Deadpool 2 – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Deadpool 2, starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Julian Dennison, Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgård, Brianna Hildebrand. Directed by David Leitch.


Rajat Swami says:

It’s basically Looper by Rian Johnson

The Real Deadpool says:

You are better than Jeremy jahns

Rj849 says:

Did anyone else think this movie was meh? I honestly felt this movie was nowhere near as good as the first. Most of the joke didn’t land. Some were just played out way too much. End credits scene were the best part

Mike Bowermaster says:

Deadpool sucks.

Miguel Pabello says:

Boring movie. Nuff said.

Igor Sena says:

Haven´t watched the movie yet(going to see it in 2 days) but nothing would make me happier if in the end credits scene Deadpool reminds us on how last time he revealed cable would be in the sequel and said he was going to do the same again and then painted some “childish” image of wolverine.
Or maybe he could be playing videogames or masturbating and someone calls him, he gets pissed off and someone on the other side tells him a guy was looking for him and he asks what guy. They answer from the other side but we cant hear and then he makes a joke like: “What do you mean the guy has knifes in his hands and looks as handsome as Hugh Jackman?”. That would be epic.

Taner kabilov says:

The thing is no one expected Deadpool 1 to be as good as it was , and when it delivered , we all expected Deadpool 2 to be even more amazing, and it was close to it i laughed , i laughed a lot so it was enough for me definitely a very good sequel.

Jeremiah Dau says:

X-Men Apocalypse: A –

Black Panther: B+

Avengers Infinity War: B+

Deadpool 2: B

Still not over Apocalypse Chris

scar48818 says:

Deadpool loves to team up with certain people it’s not a new thing at all

Hey There says:

this movie is totally forgetable

AlphaJet 101 says:


Халатов Давид says:

Deadpool 2 was ok.., not half of the first one. the first one was way better!

Graftanker 98 says:

I liked this one way better than 1. It was damn awesome.

The Joker says:

Dubstep is for pussies

Chris McBride says:

Disagree strongly with this review – Deadpool 2 is one of the rare sequels that is better than the original. As is often (but not always) the case, Stuckman’s analysis is flawed.

Sownsaga says:

Forgot to add Brad Pitt in the description lol

SugarW1thC0ffee says:

I took my dad to see the movie with me and I was so happy how much he was laughing haha I really enjoyed it but I enjoyed it a lot more knowing my dad was having a great time haha In the end as we walked out he said, “It was funny as shit” lmao I hope there will be a 3rd! It was really good! In my opinion better than the 1st!

joker here says:

But the real question is…is it better than the first?

Lisa G says:

The film was weak.

Anthony Vecchiarello says:

Chris, you’re so tough on Marvel movies. They’re way better than the crap that the DC films are putting out. Deadpool 2 was better than the first.


“Big CGI fight comin’ up!”

Logan Carelli says:

I just love how he blew away the Deadpool from origins.

David Barnes says:

Good Or BAD.. Anything that goes on in a DEADPOOL Film..I’m always gonna be down with!!!!

Shane Harrington says:


BLACK sayain says:

Papa can you hear me
Do you want to build a snowman
And nobody f***ING notice

David Williams says:

I guess im jus not a fan lol incredibly mediocre jus like the first one. This franchise is grouped with the guardians lol

Hauns91 says:

You talked about him not wanting to be part of a team etc for the first one and they had to tweak that with this one, but he literally ends up teaming up with Colossus and that chick in the first one towards the end.

Lucas Richard says:

I’m really surprised that so many people liked this movie. I mean even in the screening it felt wierd, the cinema was full but dead silent, which indicates how messy the movie is and how much the jokes didint land. Every single thing of good on it was just a watery-down redoing of the first movie, we dont feel like we really know any of the new character and neither that the old ones have had a further development. Cable and Deadpool are long time favorites of mine in the comics, and I really loved the first film, but this one just felt like an enormous unfunny wast of potention that played too safe for its on good. Ow, and also, I find really wierd that even through there are so many people hyping the movie, that theres no one praising it for its plot or characters or executions. Everytime someone says something good about it, its usually something like “best movie. loved the dubsteb joke” or some shit (????) …. I mean, if thats all that someone has to say after viewing such a “good” movie, than well, it makes me wonder

sasuke270 13 says:

This movie is way better than the first

Jared Guy says:

What scene is Chris talking about towards the end that was ‘too much’ and ‘didn’t land’ I cant think what he meant!?

Vítor PIRES says:

Nice sequel, very entertaining and worth the ticket but yeah, the 1st one was overall a little bit better. Also, this movie seems to be “lost in translation” sometimes and I didn’t see any Stan Lee’s cameo in it (somebody correct me if I am wrong) which let me leave the theater kind of disappointed somehow!

Gregory Horvath says:

I think Deadpool 2 is great; I want to see it again.  Deadpool 2 I think has more of a bad-boy flavor than Deadpool 1, but it does such a good job with the bad-boy element, and I found myself really invested in the movie.  It’s not absolutely necessary that you stay for all the credits, but YOU MUST STAY FOR THE MID-CREDIT SEQUENCE!

Andy Shick says:

a B? This was worth at least an A-

Delix.The.Reviewer says:

can someone tell me how does he watch these movies before the release

RagingUtai says:

Am i the only one that felt the movie was 3/4 finished and the last fight wasn’t supposed to be the end fight?


X-men: apocalypse. A-
Deadpool 2. B


Кристиян Атанасов says:

I really think a lot of people are confused of the bigger scale + the blind fanboy-ism for the character and can’t straight up give a rational score. I absolutely agree with Chris. To me the first one was way more tight and had just the right amount of jokes at the right moments. This one was way more convoluted, all over the place, sometimes the editing felt choppy and confusing, many scenes were too long and breaking the flow, and it was WAY overcrowded with jokes and references that just didn’t land so much. At times it feels that the movie is just non-stop spitting joke after joke, after joke. I can definitely say that from a Bulgarian’s perspective, a lot of the jokes and things that were mentioned were really terrible to translate to a different audience other than Americans.

tl:dr – I had a lot of fun, some sequences were amazing but it felt to me that the makers really didn’t know how to handle the bigger budget and scale and were confused and trying hard at times. First one was better.

321GameTime says:

I love this movie and I think it is better than the first one but that doesn’t mean the first one is bad.

Merwanor says:

Finally got to see this movie and I absolutely loved it. I think I actually like this more than the first one, which surprised me.

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