Dr. Wolfula – “Leatherface” (2017) Movie Review

Doc returns in the wake of Ahhctober to deliver a review of what you could *technically* call a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film that *sort-of* has Leatherface in it.
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CrAZy CRiticAl TV says:

Ur so underrated

alejandromolinac says:

Guess I am in the super minority here… this flick didn’t bother me at all… It wasn’t a group of young people runs into Leatherface… Then again I don’t drop my panties for the original… And I find Dr Wolfula’s “white people” constant comments more cringe worthy and I am an ethnic…

Jesus Avalos says:

That horrible CG cow mask

Big Boy says:

Horrible movie. 3D was better

__G.l.U___ 77 says:

Texas chainsaw the beginning made more sense than leatherface

Young Smokay says:

where is the intro song from????

mineguy 2015 says:

yet another wonderful upload. keep em coming doc

Andy Blake says:

This movie was terrible

mad hatter says:

I cant believe they fucked up my beloved Leatherface to this level. FUCKKKKK!!!

Yami Takumi says:

What the hell, was this movie in theathers?

laura valentina says:

Thank you dr wolfula for making my last hour at work wonderful

Aarron Sholar says:

Can’t this backstory be a bit incorrect? He was raised to kill by his family, right? Didn’t he only kill in order to feed his family, and he was raised as a child. That’s why he doesn’t seemed fully developed mentally.

Lieutenant America says:

What the fuck is going on with the releases of these anticipated horror movies? They keep fucking them all up. Jeepers Creepers, where’s the DVD? Theater release? Leatherface? Not that either? WTF??

Movie And TV Lover#1 says:


Horrorassassin 1499 says:

I seen it before it came out on go movies it was f-n s#|t

Vintage Ben says:

YES! A new Count Wolfula video

SpidereyeONLINE spiderman says:

Yessssss finally <3

Sarah says:

This movie reminds me of what the Hellraiser franchise did. There is a story going on and they slip in Leatherface briefly in order to call it a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. I don’t know why Hollywood downgrades a character who is the main draw for these movies. They did it to Pinhead and to Jason in part 9. Why?

ZombieDasher says:

Don’t know how many times I said “what the fuck is going on” during this film. It didn’t feel like a prequel, I found it too boring.

Adrian Horsley says:

My favourite part is when Doctor Wolfula talks about the movie; I give this review a shot in the side of a face out of a boy dressed as a cow

Julio Garcia says:


cancer says:

drinking game: take a shot every time someone says “leatherface” in the video.

Aarron Sholar says:

Having a movie with only Leatherface would be like a Halloween without Loomis. Also, horror films need to be obscure in order to be successful, so full explanation isn’t necessarily a good idea.

RaLLenheimer says:

i think its a ” polluted bich hog ” lol 🙂

The KING says:

Hollywood is really pissing me off with these movies! Stop giving these iconic slasher killers a fucking full back story!!!
They’re destroying the mystery aspect of these characters! Anyway……GREAT REVIEW, DOC! 🙂

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