Death Wish – Movie Review

A remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson classic, this one stars Bruce Willis on a vigilante justice spree. Here’s my review of DEATH WISH!

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Alex Teutsch says:

You look like Bruce Willis

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Cool review Jeremy.

Brandon Condron says:

I love Jeremy Jahns

brute2171 says:

Death wish 3 Forever!

Dennis Smith says:

Are you going to review Red Sparrow? I’m curious what you think about it.

Lloyd Edwards says:

Law Abiding Citizen was good movie cuz it took the whole “vigilante” premise and changed it up. Most notably making that character the antagonist, to the fullest extent.

N. H. L-H says:

I knew this would flop, as Eli Roth is a total HACK. Not only do we have the original Death Wish (1974) film (screw the sequels BTW), but we also have Death Sentence (2007) which is based on the novel sequel to the original Death Wish novel. *Plus, we also have an update of Death Wish already with the 2007 Jodie Foster film The Brave One.*

This “remake” was unnecessary.

Also, the 2004 Punisher film kicks ass, especially in the Extended Cut. 🙂

William Mackinnon says:

I shouldn’t be surprised about this every critic so far on YouTube is bad milk this movie and surprise on YouTube

Gangster Oreos says:

Damn Jeremy that was a hard ass punch at the end there

Aaron S. says:

Review ‘Veronica’. Supposed to be the scariest movie ever. See what you think.

Brandon Watters says:

just finished it wasn’t to bad could have been worse should probably check out the original

ottoismy1dog says:

Did it have a Jeff Goldblum cameo? It should have, he was in the original 🙂

SirTyJensen says:

Death Wish was okay. The original was better, I seen it ten years ago.

Chris Wilson says:

It’s a fucking movie….current events should have nothing to do with what movies are produced and released. Anyone who thinks they should can kill themselves. Or just don’t watch the movies…

PissedFechtmeister says:

The original and its sequels were great. I wouldn’t waste my time with a remake.

Mitchell Davis says:

Very interested to see your Red Sparrow review… intense fucking movie, shit story

Andrew West says:

Digging the hoodie/leather jacket combo – look good on you!

BeginningAndLast 7 says:

Movie was awesome.

Kobos Leleanos says:

Do a wreck it Ralph 2 tralier review

G Richard Yamagata says:

Great review. Keep on posting!

We agree with the comments that we have seen here.

Facina says:

Doesn’t this rabbi reviewer have a brisk to perform? He’s so fucking jewish my oven turned on when I played the video.

Michael Proctor says:

1974 was also the year that The Punisher made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #129.

BKG COLT says:

Death wish is amazing and you can’t say it has the same premise as other movies it preceded most if not all movies like it only thing different was the controversy

Fangsabre says:

So what you’re saying is, Bruce Willis plays lame non trained version of the Punisher

Peter Schmelzle says:

There is no such thing as bad timing. Not our fault your country’s fucked.

Renata Matuk says:

JEREMY I’m waiting for you to review ‘Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Misouri’

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