Deadpool 2 – Movie Review

Wade Wilson is back! This time he must save a kid from Cable, a man from the future set on killing him…the kid, not Wade Wilson. Anyhow, here’s my review of DEADPOOL 2!

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STR Games says:

One could say Josh Brolin is having a MARVELous summer.

I’ll see myself out.

B La says:

Jeremy you really are a asshole your reviews are fucking bullshit you keep giving great movies bad reviews and bad movies good reviews I’m about to un-subscribe from your channel because fuck you

TK47 says:

so was it a badass movie
or a bad assmovie

Frustrated English says:

fuck !!! hes inside of u now !!!!

pj199512 says:

Deadpool is overrated! There I said it!!

Mr Z says:

I don’t like the plot, mostly because I hate movies orientated around “saving the brat kid”, but its just wasted potential tbh.

Francesco Zanna says:

Onestly it’s better with a huge joint just before ahah

Nathan Gonzalez says:

Do you do the opening guitar string yourself?

Olek_Gannon says:

Deadpool 2 will help keep kids out of han solo a feminist’s journey.

MagnumTriumph says:

He gave Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 a higher rating…

DubsBrown says:

SO sequelitis?

deaconx says:

Deadpool killed it as Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2.

TonyDracon says:

worst movie of all time

Jonathan Masbeth says:

I’m taking Die hard with a Vengence. Hans is better villain doh

hollowpoint372 says:

Terrible Trigger discipline in the thumbnail Jeremy

Luke Smale says:

This is getting better reviews on RT than Infinity War…wow..okay didn’t see that coming

dezzyhibs says:

I loved this movie but the CGI when the car drives into the petrol station during dominos scene, wowowowo that was bad

Mansour Mbye says:


Ralph Macchio says:

Man I loved Deadpool 2. More than the first. I think it’s my favourite comic movie ever now certainly for me the best this year by a long shot.

mk6rfc1 says:

Die Hard 3 is actually better than Die Hard 1

Mohammad Abdulla says:

Can someone please tell me what does 4th wall mean pleeeeeaaaaase

Urayoan Ruiz says:

Ragnarok is a movie with comedy.Deadpool is a comedy

Derek Ramirez says:

The overly done annoying jokes! Not nice

civilwarfare101 says:

I still need to watch the first.

Francis Azur says:

Deadpool just killed Ryan Reynolds by a headshot! A. FUCKING. HEADSHOT!!!

Karla B. says:

Nooooo please no alcohol in movie theaters!!! In DP 1 some idiots sneak beer and they drop it …. the hole theater stink like FUCK!!

Jaymib says:

saw it last night and totally agreed. for me the story was weak, didnt have has many laughs as 1 and was overall no where need thw greatness of deadpool 1. only 3 scenes where lmao. sometimes alittle laugh here and there. cable and domino are amazing, i want to see a movie with them two again!!!

Pyro Crusader says:

5 hours later and I’m still laughing at the baby legged Deadpool scene.

Muhammad Radea says:

Juggernaut is cool

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