Death Wish – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Death Wish, starring Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Camila Morrone, Dean Norris, Kimberly Elise. Directed by Eli Roth.


Jesuren Quintana says:

I rather watch my shit flush down the toilet than this garbage.

Daniel Rodriguez says:

what’s a death wish where’s strangers 2@!?

Mal Reynolds says:

Eli Roth? Isn’t he the TALMUD JEW who made Hostel-2? ( Which is one of the most SATANIC films to ever be made, ever. )

Meamishere says:

I’d recommend *”The Brave One”* with Jodie Foster. It’s a vigilante movie that actually makes sense and depicts the vigilante as someone whose violence is actually the result of her being traumatized and having a difficulty moving on afterwards.


Got Death Wish ad before the vid lol

Cobbleshoes Elfwood says:

Random comments and questions: I saw the movie yesterday and people in the audience were laughing at some of the over the top violent parts. Why does a movie had to just be one thing? You said you didn’t like movies that preached to you. The pod cast parts posed questions and it is up to the audience to decide what they believe. I was scared a lot of the time watching that film because of those creeps kept going after the family. I thought the woman who played Bruce’s wife was excellent; she looked so scared. It was the daughter’s behaviour I found a bit perplexing. When she discovered that her mom was killed, she’s not too shaken it seems. A week later and she’s smiling and chatting with a stranger in an elevator (a creepy guy who keeps asking her questions). Her eyes should be puffy, she should be devastated, not smiling and making small talk. Just my opinions.

ComedyLlytes TV says:

The thumb nail looks like Bruce Willis from ‘Unbreakable’

ZeGRMMA says:

When was the laet time Bruce Willis was in a good movie

Wajeeh Ahmed says:

What fucking excellent point

Indeimaus says:

How does Eli Roth keep making movies?

Johny Ricco says:

D for Death Wish

Joshua Shank says:

I’ll stick with good old Charles

Malice Flare says:

Bruce played a surgeon before, remember “Death Becomes Her?” only there he became an embalmer afterwards…

El Americano says:

I hated Proud Mary. Worst date ever

Corvair Scott says:

Loved Death Wish! Maybe you suck? OK that’s a given.

Slick_Raider says:

You’re mom are gay

amber lopez says:

Another Hollywood TURD Remake…Pathetic…

SnakeAyame says:

Just watch “The Brave One”.
Similar plot, so much better movie.

malek ashoush says:

2 monts in the year and only 1 F movie

Amelio Zarata says:

Excellent review, please don’t be afraid of telling us bad if a movie stink, I hate it when they tell me a movie is good and it turns out to be trash, keep it up.

Facina says:

Great review man!! Awesome!!! I’m glad you crapped this out before the HIV ravaged you’re body so bad you can’t move anymore. You look like Roger Ebert’s kidney stone. You gay fuck. Eat some spinach so your body has a fighting chance you lice infested sodomite!

Hammond Denzel says:

The original Death Wish is absolutely hilarious please watch it. It’s terrible too.

Jason Jimerson says:

I saw an ad online that tried to pass this film off as a Grindhouse-esque type picture, which I wished it was instead of this garbage.

Glazed Donut says:

The first two Death Wishes were the best. I knew they were going to ruin the new one & Bruce hasn’t made a good movie for years.

Aj Jingco says:

So another Bruce Willis flop I see!

LUXKIO says:

Knew this bitch would underestimate and not review Game Night.

Andy Liu says:

Great video but I disliked it because I saw Goku……..destroyed my day….

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