Death Wish Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review the ill timed vigilante justice thriller remake Death Wish starring Bruce Willis, how does it compare to the original and does it stand on its own? Find out!

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Neil Price says:

I think the studio should have postponed the release of the movie.
Releasing it not long after a series highly published mass shootings in the US was a bad business decision.

wiilover07 says:

What a pointless remake and out of all people it’s Bruce mother fucking Willis. Bruce is a good actor but in every role in the last couple years it’s just Bruce Willis.

ricky todd Botelho says:

i think it’s pronounced Derfladermaus Bronson.

di. mythios says:

A good movie that Bronson did but its a sleeper movie is called “Hard times”… I recommend this movie.

brucewilson77 says:

So this starts with the knuckhead saying “I think it came out in the 70s” ??
Would it hurt to do a little research ? If the movie is a remake you should at least know to date of the original .

Noktis Ackerman says:

If you’re a fan of the original, this movie is not going to impress.

Path Of The Heavens says:

Angy Shill shilling for muh black panther

TheChad says:

No, don’t go see Black Panther

Joel C says:

See this is a perfect example of how unqualified Joe is to review movies. Doesn’t know who Charles Bronson is? Sure he may not be that old but if he cared about films and someone who takes on the film critic mantel should really be INTO film. One of the first and greatest action film stars. The Magnificent Seven, Once Upon A Time in the West, The Mechanic, The Great Escape.. WTF? You just ignore films from before you were born? He’s such a unarticulate man child plebe. But he is very knowledgeable and good reviewing games.

Thomas Wilson IV says:

Wait Eli Roth didn’t direct it, look at the video playing behind you

Samuel Quintanilla says:

Charles Bronson is the baddest mofo ever…….

Travis Nelon says:

I hate Bruce Willis movies


The main guys acting lookd like shit and made me not want to see it.

Path Of The Heavens says:

The original DW was a great little low budget revenge flick that became a cult hit due to the rising popularity of VHS and home video. Bronson was perfect in it, as was Jeff Goldblum playing the gang leader who breaks into the apartment (“I hate rich cunts!)”. Bruce Willis is a great actor in action movies and should be perfect as a modern day Paul Kersey provided the script is up to par with the original but you just know this remake will be all about jamming as much liberal guilt bs as they can into it. It wont just be a n entertaining revenge flick, it will be an agenda propaganda piece which is what every film out of hwood for the past decade as been. Undoubtedly it will be a thinly disguised anti gun ownership legislation film. Hwood as forgotten the purpose of films in its drive for political correctness….fun and escapism. Now everything has to be a hamfisted morality lecture.

Gregory Floriolli says:

Death Wish was a product of its time when crime was much higher than it is today. That sense of crime happening out in the open and cities living in fear doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s about as relevant today as that Red Dawn remake.

Pillsbury DoughBane says:

I think Joe kinda missed the point about the original Death Wish- it’s an anti-revenge movie. His vigilantism never avenges his wife, and his daughter doesn’t get better, because revenge isn’t a solution.
Also: Not only was this one of Jeff Goldblum’s first films, it was also Denzel Washington’s! He was one of the extras in the part! Neat stuff!

Czardeen Online says:

Original focused on a mans struggle with his thirst for revenge. I thought it was a good movie but ultimately sad. This new one is typical in the sense it is a showcase less of the man but a preachy, clunky hollywood approved “specticle” IDK.

Aman Pathak says:

Watch Padmaavat 🙂

Path Of The Heavens says:

Well I’m surprised. Joe acknowledged and even praised the original. Well done, Joe, for once we agree on something 🙂

Storm Yeti says:

your movie reviews are so terrible.


Charles Bronson movies are pretty dire but there are a few good ones once upon a time in the west the mechanic mr majestic death hunt breakheart pass

Dilla Joints says:

George Zimmerman: the movie …

Sean Crotty says:

Please review Game Night..

Miles Hill says:

Death Sentence Kevin Bacon is a much better remake. Watch that instead.

Leonard Holifield says:


Soakingbook says:

“This Bronson guy.” *slaps forehead*

WakfuGuides says:

That guy on the left has such massive arms, they’re bigger than angryjoe’s head.

Mark Wilko says:

Jodie Foster made a good movie that was basically Death Wish with a different name.

Daryl Hodson says:

Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon was a way way better version of this movie.

M Zio says:

Angry Joe, Please review the bitter sweet and brutal “Death Sentence” (2007), director James Wan (Saw), starring Kevin Bacon & Garrett Dedlund, script from the Death Wish novel’s author Brian Garfield.

david brown says:

Bruce willis movie career is dead

Warren G says:

Jeff Goldberg the wrestler

Bob tay says:

Am guessing he also doesn’t know Jeff goldblum is in the original death wish

osculim says:

you youngsters need to catch up on the classics. As for the new one its a fun popcorn movie. To understand the old one you need to have lived in those times. Things were a bit different back then.

Connor McClenny says:

Using a gun to menace someone out of their vehicle to steal it, implying you’re willing to shoot them and scaring them to death… That’s just a misunderstood person that prison can totally reform. Lol

G W says:

Anyone who hasn’t see the original – go watch it now. I guarantee it will better than any of the utter shit that is in the cinema this year.

IsaiahTCaP says:

liking the guy on the left a bit more now

Darcy Cornish 2.0 says:

My great grandfather was in the great escape. Not the movie.

Andrew P says:

AngryJoe you don’t know Charles Bronson?! The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, The Mechanic(Yep, he was the original), Once Upon a Time in the West(A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western), 10 to Midnight(A great serial killer movie), Hard Times(bareknuckle brawler film), Death Hunt(kind of like Rambo:First Blood, but in Canada) and yes many cop/western/vigilante movies like the death wish. To put things into perspective, the director of Escape from New York described him as “too tough looking” to be cast as Snake Plisskin. Hope you all get to see some of his greats even if no time to video review them for us.

random dude says:

its just not a contemporary film, its a film that should have been made in 1998, i mean who cares about this, its literally diehard but in a neighbourhood, SNOOZE FEST

oasisbeyond says:

Dude is old, shouldn’t get these roles anymore… Just life.

Sangeet Subedi says:

Game Night damn fun man.. Do watch it..

Darin Gonzales says:

Joe you really need to lose your gun hating liberal shit you are going to lose followers just be real all of us love you and your videos and our guns. maybe focus more on mental issues

Wesley Hall says:

Gosh wonder how Joe’s likes went from 8k averages to about 1/4 of that….guess that’s what happens when u get famous off videogame reviews…then tell everyone how much “work” it takes….to do your SELF CHOSEN OOCCUPATION. gosh what a hardship! Now he just watches movies with his friends…BC that’s literally the easiest thing you can do videos on. Joe I really used to like you bro…I still love other Joe…why? Bc hes exactly who he was from your 1st episode. Laziness is not a virtue Joe. I mentioned this in another comment, but I video edit ALOT…and never could figure out where you are spending “so much time”. I could take 5 HOURS of footage and have it edited and on YT the same day. But he uses “the hard labor and endless hours” as his excuse for trying to transition to watching TV for a living. I guess its the American dream….see how little u can get away with and complaining the whole time about how hard things are. To produce 20 min videogame reviews. Oh…and now half assed movie reviews…while drinking. He talks about it almost every video. And Joe seriously made videos about how surprised he was he received backlash Lol. Joe u need to look up the word “humble”. Imagine how frustrating it is…for someone like me who had a great grandfather who worked a coal mine in the early 1900’s…getting black lung…and having to listen to Joe complain about how hard it is to play videogames and produce 20 min short reviews. Ya u got it ROUGH jOE. It must be BRUTAL having to now throw in watching movies…into all that “hard work”….

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