Scipio says:

Knew it was going to be bad. Should be obvious

lalo landa says:

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josh walsh says:

Someone make a repeat video of 1:54

Eduardo Cristofano says:

1:55 i can’t stop laughing

A person says:


Captainjjb84 says:

Meet the Focking Gibson

dodger says:

This guy sucks

SoulShiloh says:

A sequel that is not as good as the the original is Revenge of The Fallen.

Shawn Waldron says:

Let me critiques your review…………Your not funny, your points were way off and if you have the nerve to critique someone else you should At least be a little interesting.

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